Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Decade ..

2010 Is Tomorrow .. My grad Year Inshalla .. ;) ..

I'd Like to thank Anony For Her Support To mee In the Last What?; 6 Months? ..
She's Been Wonderful .. Happy New Decade Anonyy .. ;p ..

O Also other bloggers and Twitterees that Were just amazing with their good Words to me and Jokes We have .. ;p ..

Thank u All ..

And Happy New Decade Filled With Happiness And Love ..

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Being A Jock ?

Nothing in my mind really ..

Congratulate me; im going to a gym nearly daily for the last week; Although i cant control my appetite; So I dont think am losing weight ..

Life is good for me this month .. el 7amdella .. Im not unhappy for anything .. Am just Content for what i have ..
A Healthy body ..
An Existing Family ..
A BlackBerry ..
And Great Friends ..

Next week My School Starts; and the Defining 6 months Of My life will Start .. A Countdown till my exams .. Till The Difference of Bad Life To Good Life ..
Pray For Me; Ya Rab Adress O Aa5eth ellee Allah Katba Lee ..
Inshalla Adesh el 6eb Fe Ay Mukan; El mohem 6eb ..
Inshalla Not Less Than 95% ..

Friday, December 25, 2009

Thankksss, Condolenses and Recommendation ..

Shraykum eb The New Layout; Ehdaa2 7ag Anonyyy ..

Thank uu A Certain Someone that made that layout 7aggeee .. I'd like to thank her alot .. And Her Amazing Debates we have together .. :p .. There always amazing .. :p ..

I'd Like to send my condolenses to the family and Friends Of Ja3far 5aja .. Allah Yer7emaa O Y3'mmed Rou7a el Jannaa Enshalla ..
I didnt know el mar7oum Personally Bess I Hear Good Of Him .. And He deserves This To him ..
Egroula El Fat7aa ..

I'd Also Like To Recommend a Great Lecturer in the Shee3ee Society and also The Muslims .. Ammar Nakshawani; A Young Accomplished islamic Reasonable Lecturer that im sure u'll Like; Google Him ..

Friday, December 18, 2009

A Great Achievment ..

finished From Mocks; Thank God .. :) ..


This time Last Year; I cut a promise on myself .. That I'd Pray Every day, Five timies for the rest of my life .. And that promise followed lots of trials and promises before it ..

But thank god, this time; I Kept My Promise .. And prayed .. And Prayed .. And prayed ..

I am Proud to say that in these days I Have completed an achievment i am proud of .. That i Completed 1 whole year of Praying and not missing not 1 prayer ..
And i hope this continues till the end of my last breathe ..


Yes; Some of my prayers were fast, most of them were probably wrong .. But I achieved the fact that i cant sleep without completing my prayers ..


And Now, I Want to Cut myself a promise; To Pray Every prayer with the same concentration and the correct timing ..
This aim is going to be very hard; But i will try and try and inshalla I will Achieve it .. :) ..

El7amdella ya Rab 3ala Hedaytee .. O Inshalla allah Yahdeekum Kelkum .. :) ..

Thursday, December 10, 2009

O 5ala9naa Men el Hard bit

Uffff; Eftakaiiit; Just 3 days left on my Mocks; Sunday, Monday and Tuesday .. And Then Freedom, Ultimate Freedom for 2 weeks ..
Going to Enter a Gym; Asheeel some of my heavy fat .. A3addel Hal Jesm; 7ag Feb .. Remember My Aim?

'7aleee Blayyaa Shoufehum; Ye93ab 3alay 7alee' .. No Other Comment ..

Yalla; Till my Holiday; Byeee

PS; I really Need a Designer For My Blog; I Hate its current state .. :/ .. Emergency .. :P..

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fush 2

Lots of things Wedde I spill my heart to Here; Bess i dont seem to have the strength nor the time to do so!

'Mocks'; The Lousy midterm tests in School are starting tomorrow; And i dont seem to be studying well!!
I hear of ppl worrying and having tonnes of tuition; Doing tonnes of past papers; And here i am Blogging about my tests!!

I hate My Blog; I need someone to design my blog .. To Advertise itt ..

The only good thing in my life right now; Is her ..
'Crushed'; An Angel ..

Ba3ad Shaktebb?; Ee; I Realy Need a person to Do my blog; Y3adlaa; Yragge3 Feeh!!
I tried working with itt; The other; and it became a disaster .. Fa Please; Anybody volunteer ..

I Have Alot on my head .. MY Head is absorbing alot of things; But it seems to have a problem in filing the info in my brain ..

I Wish i can Analyze ppl's actions and movements and verbal activities; and know what they think about .. I Wish i had that sharpness of predicting imminent danger ..

I wish my Mind would be a thinker; I Wish i can sit silently at a place and just view everything with a certain perspective; Where i can understand every single thing .. No exceptions; No filters ..

I Feel that time is being wasted by me!!
I Look Forward for finishing this year; But i dont want my senio year to go that fast; I dont have memories, It seems like a VERY Blunt year; Not a fun, Outgoing year!!
Tension Fills it; The people arent fun anymore ..

Except her .. ( She's Reading my blog btw ;p)
Uff; it makes me smile thinking about her ..
Mashalla 3alaiiha; She Has Hazel Eyes;

Ee; Ba3ad Shno Abe Aktebb ??

Bacher Maths and Chemistry Tests ..
O English ..

allah Y3eenee;

Im also Being Bad Religiously; I dont feel im fulfilling my correct duties to Allah; And that tears me; I WANT To Go to Heaven ..

The Short Term things; cover my Longterm View; I dont Want that to happen ..

I Appreciate the presence of some ppl in my life; Allah Y5alleehum Lee!!

Wish Me luck 3ala Tomorrow; Yalla Till the next Post; Tata ..

Sunday, November 22, 2009

2 Weeks Off

Out of Service For 2 Weeks; Due to Intense Studying for the Mocks ..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Excuse Me; Can I Borrow Ur Face?

I Really Really Really; Want to get a Head; And Punch the hell out of it for 2 mins. Complete Control on a Human Being.
Cuz to be honest Im just mad!

To Fushin MAAAD !!

Busy As Hell These Days; Limited Free Time; If Any in some Days.
School at 7; Till 2;30; And After That an Afterschool Production Rehearsal Almost Daily; and in Some Days; Tuition After school in preperation for mocks, And Other stuff too. U Cant Imagine the Exhaustion !!

And YES; I Fushin Doo Complain About it; Because at the time of it; it seems fine to complain about it, I mean its truly hard work, But I Fushin Love Every moment of that hard work.

I Remember in the summer; When Days go by So Quickly and the Bore just continues to no end, and Now; Im blessed with work, Im blessed with the feeling of doing something in my life that is accountable in the future, Spending my days having good memories, Laughs, Fun!!!

BUT ..

To Work Hard, Especially in days where i dont even have 5 mins to transport from one place to another, And then Be Demoralized by Certain People is just annoying.
I Do Know that; YES; I sometimes fall back from my schedule; I Do Not Complete certain Stuff, And i understand a Telling off on that ..

BUT ..

To Work So Fushin' Hard; And Go To a Place where i feel i can enjoy my time; And Have a Work/fun time at the same time, And Get an unpleasant surprise?
It Hurts most when a something bad happens at a time where u LEAST Expect it :/.

And It Hurts ..

And So; All the hard work seems to go for So Fushin Nothing!!

Then After That u understand why people behave like this, And everything fills the fushin Blanks ..

I Want A Face To Kick .. !!

