Monday, June 22, 2009

Im too kind.

Not Bragging or Anything, Bess sometimes i feel that im too kind. I sacrifice things for the sake of other people who dont give a shit actually.
There is a few who appreciate what i do, like my mother who is the original me, Im a copy paste of her, and im proud of it.
I always see her leaving things that can make her happy for us, her kids. She made my father put us in a private school and endures alot of things for us and other people.
The same thing, i think is happening to me.
Little stuff that dont seem of great value, I sacrifice, and nothing from the other party. Its a sad feeling to feel.

And Kindness is not only giving.
Kindness is something completely different.

I can go to a poor man and give him 100 Kd but treat him shit, this is not kindness.
But i can also go to that poor man and give 100 Fils but treat him with compassion and he will feel better.

Sometimes i expect the same kindness that i give from other people, but i get the exact opposite.
I dont want money, I dont want anything but a smile, a sign of apprecitation, a pat on the back.


I just came from the Kaifan, from Kuwait Club stadium.
il 3arabe lost unfortunately and the Emir's deservedely went to Kuwait Club.
Our defence was ma95ara, Our Hjoom wasn't in full form.
And to top it all, it was the last match of Feras Al 5a6eeb :(.

Bess inshalla this is a wakeup call, and we get rid of our shitty board.
Some people will sacrifice anything for the chaiir.
ur not giving anything to the club, most of the fans hate uu. SHTABEE BA3AD.


Sorry for the bad mood, Bess T7amellooone:).


  1. The soccer game thingie, I did not understand at ALL.

    Bs for the kindness thing, yeah sometimes I feel like that ou ma ybaayen eb 3aain'houm. enshallah eb meezan 7asanaatna tho ;)

  2. about being kind.. ur doing this for urself 7tan law elnas ma 3ejabhum =)

    about the game.. 3shan chi elnas tshaje3 kora orobeya :P

  3. @@

    7adem em3aseb 3ala el nade mo :P o 7adek 3arbawe lool enshallah next time yfozoon :D

    o about being kind, dont ever change that thing 7ata lo elnas maqaderaw, bs etha elnas isj ma yest7ahon dont be over kind .. ssaw eli yartheek nothing more nothign less ..

    etha ebtan6er elnas yqadron wala ya36onik shay betgom el qeyama wenta tan6er

    ygolik el mathal saw khair l ge6a ba7ar :D

    Allah ykhalelik omik :D


    did u find a summer job yet?

  5. Laa2, Sadly:P.

    Dreamer, Inshallaa :P.
    Madry Shakw, Adree, Bess sometimes i gett so frustrated:P.

    O Anony ya anonyy, De3aiitlech :P.
    La2 :(.

  6. O 3ala il summer job, Too Expensive, Nothing that suits me.
    Piano o Guitar i cant la2ana ahalee wont allow it.
    Photography, Ma ra7 Adfa3 450 Kd .. Though the subject interests me.

  7. it's good to be kind, u have the right to brag;p

  8. etha tabe tasweeer fe beet luthan eb 80KD o wana 3endohom twice a week ye6lo3on ysawroon outside

    etha legeet shay zyada agolik ;p

    o ba3deen weenik matye el playground??

  9. Shakelnaa .. bensafer .. :P .. !!

    I will see .. Kanee yay .. :P .. !!