Sunday, May 31, 2009

June, Mixed Feelings

I dont know, Y3ne do i look forward for this month or no?
My report will be out by mid-june which is an experience I always like to have, its the adrenaline rush that I get when the ' moment of truth ' arrives and hits me. Another thing that makes really want to like june is that the holidays will start, and its always a great sense of relief and comfort, that you finished a chapter of your life, and you dont need to go back to it. 

The disadvantages of this month, is the exams that i will have extensively, that really stress me out, although i try to not show it but the exams have their effect on me. Also, because next year is the life and death year, in terms of education, the prospect that this time next year i would be in more exams and papers that I ever thought of, and that the stress will be unbearable is something i dont look forward to. 
The end of the football season has its toll too on me. When you are finally free and empty, and want to see stuff , you are surprised that there is no football, they should really consider making the summer a part of the football season. There the weather is very good, why not. At least in Kuwait we have the excuse that the temp. can go over 50 degrees, but there, their best weather's sometimes are in the summer.

Well, good luck on the start of the new month, and have great holidays ppl.

Roland Garros :O.

Rafael Nadal LOST. Rafael Nadal Parera, the spanish No.1 since alsmost last year lost against an ' anonymouse '.
A Swedish guy called Robin Soderling won one of his greatest matches against the phenomenal Rafael Nadal.
O il 7ub ham 5sarat, Ana Ivanovic:(. Bess a great day of Tennis:

Yal Fashlaa?

Shno y3ne lazem arooo7 adooor 3al kel blog o I advertise. La yuba, I like my imaginery readers. A7san minkum, Bedaal ma Tegron o u write comments, u dont even know about my blog, :(.
il mohem, I did good, very good. The questions were relatively easy, o Sahala inshalla. 3endee Yom free madre shasawee.

I know that i wont get any comment, Bess for the sake of it, Rajaa2 M7md, Fe a7ad y3arefhaa .. ?! Waiiinhaa .. !? 

Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Bad Dream

Y3ne ana ma tyeelee il a7lam ila bel aw8at il 93ba, Sh-hal 7a9' il bo 6aga?
il mohem 7elmt ine ad3am yahel o atheb7a, o gets followed by police cars o seyartee is not good, y3ne mo mitrage3 :(.

6ab3an ana my dreams 3'air 3an il nas, I dream reality dreams, y3ne the feeling are real, ba39' il marat agoom alagee nafse crying, balla hathe 7ala?
Bess il 7amillaa, the msg tone of my phone saves the day :).

Tomorrow i have chemistry o maths, I studied well for both bess 5ayef, 7ail 5ayef. 5ayef ansa my pencil case, wela the inc dries out. I dread these things, O mabe y9eeronn feeenee.

The Holiday is in 1 week and a half, Ana Tamzeeejee Lebnaan, A7la dawla fe il jazeera il 3arabeya, O the best people, O the most beautiful people. They have tho8 o Elegance u cant find in any other place, 9ij Oroba il 3arab.

Ed3oooleee 4 my exams.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


first, Congragulations to all Barca fans for the win last night. Had great fun watching it as a neutral and the atmosphere in the gahwa was electryfying.
Msaaakeeen il Man U, at the beginning they were fantastic, bess chan yshane9 Etoo and scores .. and turns the table round. 
Wellee really Ybe6 il Chabd ina Guardiola in one year got the triple, whilst managers stay for years and decades and still didnt smell the scent of the Champions League trophy.

The other thing is that my exams will be on full throttle this sunday and I know that i'll stress out big time. Shno hatha, Kel il imte7aanat nafs il wakt o the 1st 2 exams, Maths o Chemistry, ta3al Fachech, Bess il 7emdillaa dares o 5ale9, o Inshalla sahalat.

Shnoo hatha, waiin il naaas, 3aaadee jedan inee im talking to some bunch of nothing. Walla comment, o madree shlon a3arf chm wa7ed entered here. Elleee Bel ghala6 stubmbled on this blog and found the first couple of posts good, then please advertise, la2ana ana mo mal hal suwalef. 

O b3d Shagoool, Summer grayeb o the holidays are starting, Fogs Lebnan ya 3alam. Bess wedee ag3d ibalakontee o a6ale3 il 6abeee3a, Ya sallaaaaam. Hathe il 7aya wela Balash.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Champions League Final

I know its not the usual way to start a brand new blog but the atmosphere in this Gahwa just virtually forces me to start it like this. Lool .. Barca just scored the 2nd goal, Lionel Messi's header.
So, Tawne Garee a very nice blog from its inception til the last post, which was lots of posts and got inspired 9ara7a. Some people really know how to write.
Im not terribly sure that i'll continue posting regularly on this blog, I sometimes ' mazej ' on things and do them, and eventually get fed up and leave, Bess its worth it really, I may have very good readers.
Bacher 3alay imti7an Geography, o mu dares, o Ga3ed ib Gahwa il sa3a 11:18 billail, fa go figure out, it seems that the failing grade is certain, Bess 3asa inshalla allah Ywafegne Bil emte7aan o anja77, y not?
B3d, Shagool, Maku Shay Yengaaal, Bess inshalla this blog becomes my vent out machine :) !