One Of those Fushin Days Where things DONT GO YOUR FUSHIN WAY ..

The Debate in my head is; Do I Deal with this Professionally; Or Do i Fush the Hell out of the fushin It?

Sorry for Blabbing!!


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kuwait 2-1 Indonesia .. 14/11/09 ..

Mashalla We Won ..


Is it that A Kuwaiti win in International Games So Rare That We Would Actually Enjoy a Win Against Such a Poor Team With Such Vigorousness And Happiness?
Whats This?
We Won Against 'Indonesia'; A Team That Just Discovered the Word Football in Their Dictionary; And We're Happy?

So Fushin WHAT????

Was That a Team Playing??

Not a Player from the Far East Team was Taller than 1.5M; And Sub7an Allah; THEY SCORE FROM a FUSHIN CORNER????

We Actually Could've Managed to lose against that POOR POOR FOOTBALL TEAM .. ??

And Kuwaiit; I Still Believe that Kuwait should play with their second Kit; cuz they dont deserve to wear the blue one ..

For Heaven's Sake ppl are having Maseerat and fushin Parades for winning that game after Parades on Winning the Asian Cup or reaching the World cup??

Its Almost an Embarrassment For me to see ppl behaving like this on such minor stuff ..

O Chan Zaiin Kuwait Were Playing Good; THEY WERE FUSHIN BISHIN BAD ..

Allah Kareem ..
O 9edag Men Gal ..

' Ya Sheen el Sarj ( el Fanneeelaa el Zargaa ); 3al Bugar ( T3arfoon Menuu .. ) .. ' ..

But I will Still Go To the Matches ..
I'll Still Love that Blue Shirt ..
I'll Still Shout a Clap with my Heart ..

I Will Still Be An Azrag ..

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Joy.

I Got One of my best friends today and went to the avenues; 6ab3an With limited amounts of cash; 10 Kd Aprox. O We Actually Had Fun; Although being knackered At the end of it wasn't in our plans but i guess it was worth it.

We Walked, Walked and Walked. We didnt Gizz; We just walked, talked and walked.

We Talked.

I Love Talking didnt i tell u that?

We Rarely did gizz in that environment of High Classed Ppl; To The Lower end of the vertical line. Lower than u can Imagine. Ppl Just couldnt stop surprising us.

Wala A7ad Selam Men Lsannaa While we talking ..

I mean anybody that Shakla to the least point was 3'ala6; We Made fun of him; 3ala 6ool.

We Laughed; We Got Angry; We Got Disgusted; We Got amazed ..

And We Saw a Candidate to the Most beautiful person that ever entered The Avenues.
No Make-up; No False Walks; No Acts.
Just Beauty ..

We Were Litterally Speechless Watching her Pass By; Regretful that we didnt go back and followed her.

And We Also Saw the Ultimate Opposite to the Meaning of Beauty.
Ppl That can only Be Described as 'Waii3' ..
And its not their Real Appearance; its the appearance that they think that will make them look to the least bit nice; BUT NO.

We Saw 3agad; Ppl Having the liberation tower on their heads.
Ppl as tall as my finger Smoking disrespectively .

All of the samples of ppl under 1 roof.

By My Joy was from talking to my friend; with no limit; Walking and looking at people.
Having Freedom.

I discovered from this particular outing that this thing gives me comfort and Happiness.
I mean; Whats not funny in analyzing hundreds of characters; Trying to find out single bits of their personal lives from just a look or a voice.

The Diversity is incomparable.

Its like a scientist entering a rainforest and finding new species.

I Believe its a healthy thing to do that from time to time. Up to speed with the latest trends; Latest species of Human Beings.

I Love this .. Thanks AlShaye3 For handing us a rainforest filled with diverse creatures.

I Am Someone Who Walked in the Avenues and I Believe as i talked about ppl and thought about them wrongly; Ppl Talked and thought about me wrongly too. I Do Judge these ppl but i dont mean anybody in particular. Everybody is Respected in this Blog.

I Wont Bother proof reading this; its too long so sorry for the mistakes.

a Post from the Heart I Guess .. Enjoy ..

Sunday, November 8, 2009

FM 2010

For Every Sane Football Fanatic; BUY THIS.

I bought it for 3 in el Re7aab; And Its Fushin Worth Every Fils .. ;p ..

*Higher Class Ppl; U may want to buy the Original For like 25; Bess 3adee We wont Judge u ;p.

Is Addicting ..
Its The Best Of The Best.

If something will make me fail my Ig's; This will Be a Big Factor in it ..

Bess its My Love ..

Buy it.

Just Fushin Get Up and Fushin Buy it ..

Friday, November 6, 2009

In The Middle O NoWhere ..

Tamzeeej ..

In a 5aiimaa ..
Cold; Mo Labes Jakaiit ..
Unlit Cigarette Between my lips ..
Listening to el Fajr el B3eed ..
Its 12;40 AM Btw ..

'3ed el njooom Weshkethraha; Yallee Begalbee Kethrahaa .. '

Mu5ayyam Simple But Fulfilling ..
With a Bunch of ppl i dont mind being with ..
Funni ..

Almost Full Moon ..
Stars everywhere ..

'Ya Sa7er el Basmaa; Asaherak Najmaa?; Abasma3ak Kelma; 7ata Wa Low Kelma .. '

Btw; Personel Note; Yesterday U Got Amazing News; Ur Sister is pregnant .. :D:D ..

Please Ed3oolaha .. O Inshalla Tyeeeb A Good Healthy Baby ..

I Love U Sis; O Allah Ywafgech .. U and Ur Hubbyy ..

'5al el Gumar Laiila; Yes-har M3ee Laiila' ..

I Love U and Good Night ..
I Wrote this post to remember today; A Good Day ..

'Es-har Ma3eee Laiilaa' ..

Thursday, November 5, 2009




Sunday, November 1, 2009


Her Eyes; Magical
Her Cheeks; Illuminating ..
Her Look; Innocent ..
The most innocent look i ever Saw ..
Dazzling ..

Does She know About my crush .. ?

My Heart Races When i look at her ..
I Giggle unintentionally ..
I blush ..

Does she know about her beauty?

Mashalla ..

I mean She's Amazing ..
I Rarely talked to her .. Bess ..
Her Look discusses stuff with me ..

Her Pose .. Torture ..

I Adore innocence ..

If your looking at this; I'm your secret admirer ..



Thursday, October 22, 2009


Maku Shay Happening in my life right now that is so interesting to post on. No inspiration whatsoever.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

39 Degrees!

Sneezes in a Row.
Hard; Painful Coughs.
Nose Tightly Shut.
Breathe = Hot.
Churning Stomach.

39.2 Degrees my Temp.

Going through a Rough Patch.

Next week is filled with Tests; And My current state is stopping from studying!

Life is Unfair.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Ma Daam il 3moom is hyped about it; Why not me.

Tomorrow Any One Who is in GUST and Sees this Post; mandatorily will vote for 8a2emat il Musta8ellaa In GUST.

O Heyya Heyya Musta8ellaa ..

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Waiit For it.

My Aim for Next February ..

1. A Flat Stomach ..
2. Gar3aaa ..
3. Tanned Body ..
4. 10 Cm's Taller ..
5. Unshaved Le7yaa ;p.

I Want To Beee hoottt ..

O I dont Care if any one i know Is Seeing thisss ..

Abeee; I Do itt ;p.

Inshalllaaaa ..

