Monday, June 1, 2009

Contact Lost With Air France, On the Atlantic.

Shno hatha, Allah Yaster. 
Air France jet flying from Brazil to France have lost contact. The plane was carrying 228 passengers. Allah ykafeena shar hal 6ayaraat, 3aad il 9aiif garab, Allah yaster.

On a worst note, 8adseeya won the crown prince cup against Kuwait. 
As a fan for al3arabee, its always sad to see 8adseeyaa truimphant, But they deserved it.
Congragulation yal imaginary 8adsaweeya reading my blog:P.


  1. Hello . .i wish that it has been kidnapped better than a crash. Anyway nice Blog keep it going. ;-)

  2. hey.. soon u will find some commenters ;p
    umm hya 3ashaw il 8adsawyia ;p :p !!!

    obviously im a 8adsawyia ;p

    gd blog keep it up ;p!


  3. Zain, Legaiina Cham wa7ed Yge6 cham Comment :).
    Im Happy:P.