Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fush 2

Lots of things Wedde I spill my heart to Here; Bess i dont seem to have the strength nor the time to do so!

'Mocks'; The Lousy midterm tests in School are starting tomorrow; And i dont seem to be studying well!!
I hear of ppl worrying and having tonnes of tuition; Doing tonnes of past papers; And here i am Blogging about my tests!!

I hate My Blog; I need someone to design my blog .. To Advertise itt ..

The only good thing in my life right now; Is her ..
'Crushed'; An Angel ..

Ba3ad Shaktebb?; Ee; I Realy Need a person to Do my blog; Y3adlaa; Yragge3 Feeh!!
I tried working with itt; The other; and it became a disaster .. Fa Please; Anybody volunteer ..

I Have Alot on my head .. MY Head is absorbing alot of things; But it seems to have a problem in filing the info in my brain ..

I Wish i can Analyze ppl's actions and movements and verbal activities; and know what they think about .. I Wish i had that sharpness of predicting imminent danger ..

I wish my Mind would be a thinker; I Wish i can sit silently at a place and just view everything with a certain perspective; Where i can understand every single thing .. No exceptions; No filters ..

I Feel that time is being wasted by me!!
I Look Forward for finishing this year; But i dont want my senio year to go that fast; I dont have memories, It seems like a VERY Blunt year; Not a fun, Outgoing year!!
Tension Fills it; The people arent fun anymore ..

Except her .. ( She's Reading my blog btw ;p)
Uff; it makes me smile thinking about her ..
Mashalla 3alaiiha; She Has Hazel Eyes;

Ee; Ba3ad Shno Abe Aktebb ??

Bacher Maths and Chemistry Tests ..
O English ..

allah Y3eenee;

Im also Being Bad Religiously; I dont feel im fulfilling my correct duties to Allah; And that tears me; I WANT To Go to Heaven ..

The Short Term things; cover my Longterm View; I dont Want that to happen ..

I Appreciate the presence of some ppl in my life; Allah Y5alleehum Lee!!

Wish Me luck 3ala Tomorrow; Yalla Till the next Post; Tata ..





    ps: im ;oving the fush :P im so gona use it :P

  2. lo a3aref chan saweetlik el blog bs ma3aref ana missy etsaweeli my blog ;p atwasa6lik 3endha :P

    o enshallah matmade7 eb"her" .. shda3wa neseetni shda3waaaaaaaaa :P

    neseena ma kaleena maq9ooma???

    BEST OF LUCK !! :D

  3. 9ert maq9oooma A5er 3umree ;p?

    O U know ur place in my heart?;