Friday, October 9, 2009

A Descriptive Writing For School

The atmosphere was exhilarating, moving and very tense. When three thousand loyal people group together in the same place on one heart pumping with love, you can feel lots of different things at the same time. You can feel a delicate tingling on your spine from the pride you’re experiencing and you can feel such subtle numbness that is multiplies ten times at the moment.

Hatred can also pour viscously on the sight of it. You would say and do things that can be dangerously automatic. Evilness turns into goodness, there is no such thing as bad doing. Moralities and ethicalities are erased completely with no return when you enter this ’Hulk’.

Such conflicting of feeling gets scary. When you know that you think that there is no consequences at the time but as a matter of fact there is, can make you go crazy, but then you think aren’t we all?

Goosebumps are a almost a formality every time you enter this fortress, but every time its different. You would miss and lust this minute sensation because it has an impact nothing and nobody can have. It defines love to you.

It defines true Love.

The presence of such uniform in this huge number of people has a strange effect on your backbone. You can feel almost feel a welcomed change of colour in your blood. It feels like a new life has entered you.

As you soon as you settle, you start your voluntary work, almost an obligation that you cant dismiss. A Pact that you can’t abandon. A Contract unlike any contract, a contract between hearts, foots, and an emblem.

A Matter of Life and Death. A Marriage.

You start to look at your right, evilness, frustration, hatred, anger, disgust, annoyance, disturbance.

They are pollution in your eyes. You cant stand the sight of them, the smell of them, the noise of them. Sheer hatred. Sheer anger. They are not supposed to be on this planet. They are alienated outsiders, they are invaders, they are evilness in its highest points.

Then, you express the almost compressed, congested feelings with a weapon of mass destruction. A weapon that blew down countries and killed high-end people. A weapon that every type of person belonging to this hardworking colony would excel in. The weapon of Voice.

An almost perfectly rhythmic tone. If you listen closely, everything would be clearer. You can hear everything, everything. MJ singing Billy Jean or Mr. Rowaished doing a high pitched solo. Or just the simple chanting and clapping of three thousand people.

Everything is multiplied by ten.

You would never wish for anything else in life. You believe that this is a way of life. A Basic. Equal to air or water if not more.

There is no time for discussions, there is no time for rationality. it’s a moment of Faith and Belief. Something nobody in the world is feeling but you. There is no brothers and sisters, Father and Mothers, Sons and Daughters. There is just one thing and one thing only.


Its always worth it. Never not worth it. If u Win, No person is more happier than you on the earth Joy in its exact meaning. It feels like you’re looking at people from the moon BUT When you lose, you cant feel more sadder, more angry. It’s the ultimate feeling of neglect and and betrayal. Again; Its always worth it.

Through Sickness and Health.

Regret can be the closest term to the feeling of leaving the green fortress but you certainly feel more than regret. The scale of it is just not right. As soon as you get into your car, Starting the engine, steering the wheel, heading away from it you feel the lust building up again. You feel the pure ambition to get back to your place of birth. To your ultimate source of life.

Al - Arabi football Club; A Way of Life.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Going Pink

No; Im not officially a girl; But wrote that this month is Breast cancer month in her Blog; Soo; Im going pink this month;p.

I'v Lost someone very close to me due to this disease; And everytime i see something about it; I remember the person.

Allah Yer7am Kel Men Mat From This Disease o Yshafee Whoever has it.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Mortal !

I Was raised not to talk about Death or Ill Health; In the future or about the past. I got used to that although i always had questions unanswered; But i knew that it was forbidden to ask them; Like ' How did Flan Die' Or ' Does this disease Kill ' O Chithee.

This build up of Not Knowing about death and its details; Created a fascination of it by me. And 1 Distinguished clue of that is that I want Death to Be My Profession.

el mohem; My post is about a convo me and dad Were Having.

He Was Explaining to Me How I Must stand for myself; And Fight for my rights o Chithe.

But during the conversation he said something alarming; That may not seem much to him; But it struck me so hard that i Got that suffocating feeling that hits ur throat and almost made me to tears.

Everybody thinks of his father as his superhero; the immortal Man; The Most powerful man alive; That can do any and everything; The one u'd go to for safety and comfort.

And Even though im grown up o chithe i still feel that hes the superhero and the one who if i hide behind him nobody will ever touch me.

But this all Disappeared; When he said the phrase.

I didnt Pay attention to most of what he said afterwards la2ana; This phrase just got the sense our of me.

Its the Reality We're In.

Its the Right we all deserve.

Its the Fate we will end up with.

These words may mean nothing to uu; But they meant hugely to me.

He Said ' Baba; Im not always going to be here to stand for you; One Day I Will Be Gone !! '

Knives Piercing My Heart.

Allah Y5aleeh Lee Inshalla;

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Morning Coffee

Tomorrow is the First of School Without Ramadan Timings; And normally I Cant Go to School Without drinking a morning Nescafe Saturated With Sugar Before School.
For Me its the Perfect Coffee in the Perfect Time.

My Morning Routine.
1. Wake Up.
2. Staright to the Bathroom; Strip; and into the shower.
3. Get out of the Shower; Rap a Towel and Brush my Teeth.
4. Get out of the bathroom; and change into our beautiful Uniform; Pink Shirt; Grey Trousers Purple tie.
5. Pray.
6. Put my books together for the next day.
7. Do a little of HW if the time allows me.
8. Go to The 9ala; Find the Coffee on the table; And Take off the Lid and let the mysterious Steam Get out.
9. Close the Lid and Sip.
10. Wake Dad; My Sister sometimes still isnt awake.
11. Carry the Bag and Go Down to the Car.
12. Go To school:).

I bored you With my 12 Step programme of preparing for school in the morning; Bess Its nice i guess;p.

On the Same note; Tomorrow i have this Cruel Homework From our Cruel Maths Teacher and i didnt Start It :(; Maleee 5lg; And if i dont do it 100% I Get an Afterschool Detention :(.
Maleeeeeeee 5lg.

Friday, September 25, 2009

CSI NY; Season 6 Starts

Obviously not the Conventional show to be watched by a 15 yr old Kuwaiti; But since I Layed eyes on the Show I couldnt stop watching it.
I Bought DVD's of it fro the First 4 seasons; But after exploring new technologies I Now download every new episode from torrent; And i Literally Itch if i Miss an Episode; This summer was dreadful without the Series :(.

But Yesterday the Sixth Season Aired in America and today i watched the first episode and u cant imagine my thrill.

The Premiere Was Amazing; And Thrilling.

Just wanted to share my excitement and gratitude for CBS For airing the sixth season.

I Know a Very Few Collection of People that watch this; I Dedicate this post for them.

Long live CSI:NY.
Long Live the Best Couple in TV Shows; Lindsay Monroe and Danny Messer;

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hideous !!

So; Mee, Dad O Lil sister in a One of the Restaurants in the 'Round Mall' today Minding our own Business; Enjoying our freedom of looking at Good looking ppl and things.
Next thing i know 3 Girls Allegedly from Kuwait (Although I can be 90% sure that they're not from this planet); Come inside the restaurant With Bleached Yellow Hair And Bright Red Lipstick.
For Me They Were extra Hideous; Maybee People can disagree; Bess The problem is ' I cant think of anything but that they are b******.
I Mean Sorry; Bess Shnoo Hatha; Waiin Ga3deen; Sh-haal 5amma illee Marra Wa7daa 6la3aw min il Ar9'??

O Chan Zaiin They were 7elweeen; A Nice thing to look At ??
They Were Hideous; The first word that came up to my mind.

