Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Starbucks 5

The death of Yousef's mum didn't really help him. The frustration, the anger that builded up in him was immense. Looking at his mum being carried from a cold room, seeing the familiar outlines of her body on top of people's shoulders, covered in a white cloth. Forced into praying in the front row of his mother's funeral. She, being so close, yet so far wasn't an easy thing to handle for young Yousef.

He was also moved by his father's behavior. Recognizing, for the first time, the weakness any human being can be exposed to. His father, the successful, wealthy, business man. The person that divorced his mother, the person that seemed to hate her, that talked shit about her all the time, was weak, fractured in her lifeless presence under that sheet. Tears never left his father's red eyes, and occasional bursts of baby whimpers were noticed by Yousef.

That was the first time Yousef was really tested by life, and it was a tough lesson that Yousef never passed.

After a period of lonesome time, Yousef, under the continuous pressure of his father to enjoy his time and get out of that depressing state, travelled to Dubai for the first time without his family. 7amad accompanied. A virtually unlimited cash flow was in Yousef's credit card, with the blessings of his father.

To say the least, it was fun.


"Ha Buwaleed, elyom Ay Club?" was Yousef's question, as he entered 5aled's room.
"Wallaa chinna Mal Ams Jayyed?, Mu Chithee?"
"Laa?, Ent tathker shay men Ams Allah Yhadak, 3ashan T3arf etha kan jayyed Wella La2?" Yousef joked, to start a chuckle between the two.
"Walla, La2." Answered 5aled. "A9lan nasee Esmaa ba3ad."
"Shfeek Ent Ath-wal?, Esma The Lodge"
"Yalla, 3ayal grayyeb, 5anrou7laa again?"
"Ana adree laish yal kalb tabee trou7, Hatheek elleeee Rega9t weyyaha o ma 5alait shay ma jesta feeha, shakelha mwa3detekk Ehnak?"
"Went shdarak 3anhaa?, Ana 7a6 3ainy 3alaik, ma hadait el kas, O Kent 6afee, Shlon La7a9't?"
"Yuba, 5ft la teshtekee 3alaik, Lammast Ellee Aku wellee maku, Shway shway, mu chithee 3ad"
"Ya Yousef, Ent shfeek?, Hatha el fan yuba. Ent mu meshait mbacher?, Raddat Weyyay Jessica, O kanat Laila men Bed Elleyalee"
"Kiss Ummek, SHLON? Ent wain o Hal 7elwa Wain? A5af 3amya"
"Expertise yuba, Expertise?" 5aled continued, "Went Laish ma 5athait Ma 9'aba6t A7ad?, Thalatha yaw solefaw weyyak. Shfeek?, Hal yomain chinnaa el Dubai personality ellee 3endekk 6aye7 Sougaa?"
"Walla madree, 7atta rag9 ma rega9t T9addeg?"
"Shfeeek, Bess masek hal Vodka o Ga3ed?"
Yousef hid his beautiful secret from 5aled, he didn't want to share a cheesy, romantic story at this moment with 5aled. So he kept silent.
"Ahaaa!" Exclaimed 5aled. "Dam chithe El Salfa, Goum baddel, Warana the lodge, I wannaaa lodge it, in it, yuba"
"La tensa el Durex, Mu tneechly Ay wa7da, 3ala bu ennaa Sakran o matadree 3an hawa darekk Lamma tred?"
"Taamer Amer M3alemnaa, O Ba3dain Ana el 6abeeb mu ent" 5aled, Joked again.

The night was very similar to the last. Yousef kept to his drinks, with shots of Jin with Mountain Dew being the main theme of his drinking night. And 5aled, went on working his magic with the various, diverse, hot expats in short dresses looking for some warmth from december's chills on the dance floor and possibly, hotel suites.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Starbucks 4

Yousef never really loved a person before. He did have his occasional crushes in his previous school years, with gorgeously looking girls always within his sight, but never really loved a person. He respected girls, appreciated love, but never experienced it.

On the other hand, girls were all over Yousef. They were awed, by his mysterious personality. The calmness he always possessed, his well built body and his smile.

7amad, was a different story. 7amad loved the attention. He was the popular guy, and he always wanted to drag Yousef into the same kind of life. 7amad, did get the girls. He actually tossed them around, having a relationship one day, and breaking up for stupid reasons the other. 7amad was frustrated by Yousef's lack of action toward the girls that desperately longed for just a kind word from him.

Yousef was entertained by 7amad's short relationships. How 7amad would promise love and be all serious about it and shortly later, he would be dissing the girl and making fun of her, being mad. And the cycle would continue for months to come. Yousef often also offered fruitful advice to 7amad, when asked for, and they would, most of the time, work. 7amad always wondered how a guy like Yousef, with minimal experience, would know so much about girls and their lives, how they acted and how to deal with it.

"Why the fuck doesn't he date someone?" 7amad repeatedly asked.


Yousef just woke up from a deep sleep on the comfortable King-Sized bed of Jumeirah Beach's Movenpick. It was about 3:30 PM and he was hungry. 5aled would be reaching Dubai by 8:00 PM so he wouldn't wait that long for him without food. Showering in the white bathroom, and went down to 'The Walk' to look for his favorite Indian restaurant, Indian Palace.

Whilst eating, a brilliantly cooked Beryani, Yousef was thinking about that previous sighting.

Where Was she heading?
Who was with her?
Why the fuck is she so gorgeous?
Why am I still thinking about her?
Did she notice me?
Is she possibly in Dubai?

He tried spotting her in Gate 21, the Fly Emirates gate in Kuwait's airport, but he didn't find her. She engulfed his mind, she was constantly there, mingling in him, infiltrating his heart. Why?

He then shifted his thoughts to what he was going to do in Dubai. Suddenly a faint smile built up on his face. Yousef was planning on having fun here, with 5aled as usual.
He then remembered 5aled's comment once in a gathering in their gahwa, "Yousef Dbay 3'air 3an Yousef LeKwait, 3'aaiiir."
The smile turned from a faint one to an outright one.

"Do you want a refill on that Heineken, sir?" Asked the waitress.