Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Decade ..

2010 Is Tomorrow .. My grad Year Inshalla .. ;) ..

I'd Like to thank Anony For Her Support To mee In the Last What?; 6 Months? ..
She's Been Wonderful .. Happy New Decade Anonyy .. ;p ..

O Also other bloggers and Twitterees that Were just amazing with their good Words to me and Jokes We have .. ;p ..

Thank u All ..

And Happy New Decade Filled With Happiness And Love ..

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Being A Jock ?

Nothing in my mind really ..

Congratulate me; im going to a gym nearly daily for the last week; Although i cant control my appetite; So I dont think am losing weight ..

Life is good for me this month .. el 7amdella .. Im not unhappy for anything .. Am just Content for what i have ..
A Healthy body ..
An Existing Family ..
A BlackBerry ..
And Great Friends ..

Next week My School Starts; and the Defining 6 months Of My life will Start .. A Countdown till my exams .. Till The Difference of Bad Life To Good Life ..
Pray For Me; Ya Rab Adress O Aa5eth ellee Allah Katba Lee ..
Inshalla Adesh el 6eb Fe Ay Mukan; El mohem 6eb ..
Inshalla Not Less Than 95% ..

Friday, December 25, 2009

Thankksss, Condolenses and Recommendation ..

Shraykum eb The New Layout; Ehdaa2 7ag Anonyyy ..

Thank uu A Certain Someone that made that layout 7aggeee .. I'd like to thank her alot .. And Her Amazing Debates we have together .. :p .. There always amazing .. :p ..

I'd Like to send my condolenses to the family and Friends Of Ja3far 5aja .. Allah Yer7emaa O Y3'mmed Rou7a el Jannaa Enshalla ..
I didnt know el mar7oum Personally Bess I Hear Good Of Him .. And He deserves This To him ..
Egroula El Fat7aa ..

I'd Also Like To Recommend a Great Lecturer in the Shee3ee Society and also The Muslims .. Ammar Nakshawani; A Young Accomplished islamic Reasonable Lecturer that im sure u'll Like; Google Him ..

Friday, December 18, 2009

A Great Achievment ..

finished From Mocks; Thank God .. :) ..


This time Last Year; I cut a promise on myself .. That I'd Pray Every day, Five timies for the rest of my life .. And that promise followed lots of trials and promises before it ..

But thank god, this time; I Kept My Promise .. And prayed .. And Prayed .. And prayed ..

I am Proud to say that in these days I Have completed an achievment i am proud of .. That i Completed 1 whole year of Praying and not missing not 1 prayer ..
And i hope this continues till the end of my last breathe ..


Yes; Some of my prayers were fast, most of them were probably wrong .. But I achieved the fact that i cant sleep without completing my prayers ..


And Now, I Want to Cut myself a promise; To Pray Every prayer with the same concentration and the correct timing ..
This aim is going to be very hard; But i will try and try and inshalla I will Achieve it .. :) ..

El7amdella ya Rab 3ala Hedaytee .. O Inshalla allah Yahdeekum Kelkum .. :) ..

Thursday, December 10, 2009

O 5ala9naa Men el Hard bit

Uffff; Eftakaiiit; Just 3 days left on my Mocks; Sunday, Monday and Tuesday .. And Then Freedom, Ultimate Freedom for 2 weeks ..
Going to Enter a Gym; Asheeel some of my heavy fat .. A3addel Hal Jesm; 7ag Feb .. Remember My Aim?

'7aleee Blayyaa Shoufehum; Ye93ab 3alay 7alee' .. No Other Comment ..

Yalla; Till my Holiday; Byeee

PS; I really Need a Designer For My Blog; I Hate its current state .. :/ .. Emergency .. :P..

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fush 2

Lots of things Wedde I spill my heart to Here; Bess i dont seem to have the strength nor the time to do so!

'Mocks'; The Lousy midterm tests in School are starting tomorrow; And i dont seem to be studying well!!
I hear of ppl worrying and having tonnes of tuition; Doing tonnes of past papers; And here i am Blogging about my tests!!

I hate My Blog; I need someone to design my blog .. To Advertise itt ..

The only good thing in my life right now; Is her ..
'Crushed'; An Angel ..

Ba3ad Shaktebb?; Ee; I Realy Need a person to Do my blog; Y3adlaa; Yragge3 Feeh!!
I tried working with itt; The other; and it became a disaster .. Fa Please; Anybody volunteer ..

I Have Alot on my head .. MY Head is absorbing alot of things; But it seems to have a problem in filing the info in my brain ..

I Wish i can Analyze ppl's actions and movements and verbal activities; and know what they think about .. I Wish i had that sharpness of predicting imminent danger ..

I wish my Mind would be a thinker; I Wish i can sit silently at a place and just view everything with a certain perspective; Where i can understand every single thing .. No exceptions; No filters ..

I Feel that time is being wasted by me!!
I Look Forward for finishing this year; But i dont want my senio year to go that fast; I dont have memories, It seems like a VERY Blunt year; Not a fun, Outgoing year!!
Tension Fills it; The people arent fun anymore ..

Except her .. ( She's Reading my blog btw ;p)
Uff; it makes me smile thinking about her ..
Mashalla 3alaiiha; She Has Hazel Eyes;

Ee; Ba3ad Shno Abe Aktebb ??

Bacher Maths and Chemistry Tests ..
O English ..

allah Y3eenee;

Im also Being Bad Religiously; I dont feel im fulfilling my correct duties to Allah; And that tears me; I WANT To Go to Heaven ..

The Short Term things; cover my Longterm View; I dont Want that to happen ..

I Appreciate the presence of some ppl in my life; Allah Y5alleehum Lee!!

Wish Me luck 3ala Tomorrow; Yalla Till the next Post; Tata ..