90% Of the Eyes of the Restaurant looked at them when they entered; I Cant deny that they were centree of Attention; Bess If i wantto be the in the centre of attention i want it to be for a good reason; Not To be thought as *******??
Y3nee 3aiib;

Ppl Are sitting with their families and these just enter and Take away their freedom.
U may think im over exaggerating when i say they took their freedom; Bess thats the truth la2ana some ppl dont want their children; husbends; look at these hideous creatures.

Waiin Ahalhum??

Saturday, September 19, 2009

3eedkum Mbarak

3eedkum Mbarak Mu8addaman O 3asakum T3oodonah Kel Senna B9e7aa o Salama .. Inshalla Ya Rab il 3alameen.

I just Hope that this 3eed wouldn't be as tasteless as this Rme9'aan Ilee Mar Bedoon 9a3am Bser3at il Barg; Ma 7assaiina Feeh; Chak boom Wella 3eed.

My preperations;
1. Book; (( wallet )); 7ag il Floos; Abee Wayed;p.
2. Ghetraa Bai9'aa Bess Feeha Muraba3at Mithl el Chma3' ; Y3nee Ja5 ;p.
3. Deshdashaa; Offwhite Min 5aya6 il 3alam il Eslaamee; Fee Sharg; 5oush 5aya6.
4. Mesba7; el Waled Yayeblee Mesba7 Kahrab 93'ayer 3ala gadee;p.
5. Ba3ad Shnoo??; Ee ga7fiyaa; Mohemaa;p.
6. Mmm; Ee Ryoog Mohem; A7laa Ryoog mal il 3eed; T7es inna 9ij Weddek Takel Ryoog;p probably Ra7 Ykoon 7ummu9 o Fool O Falafel Min Kanaare.

Bess ;p.
I Hope i get alot of money;p O This 3eeed Would be a memorable One.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Addicted to Twitter

Soo; Im Addicted to twitter; At this point i cant live without refreshing the twitter page 1 time a minute.
Im bored with my addiction:p.

The pple who created twitter were smart frankly; Although its only a space for 140 characters including spaces; Its a space thats so free; Soo Broad; That it completes the thing; Madree Shagool:P.

We can write about almost anything; It can be useless information or BIG INFO; Celebrities are communicating through twitter now; Qutada MEntioned twitter; Al Watan is giving news through twitter. Its a new trend But a great trend.

Some ppl think twitter is something that is practically useless; But this 140 character space can be a place that is sooo valuable it is unbelievable; People dont find anyperson anywhere and talk to anytime?; so they go to twitter; Under anonymity; Or with their identity uncovered.

Its not like facebook; Facebook u have limits and boundaries u cant cross cuz ppl in facebook u know personally; But in twiitter; U dont know most of the ppl so u can bitch about anything; Anytime.

I cant seem to get enough of twiiter and i really really like it; addicted to it. Thank u Birdy;p.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Im Not Me

This Blogosphere o These posts o the ways we are communicating are very great blessings we have.
We obviously have a great pleasure in looking at the moods of some people; Their stories; Their Ideas and enjoy their humour.
Well I know that i do enjoy my virtual life here.

The problem that is picking on me is that; When u talk to me or look at my posts; Its Not Mee.
I read back at my last 3 months here; And I noticed that i was indulging a different personality; than who i really am.

I dont know what im trying to achieve from this complicated ( I dont even understand it.); Bess Something to blabber about:P.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

No Comment No.5

' Ya Jar7 Fe 9oorat Fara7; Ya Chethbaa Maghzaha We9'a77 '
Hatha Enta .. 3abdalla Rwaiished.

Friday, September 11, 2009

We Crashed into a Maybach!!!

Soo; We were Fe E7da il Mana6e8 il 'High' O Kaan Za7maa;
El mohem; It was me and My Brother; He was driving:P.
Soo; Kaan Shway Za7maa;

Sheft el Maybach; Chan agool 7ag o5ooy;' En De3amt-haa; Baiin il E3daam wel Mu2abbad':P.
il mohem; Dashaiina freej 93'ayyer Wella 3 Sayyarat jedamnaa yaboon Ye6le3oon; Y3nee lazem nerja3.
Reja3 o5ooy o chithee; O Za7maa o Hernaat; O ZA7MAA;

Marra wa7da Wella a Screeching Voice; Galbeee Na6; Gelt Bgalbee Moo 7elwaa il Maybach; O Youm sheft Waraa Welaa Nafs Loun il Maybach; Gelt Bye Bye o5ooy.:p.

El7amdella 6la3at Ford Ellee De3amnahaa Moo el Maybach; It was a Scare i needed to share:P.

Today is Sept 11; allah Yer7am ilee Tuwaffa minhum :P.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Um il Banaat.

I dont know about you but this tamtheeleeyaa reminds of the old days; Not necessarily that i lived through these old days; but it just seems to be as original as it can be.
Su33aad 3abdalla, I notice chooses the best scripts to be in, and she excels in them. She is a great actor but in a time in the last decade she failed to shine. But at the last few years she regained the shine she is now having.
She formed a great duo with 3'anem il 9ale7; who also is giving a magnificent performance this ramadan.

The plot of um il banat is amazing and very new; Some go as far as saying its a real story, but nevertheless its a great story.

The new actors in it are doing a great job; The Banaat; 9ager mashalla 3alaiih o Allah yer7ema;p. Every single actor is proving his worth and his skills except a few exceptions.

And ofcourse for me the Highlight of the whole series; Haya 3abdel Salam.

il musalsala il wa7eeda ilee laiil7een ga3ed atabe3h; Its Great o An9a7kum itha ma ittab3oonhaa laiil7een; The 7al8aat are on youtube or just continue watching it.

Sorry this post is shway raye7 feeha; Tawnee Ga3ed min il noum .. !!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Best Sleep Ever.

So School Started; Madree laiish il 5abba?; il 7ayat mashya Wala chinna fee shay 3an H1N1 3'aiir cham poster O Cham Rule; Like No kissing or hugging or handshaking; Bess 3/4 of the school is 'SKIP' O Half the teachers too:P.

Men Awal Youm Homeworks o Shighil; Bess the first day of my last yr was quite good; The emphasis by almost every teacher i meet on the importance of being smart and putting all of the effort in was unbearable; It was depressing; This yr will define me; Average q8i.

Will I go to the UK with a scholarship to study medicine Or will i andigir in KU and go for 3loom idareya?

The importance of this yr is just unreal; Im cannot imagine myself in the next 6 months and what will i do; Im still unsure of myself.

Ooops; Nesaiit 3an il Title.

Ee So; The upside of school is my nap in the afternoon; Awal ma Ared min il madresa and after working my buttocks off; I want to rest and have a good sleep; And this sleep is the best sleep ever.

Its not like the vacation sleep where u only sleep because u stayed up for a sum of hours; No; its a sleep because ur tired and u wake up thanking ur body for getting to sleep. I love this sleep.

And also in school u appreciate the weekend; A Weekend is different when ur working the whole week; U Fell its a weekend; a time of rest and leisure and what a feeling it is; A magnificent feeling; The weekend ur waiting for all week came and u try to enjoy it to the fullest and no matter what u do u always enjoy it.

Soo; Bess :p.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


My new word; Cuz its rme9'aan and out of respect to this holy month and turned the widely known swear word to this cute unthreatening word ' fush '.
Hope people follow my trend.

So School Bacher; Half Excited .. Half Wanting to kill my self.

I Like Classic cars; My life are classic cars; I LOVE THEM
y3ne not the 30' and 40' model cars, No. I mean the 50's and up cars till the 70's; I adore them.

