Monday, April 26, 2010


I'm doing Bad; Really ..
At this Rate I'm going to Fail my Exams; I'm not studying Like everbody else.
el3moum are having tuitions; o Yadressoun 24/7. Noumhum Bel Yalla o Nharhum Kutub .. !!

O Ana; 5alf Allah 3alay; Ga3ed 3al Frash Ya Nayem; Ya A6ale3 TV ..

I'm not saying that I'm not studying; But I'm not studying as hard as I should be!

This week is potentially my last school week ever; and I'm Sad .. I'm really Sad ..

I genuinely believe that I'm to young to leave school .. But the chances are there and I should get complete advantage of them!

My attention is diverted to Political Science .. I Really Wish that I'd Do what I want to do!

o Ba3ad .. ?

Ee; Its Morning; Elyoum Mwa9el ..

o mmm ..

Ee; On Sunday I Did something so courageous; but got 'Heart Broken'?; Well no; actually I was relieved that I looked her in the eye .. and didn't get anything after I had expressed my utter Admiration to her ..

O Ba3ad .. ?? .. Mmm ..

I'm sorry I'm not Blogging; I'm supposed to be studying .. O Please Ed3oulee 7ag el Ig's; Ya Rab Atwaffag; O I make my parents proud; they start at the 11th of May ..

O on Thursday is my prom night .. Bought a nice suit .. Going to dance my brains Off .. :P .. (( Ga3ed Ma A5allehum Y7awloun el Prom Jalsat Rwaiished )) .. ;p ..

Eeeh; O Bess; Till Then ..
Till The Beginning of the world cup?
Till My liberated ..

Till My Supposed Freedom ..

Saturday, April 17, 2010