Irtidad Baiitna Mshallah WAYED; Fa we have a huge garden .. Bess hal ayam mahmoola Fa i feel sorry for it.

I like cooking .. weddee A6ba5; Bess kella not having time.

In one of my posts in the summer holiday i said i will priorities my excercises:P, Well throw that statement in the bin:p.

Im in love with mushrooms these days.

Mixed Berries juice from al mara3e; 3ajeeeeeeeeeeeeb.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Manchester United 2-1 Arsenal

Moo 7aram?

0-1, goal 3alamee min Arshavin that silenced some 70,000 Man U fans.
Arsenal were dominating, hajma wara hajma 7ata after the half time.

1-1, a dubious penalty, Rooney right corner opposite to Almunia, Goal.

2-1, Diaby, Ah ya diaby.

2-2 ... Nope, gallas offside in the 95th minute.

Ended 2-1 Man U.

go Arsene, A display that kept our heads high.


Swine Flu Or Ig's ?

The rumour says that we're going to go to school with masks all day and Shaking hands is banned; No Contact what so ever; Classes numbers limited.
sounds like Mustashfa il Amra9' il Sareya Mo School.

After tomorrow is the start of the most important chapter of my life yet; The forkway of my life.

Wish me luck 7abaybee.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sheesha In Lebanon

Before i went to lebanon i had an imaginary picture of the typical Lebanese sitting; and What was this picture?:

Sitting in Solidere with friends or cousins, have a Sheesha and watch the people come and go.

This came true and i went with a couple of my cousins to solidere sat in petit cafe; chatted alot then the sheesha for my older cousin came and he started smoking but after a mere 15 minutes he gave it up.
I asked him could i smoke it a little and he surprisingly agreed; maybe acknowledging my desire in having it here Only here.

So i smoked for the first 5 minutes and i Got extremely dizzy so i gave it up but my cousin didnt take it; he left it. So after my dizziness disipated I took the sheesha again but this time i seemed like a proffesional and this was one of the best times in my life. Great feeling; Absolutly great feeling.

I was worrying if my parents would come and surprise the hell out of me and make me a fool in the middle of solidere but they were far away in Lebanon So i was comfortable.

Having a sheesha in lebanon is the best thing to do in lebanon especially in solidere. So i vowed myself to not have a sheesha but in lebanon.

Bess; Wanted to express it.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sorry ?

* first im sorry 3ala il ge6a3a; Madree Shfeene, Madree.
* The pics of the journey shakelhaa are coming in a later time; Malee 5lg a7e6hum 9ara7a; Sorry.
* Wedde Afa9'fe9' Wayed Ashyaa2 Bess Makuu; Y3neee il blog Madree shloun.
*Anony u know; 9a7?

*Arsenal Ibdaa3; Ya36eekum il 3afya yal gunners

* a7ebhaa

* Waiin raye7; Bhal Suhoola Hanat il 3eshraa 3alaiik?
Waiin raye7; Injara7 9otee Wana Anadee 3alaiik.

O madam i7naa fe shahar rme9'aan; Ee BTW Mbarak 3alaiikum il Shahar O Kel 3am o into B5aiir.
E so; il A5laa8 min Aham il Ashyaa2 ilee Yemtelekhaa il insaan.
Ygooloon Bema3na il 7adeeth inaa Se2low il Rasool Laiish Allah 9ebar 3ala Fer3oun 400 Sinaa Fa Gal la2ana 3ala 6u3'yana o mollookeeta o id3a2a il olooheya Bess kan 3ala 5ulu8 7asan 3ashan chithee allah 9ebar 3alaiih

O Ham marra 3 Kufar Kanow Yekrehoon il Rasool O Mara shafow Broo7a Fa Ra7ow yaboon yethbe7oona Bess il Rasoool theba7 il Awal .. Ba3daiin il Thanee O Kann Yabee Yethba7 il Thaleth Bess chan yanzel 3alaiih Jebreel O Galla La Tethba7a La2ana hal Rajul Kan 5aloo8.
Fa Lamma Hadda il Rasool .. Se2al il Rayal il Rasool Laiish Hadaiitnee Fa Gallaa il Rasool; Jebreel Nezallee o Galee kait o kait o kait Fa Lamma Sema3 chithee il Rayal Aslam il Rayyaal

Fa il A5laa8 min aham il 9efat Fa 3alaiikum Bmakaram il A5laa8; Ma3a Ahalkum o Ma3a il Nas o Mara Nafskum o Ma3a Rabkum.

O Allah Yahdeena o Yahdeekum .. O Yet8abal Minkum 9yamnaa o 9yamkum

3asa ykoon hal post zaiin o 5afeef 3alaikum .. !!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Question is When?

The latest Reports say that 44 women died.

See how fate intervenes in a moment of happiness that turns it to a big tragedy. This fire that happened in Al 3yoon is a big reminder on how death can take us anywhere we can be.

Who would've expected?!

Allah Yer7amhum, O Yghamed Roo7hum il Janna Inshalla.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Journney to Leb 2

Journey to Leb 2.

S o we reached Jordan after the treaterous trip through KSA but what was astounding is that at the final 30 KM or so in the Saudi lands there were huge mountains that were so surprisingly beautiful.
I was amazed by the views i saw inside Saudi Arabia at the end.
Also in Saudi me and dad had our first and only bad moment, ileee 9ar inaa at night of the 1st day i was sleeping while dad drove suddenly i wake up wella baba 9afe6 in a parking o nayem bil sayara, ana 3abale binnam fe hotel so i woke him up, He was like " In6er swhway, After an hour i woke him up again .. chan y3a99eb .. He was like "

In Jordan .. It wasnt any different, We went through a few settlements throughout the way that looked old. No other word to explain it :P. The nice thing is that the Jordan - Syrian Border was called Jaber and its pleasing to know that the name of our late Amir is in Journey from Kuwait to Lebanon :P. There was also a sign saying "Al Rwayshed" .. Which was an area in Jordan :P.
The Jordanese Border was good, easy, We even prayed the dhuhur and 3a9er prayers in their mosque but the Syrian side was just fuckin dreadful, No offence :P. They had this stupid regulation that we needed to check up before we go into syria so there is this alleged doctor in a white coat that had a Temperature mesearure to see if anyone had high temps. The problem is that he used it without any sterilizing stuff, just from ear to ear, I was freaking disgusted.

They always took alot of time and indirectly asked for bribes, Dad couldnt not give them cuz if he didnt they will make a fuss. An amusing this is that Baba know them and gave them a hard time too, One of the officers was dragging so dad took a dollar and put it inside a paper and gave it to him, the officer got pissed cuz it was just a dollar so he returned and dad was like " Shfee hatha Mo 3ajbaa ", But il 9'aher it worked la2ana il a5 got so pissed that he quickly finished the passports.

O il mushkela is that the Thuba6 take money and the minor officers dont, A bit of a screwed system I'd Say :P.

When we reached syria, The greenery began to show and it was pleasing to be in a place like this after hundreds of miles with plain yellow desert :P.
I was admiring the greenery cuz its been long sisnce i saw mountains of Greens :P.

We had time to spare so we went downtown syria and had our lunch there .. in a restaurant called Kamal, Where the one thing i was in syria for was not fuckin Served. I was cracing from the beginning of the hjounrey some syrian marag bamia which i had fond memories of when i last was here :P.

I asked baba if we could stay the night here but he wouldnt allow it so we went straight to Lebanon, The ecstacy of first being in Lebanon was amazing specially in a car, It wasnt a feeling u'd feel in any place.

I took pics everywhere and sang Fairuz' famous song, " B7ebbek Ya Lebnnaan Ya wa6ane B7ebbek ... " .. Cheesy i know but it felt right and dad didnt stop me .. He let me be in the mood :P.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Journey to Leb:).

Ok, Its a very long story, but in the trip i got my laptop and wrote some notes, These notes were Saudi Arabia and they are not filtered:).

1. As soon as we took off, the first signs of trouble began, My father, after checking his pockets declares that he forgot his phone at home, So we go back to the house and just before we reach it a phone rings wella he didnt check good, So we headed back to our place, Shway LooL:P.
2. First we went toShamiya Jam3eeya to complete the things we needed O i bought a Camera :).
3. I ate my lunch at subway shamiya.
4. We went to the Soug so dad can change some of the bed covers we bought because they obstructed his rear view of the car.
5. From there we headed to Saudi Arabia.
6. Im surprised that 1 sign said 3abdelle straight, But dad 6ela3
-. 3'baaar Mo 6abee3e, Jedam Sayartnaa Raa7.
7. 100 KM till the Kuwaiti Saudi Borders, Sorry for the little pics in Saudi because of their strict rules wella i wanted to snap some pics, Dad's strict rules.
8. baba gave me the full responsibility of the Passports, so the task was scary, Mabee a9'aye3 ay shay.
9. WE reach 7afr il Ba6en and find a nice village bess no, I dont want to live here.
10. Im finiding it difficult to initiate any kind of small talk with dad, Ma yetkalam Baa6 chabdee.
11. Its now 8:21 and im writing these notes on my laptop with limited charge on the tunes of 3abdalla Rwaiished's 'ay ma3aza'.
12. Its dark o Makuu laiitat il shuware3 allah y3ez likwaaiiit.
13. Baba ygool ra7 neg3ad fe 3ar3ar which is some 300+ KM, Malee 5lg:P, Bess im happy to take this journey.
14. Whats this, Ma 3endehum radio mith il 3alam, Makuu shay ye6la3, Kella Mshawsh :@.
15. O 3alamnee il Wakt 3allamnee 3allamnee, A3ber fog jar7ee o Atebasam O ibn adam Lomaa 3ethrata Ma Te3allam.
16. Im going to leave these notes as they are and put them in the Blog:).

This is Day 1 of the journey to Leb, Average-q8i from the heart of the action in Road two hundred something going to Raf7aa then 3ar3ar, :).

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

No Comment No.4

Makes u think, Who is the handicapped in this world ?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Transfer Analysis.

So, I'd like to review the football transfer that happened till now in the transfer market and my expectations of them, Im not an expert of football but i have a great interest in it, I mean when my team won the premiership sometime ago, I bout a big cake to school and celebrated it with great passion, thats how much i love football and my team:P.

Let me start with the giants, Real Madrid's so called delarious spending spree supported by the new owner of the Mr Florentino Perez. This man showed this year that he has no playing around and cashed in a miraculous amount to bring in C.Ronaldo and Kaka with the Spanish defender Raul Albiol and Man U's biggest target Benzema.
Well for me, I believe that Ronaldo wont move from Man U unless he would be offered a giant sum like this, I believe he deserved every penny of it, there was some criticism on the lavishness of the deal, but a player who had a 50% role in making a team win the triple and the Premiership for 3 times in a row, magiced the audience and stunned the defenders is worth what he got. In terms if he will succeed, I cant precisely predict that, I mean alot of people saw Beckham's move as the perfect move but he didnt impress at all except in some areas, so the judgement in that is still vague but i can assure you that Ronaldo will always find a place in the starting line-up and will give glimpses of brillance in his time at Madrid.
Kaka's price is also very reasonable. Kaka is a player any team wants and he can equal the role of Zidane in the previous galacticos team. Kaka runs all the time, passes with great precision and scores in numerous times, he also has the defensive approach in hand and is a great asset for Madrid. The question is, Will he cope with Madrid?, The same thing for Ronaldo.
I believe the biggest catch was Benzema, who still didnt complete the move but 35 million is fairly less than what was predicted. This player was requested by a lot of people, and Perez got him from under the noses of Fergie with this price tag, Brilliant signing, but where will he play?

Man U, well they lost there greatest player but have a hefty sum that can bring tons of small ronaldo's :P. The Tevez saga is still on and going, I believe that he will go to Man City in a few days time. He is so demanding and a move to Man City can turn out to be a step down.
The arrival of L.Valencia was a great one in my opinion for Man U, I mean a player who is used to play in the premier league, influenced alot by his previous manager who is Steve Bruce who was a player under Fergie so you can understand the connection. This player runs like hell down the flanks and magical shots that induce adrenaline into a person's body whilst watching him.
M.Owen, the incredibly surprising signing. See how life turns, a player who enjoyed torturing the devil's defence for years wearing the badge of Liverpool is now the striker of Manchester United. Who could've expected?, The price tag was fantastic, landing an English striker who is experienced and capable although injury prone is something great. Also the quick actions of Fergie should also be appreciated.

Man City are on their spree too, R. Santa Cruz who i must say is good signing, and Gareth Barry is also is a heavyweight signing. It is obvious that Hughes is targeting capable players which indicates that he wants action, straight up action, he wants the Premier League this season. The thing that is confusing is that the attacking force in City is very established, why go through, and buy other strikers, why are they targeting Tevez and other strikers?

Chelsea were surprisingly quiet this summer, no signings till now except for the youngster sturridge, What is Ancelotti thinking about?, Is Abramovic going through rough times or are they dealing with things secretely?, The only obvious interest is Aguero who is also a big target for alot of teams. Talks about selling Bosingwa which i think a ridiculous thing to do.

Arsenal, who signed Vermaelen recently and are targeting Felipe Melo from Fiorentina to fill in the defensive midfielder position. Vermaelen's signing is facing alot of critcism but getting a defender was a target of Arsenal's from a while specially after the devastating Silvestre move from Man U. If Wenger keeps his players intact and gets Melo or any other defenive Mid, I think he will succeed next season.

Im not an extensive italian football fan so im not in a place where i can analyse their signing, plus im tired of this very Big post.
I sincerely say thank u for the one who will read the useless crap i wrote:P.
This is just an analysis by me, Big mistakes i know, but just gave it a try:P.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

No Comment No.3

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lebanon By Car

So, I believe that my father will take us to Lebanon this year. He says that as soon as our passports finish from renewing we will go. He normally goes to Leb by car and we, the family go after him in two days by a plane. But this year i wanted to go with him by car.

I always like the excitement of something new to do in my life. Like I went to Cornwall with the school when i was in yr 5, Which was a very premature experience and age. I also went 2 times to Dubai with the school in a football competition, doing stuff that is fairly unorthodox is something that i like to do:P, I also went to a couple of expeditions with the as well as part of the international award.

So going on a car trip to Lebanon is something that i always anticipated and having a long car journey with my dad may increase our bond (( not trying to sound cheesy:P. )), But because me and my dad have a relatively distant relaitionship, a long car trip can always help.

Also the fact that my father is not the man he was some 10 years ago makes me obliged to go with him to care for him, he is in an age that is a bit old.

Our car trip will start from Kuwait, Through the Saudi Borders where we normally sleep, through Jordan which we dont stop at all, then through syria, Sleep a night, Then straight to Lebanon 3alaiih :P.

I know its going to be an interesting journey with alot of incidents as i had the last time i came back from lebanon to Kuwait:).
I dont know exactly when i will go, But if i go, Wish me luck:P.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Father.

Can I Pay tribute to My Father Please, He was not only an Amir, He was My Father and i remembered him, and wanted to bless my blog with his picture.
Please Read the Fat7aa on his soul:).
Allah Yer7emik Baba, O Yghamed Roo7ek il Janna.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Minba6 Chabdee :@.

ilyom im going through a rough time.
1. Obooy comes up to mee and says " who is flana?", I was silent la2ana she is a very close friend o we text each other, My thought was O inta shakuuuuuu, U go through my phoone?
Bess i was like " Wa7da ", He was like " Bel Madresaa ", gltlaa "E", Bess sawaiit nafsee pissed o mshaiit.
2. I just learned that my brother bought a BB, Obooy contributed some of the money.
illeee baa6 chabdee inaa:
A. O5ooy in the last 2 years lost 3 phones o Ana 3ala il Ka7yaan Malee :@.
B. I got reasonably good grades, Laiish LAIL7EEN No Reward, No Appreciation, I dont want a BB, Bess abe some money Agazerhaa Bess nothing .. :(.
C. Both of my cousins got less good grades than mee but got their BB's O ana 3ala 7a6atkum.
D. My brother gives a line and a new phone to my lil sister, O her phone is newer than mine :@, O i got better grades than her:@.

Frankly im pissed off, Laiish moo ana. Ymkn the only one who knows about me is mum wille i dont blame, Bess Baba Is a Total SKIPPING Me.
Y3nee he gives me money everyday o chithe, Bess he until now never overdid it to mee as a gift:@.

NOTE: Ma 5athaiit Hadeyaa 7ag 3eedmelade min ahalee laiil7een:@.

tara the Points above were raised by my driver who noted up these things, Which awared mee and made me pissed.

Bess agool il 7emdilla 3ala kel 7aal, O Allah y5alee ahalee lee, La2ana Shofat-hum takfee.
El 7amdilla :).
Thnx for reading:).

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Hal Cham yom Madree Shfeeene, Kella immazej:P.
Y3ne i'll put some examples :P.

1. Ana Nayem, Welaa tyey il 5adama Tabee Tna9'ef daree il 9ub7, y3nee their daiily routine. Madree Akoon 7alem B2akel Welaa Shay, Agoolaha Abee Baq9am o Chay o 7aleeb, O Ba3daiin Anaam. 6ab3aan ehyaa tgool hathaa akeed 7almaan, Wana ta8reeban 7almaan, Bess Faj2aa Agoom marra thanyaa Agool, Waiin il Akel :O, Baq9amooo shfeek yanaiit:P?
O Tyeebly O Akel, O anaaam Marra thanyaa:P.

2. ilyom il Fayer, Wld 5altee msawee Detox. O anaa yu3aaaan, fa Agoolaa Ya Flaan, McDo?, O we Go McDonalds il sa3a 4 il Fayer 3ala il 5aleeej. O Ohwa Maskeen Yda5en, O ana adebbaa McChicken o Vanillaa Sundae With extra chocolate sauce o Bu6a6, Mazaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaj :P.

3. Tamzeeejtee il 7aleyaa, inee ga3ed akteb hal 7azzaa bil Blog:P.

4. Sawaiit Twitter:P, www., Ba6een chabdee mo m5aleene a7e6 il Dash:@.

il 3e6laaaaaaaa Faraaaaghaaa, Makuuu Shay:P.
Bess some ppl here need praise from me, La2ana they r making it better:P.
Meshtaag lil dawree il englaiizee ya jemaa3aa:P.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Im too kind.

Not Bragging or Anything, Bess sometimes i feel that im too kind. I sacrifice things for the sake of other people who dont give a shit actually.
There is a few who appreciate what i do, like my mother who is the original me, Im a copy paste of her, and im proud of it.
I always see her leaving things that can make her happy for us, her kids. She made my father put us in a private school and endures alot of things for us and other people.
The same thing, i think is happening to me.
Little stuff that dont seem of great value, I sacrifice, and nothing from the other party. Its a sad feeling to feel.

And Kindness is not only giving.
Kindness is something completely different.

I can go to a poor man and give him 100 Kd but treat him shit, this is not kindness.
But i can also go to that poor man and give 100 Fils but treat him with compassion and he will feel better.

Sometimes i expect the same kindness that i give from other people, but i get the exact opposite.
I dont want money, I dont want anything but a smile, a sign of apprecitation, a pat on the back.


I just came from the Kaifan, from Kuwait Club stadium.
il 3arabe lost unfortunately and the Emir's deservedely went to Kuwait Club.
Our defence was ma95ara, Our Hjoom wasn't in full form.
And to top it all, it was the last match of Feras Al 5a6eeb :(.

Bess inshalla this is a wakeup call, and we get rid of our shitty board.
Some people will sacrifice anything for the chaiir.
ur not giving anything to the club, most of the fans hate uu. SHTABEE BA3AD.


Sorry for the bad mood, Bess T7amellooone:).

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No Comment No.2

3ala Kethr il Sneen ilee 3eraftek .. Ma 3eraftek Zaiin.
Temanaiit Inee Ma Sheftek Wala La79'aa Wala Shwaya.
7asabt Inta Wana Nebga 7abayeb .. Nebga A7la Ithnaiin.
7esbtek Tebgaa Lee 6ool il 3omer Mu5le9 Wefee Leya.
Wa Atharee 7ubenaa Kethbaa .. Nsaiit il 3eshraa Fe Yomaiin.
Zera3t il Shouk Ana bnafsee .. 3'erast il Ham Bedaya.

Ana Ma Kent a9'en ilee Y7eb .. Y7eb Lah Sha59aiin?
3ala Balee Ana L7alee .. 7beebee Ymoot bess Feya?
3ala il Neya Meshaiit .. O Ma 3eraft Amshee Ma3ah Lwaiin?
Elaiin il Wakt Bayyan Lee .. Newayaa 3'adr Ma5feyaa.
Ta3al O Shoof Wesh Kethr il Dmoo3 .. Ilee T5oon il 3aiin.
Kether Maa 5anenee 7a9'ee O 3araftek Int Mo Leyaa.

Ana Shelle Y9abernee 3ala Hamee Ma3aak Lail7een?
5ala9 Eb3ed Wana Bab3ed .. Wala Tes2al Abad Feya.
Wetha ga9dek Tbee3 o Teshteree Galbee Ana B7arFaiin.
Abam7ee il 7ub Men Galbee Wa3eeshek Thekra Manseya.
Ananee Mithle Ma Ent .. Wala Yafreg Ma3ak il Baiin.
Waanaa Ma 3aad Ta3nee Lee .. 5asaraa Feek Ma9'eya.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Emptied Out

9arlee cham yom moo msawee post minee, Bess la2ana 7aiil ma kaan lee 5lg akteb O surprisingly i was quite busy hal cham yom :).
Ams I saw alot of Celebrities, Hlal il Sayer Wazeer il 9e77a o 3abdalla il Man9oooor (( Ray7een Radeen, :P. )) , O yusef il Jasem Mal il A5baar.
I saw them in the Blood Bank, It was the World Blood Donor Day, Fa wayed naas came, O dashaiit 3ar9' baiinhum.

O Ee, GO DONATE BLOOD, It wont hurt uu, It will take only 10 - 15 minutes, Dont put excuses that you cant stand the needle, It doesnt hurt alot, Believe me.
O Think about it, U can save a life, Maybe More with ur blood, And its good for ur health and ull take Ajer.

O5ooy did some thing crazy, Safar O Nesa Floosa Bel Baiit :).

Friday, June 12, 2009

Makuu Shaay.

Hal Cham Yom, Shnoo I7baaa6.
Makuuu Shay.
Kel yom aroo7 il Dewaniya O Ag3ad.
Awal Shay Kout, Ba3dain 3'ada, Ba3dain Nel3ab Fifa 09 On Playstation, Ba3dain Kout, Ba3daiin 3ashaa, Ba3daiin kel wa7ed 3ala laptopa O nel3ab Manager, O Ba3daiin Kel Wa7ed Baiitaa.
Bellaiil, Ana Achayek Cham Blog. Ba3'9 il maraat agreg weye anony o R, O FourMe.
Asolef MSN Ma3a cham Wa7ed, Ag3ad laii il Fayer. O Anaam.

Thats my life.

Suggestions Please, I want to change something in this life.
Im still not that bored, Bess i think i will be bored from the faces of my friends. Abee Wyooh ydeeeda.

O Salfa Ydeeda Ba3ad, Swine flu declared a panademic :@.
Hal Swine Flu ma lega ila il 9aiif to spread like hell :@.
O My parents are freaking out, O 3adee jidan in we dont travel :@.

Tajreee il Reyaa7 Bemaa Laa Tashtehee il sufun .. :@.

I now have the nickname Baq9am,
ilyom mitrayeg baq9am o chay 7aleeb 3aad .. :P.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Bad Idea I Guess:P.

So, yesterday 5ala9na imti7atnaaa, o we had the whole day out, min awal ma 6ela3na min il madresa:P.
A bad idea i guess:P.

We are a group of 3 :P.
So First re7na bait wa7ed min il rabe3 o Badalna, Chan 3ala 6ool nroo7 mal3ab 9ena3eee for playing football at 10:30 in the morning:P
A bad idea I guess:P.

The sun was Hot, O the other players came after 1/2 an hour of time, Playing with those losers was,
A bad idea I guess:P.

We Went after that to McDonalds, and ate our heads off which was also.
A bad idea I guess:P.

Ba3ad-haa, We had a reservation For May 9aabooon, The best part of the day:D. We played and played and played and played, Bess there was something i forgot. The excruciating falls u get playing the game which not so,
A bad idea I guess:P.

The May 9abooon football game was good, but after that we went to the dewaniya, We played cham game Kout, but by that we were wasted, We were half asleep. Till wa7ed min il rabe3 suggests we eat:P. This was at 9 or 10 PM. So we order Pizza Hut, and my order because i had lots of money at that time was, " 1 medium Pizza Margareta:P, 1 Chicken Wings, 1 Lazagna:P."
A bad idea I guess:P.

The aftermath, As soon as i return home, i get that un-ending paiin in my head from the may 9abooon falls:P.
I get a bad, gassy, hurting stomach paiin in the next morning, which is now, from the damned pizza hut.
A body that is mitkaser from the work done playing football and may 9aboon at one time, without good excercise :@.

Bess All in All:P.
Having a bash after the end of the school year is,
A bad idea I guess:P.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Last Day.

Bacher is the last in school, o Im excited. The exam is going to be a realtively easy one i hope, O After that freedom at last:P.
Im always spectical o that last day, all of my friends feel free and happy, whilst i know that in about 2 weeks i will be bored to hell.
So this summer, Im going to take all use of it. 
Im going to do stuff from day 1 and never stop. Every day i must do something exciting, and u gotta help give me ideas. I mean i cant come up with stuff alone.

This summer is going to be my best summer inshalla, O ill show uu. Im not going to stay home and gaiin weigth as every summer, I reached the danger zone in terms of my weight. 70 damned Killos i weigh. 
I dont know how tall i am, but i have a karsha o i hate every part of it.
Fa a gym is one of my priorities ofcourse.

I will miss school though, I will go through the ga7a6 zone.I have this hunger for ladies:P, not in a bad way bess when u are used to girls everyday the stop is sometimes devastating:P, and with no regular school days, min waiin a7achee
 banaat kel yom. Even as collegues, go to be honest. 

Bess i really go to fuel up for the next school year, la2ana it will be the most important school year in my life. If not the most important year in my life. I think that i cant handle the pressure, bess it suffacates min al7een, the prospect that in 2 months im going back to the cruelest year of all time.

 Allaah il mwafeg inshalla, O At last i can officially say, HAPPY SUMMER HOLIDAYS people:P.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Lust to Talk

I am a confident speaker. I know that im a confident speaker because i went through experiences that tested this skill and I excelled in them. I thrive under pressure when talken to. Im not bragging, Bess that is what i am:).
Last year, I was in a sort of a conference, and to be frank it was boring as hell. They bought a VIP o he talked and talked and talked and talked and talked not stop. He had good views o he gave nice and effective points but he couldnt make it interesting.
And after that, some people explained what they did, and some of them were eew. Ooola they were soo boring. Y3ne imagine the atmosphere where u sat and listened to people for 2-3 hours non stop.
I was told that i needed to speak about my experience, before my speech by maybe 10 minutes o I didnt have anything to read from. I was litterally empty. Some people prepared for this before the event in weeks and had power points and stuff, But i, I needed to come out with something in a matter of minutes. So as i always do, I gave up, O said if im going to say something its going to be improvised.
So i went to the stage, we were a group of 5, I was supposed to be last, But the 7elo spoke a little and to my surprise gave me the mike straight away.
Here i am infront maybe 200 people, with the mike with nothing in my head.

I loved every single moment in it.

I spoke with confidence, and funnyness. I know that i made every single person in the audience laugh their heads off. I spoke with my natural Kuwaiti accent english, which is funny.
I went through some important points that came out spontaniesly.
I thrived under this pressure. 
My speech was not more than 3 minutes but it was fantastic. 
I had regular claps between the speech. It was a feeling of victory and proudness.

I was congragulated by alot of people after the end of the conference, O the most important thing that my mom was proud of me.

So from that moment, i noticed my talent and had a lust to talk frequently. I entered the school play with a good role, I did few speeches o couldnt feel more comfortable on stage.

So talking is a talent that i like, I can bullshit alot, but it frequently turns out to be good talk. 

But in these days i dont have a good opportunity to talk, I like talking to important people. I discuss alot of things with my uncles and always like to talk to the person sitting next to me in flight.
I like meeting new people, Or just talking to them. To have debate with a rational stranger is my wish, Even if he had the most extreme ideas, bess if he can talk to me i dont mind.

I also can accept alot of views, and can be influenced alot. Politics is something that i can be interested in and last but not least, i can talk about football nonstop for days and days to come.

but agaiin, these days i dont have the opportunity to talk, I wish i could talk to people like Marzoog il 3'anem, Or aseel il 3awa9'i.
I'd frankly dont mind talking to anybody.

just wanted to share this talk:P.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Failing Physics.

 I Hate Him.
Bacher 3endee imti7aan Physics O I gave up studying it, Bacher my final.
Shasaweee, I gave cuz i know i wont understand anything.
Shno Gravitational Potential Energy?
Wela the equation for working out what the efficency?
Wela work done?
Wela Kenetic Energy?

Somebody explain to me, Whats the defintion of Electromotive force madree energy?

Y3ne im really eating tibin right now. 9ij 9ij.
Im expecting a complete Fail grade. 

Bye Bye Black Berry :(.
I kno its habbaa, Bess ee i want it :P.
Il 3mooom has it o I want it:P.

Bess really no BB with a fail grade.
Im panicing.
Im writing here whilst im supposed to be studying my head off.


Friday, June 5, 2009

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