Thursday, July 23, 2009

Journey to Leb:).

Ok, Its a very long story, but in the trip i got my laptop and wrote some notes, These notes were Saudi Arabia and they are not filtered:).

1. As soon as we took off, the first signs of trouble began, My father, after checking his pockets declares that he forgot his phone at home, So we go back to the house and just before we reach it a phone rings wella he didnt check good, So we headed back to our place, Shway LooL:P.
2. First we went toShamiya Jam3eeya to complete the things we needed O i bought a Camera :).
3. I ate my lunch at subway shamiya.
4. We went to the Soug so dad can change some of the bed covers we bought because they obstructed his rear view of the car.
5. From there we headed to Saudi Arabia.
6. Im surprised that 1 sign said 3abdelle straight, But dad 6ela3
-. 3'baaar Mo 6abee3e, Jedam Sayartnaa Raa7.
7. 100 KM till the Kuwaiti Saudi Borders, Sorry for the little pics in Saudi because of their strict rules wella i wanted to snap some pics, Dad's strict rules.
8. baba gave me the full responsibility of the Passports, so the task was scary, Mabee a9'aye3 ay shay.
9. WE reach 7afr il Ba6en and find a nice village bess no, I dont want to live here.
10. Im finiding it difficult to initiate any kind of small talk with dad, Ma yetkalam Baa6 chabdee.
11. Its now 8:21 and im writing these notes on my laptop with limited charge on the tunes of 3abdalla Rwaiished's 'ay ma3aza'.
12. Its dark o Makuu laiitat il shuware3 allah y3ez likwaaiiit.
13. Baba ygool ra7 neg3ad fe 3ar3ar which is some 300+ KM, Malee 5lg:P, Bess im happy to take this journey.
14. Whats this, Ma 3endehum radio mith il 3alam, Makuu shay ye6la3, Kella Mshawsh :@.
15. O 3alamnee il Wakt 3allamnee 3allamnee, A3ber fog jar7ee o Atebasam O ibn adam Lomaa 3ethrata Ma Te3allam.
16. Im going to leave these notes as they are and put them in the Blog:).

This is Day 1 of the journey to Leb, Average-q8i from the heart of the action in Road two hundred something going to Raf7aa then 3ar3ar, :).

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

No Comment No.4

Makes u think, Who is the handicapped in this world ?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Transfer Analysis.

So, I'd like to review the football transfer that happened till now in the transfer market and my expectations of them, Im not an expert of football but i have a great interest in it, I mean when my team won the premiership sometime ago, I bout a big cake to school and celebrated it with great passion, thats how much i love football and my team:P.

Let me start with the giants, Real Madrid's so called delarious spending spree supported by the new owner of the Mr Florentino Perez. This man showed this year that he has no playing around and cashed in a miraculous amount to bring in C.Ronaldo and Kaka with the Spanish defender Raul Albiol and Man U's biggest target Benzema.
Well for me, I believe that Ronaldo wont move from Man U unless he would be offered a giant sum like this, I believe he deserved every penny of it, there was some criticism on the lavishness of the deal, but a player who had a 50% role in making a team win the triple and the Premiership for 3 times in a row, magiced the audience and stunned the defenders is worth what he got. In terms if he will succeed, I cant precisely predict that, I mean alot of people saw Beckham's move as the perfect move but he didnt impress at all except in some areas, so the judgement in that is still vague but i can assure you that Ronaldo will always find a place in the starting line-up and will give glimpses of brillance in his time at Madrid.
Kaka's price is also very reasonable. Kaka is a player any team wants and he can equal the role of Zidane in the previous galacticos team. Kaka runs all the time, passes with great precision and scores in numerous times, he also has the defensive approach in hand and is a great asset for Madrid. The question is, Will he cope with Madrid?, The same thing for Ronaldo.
I believe the biggest catch was Benzema, who still didnt complete the move but 35 million is fairly less than what was predicted. This player was requested by a lot of people, and Perez got him from under the noses of Fergie with this price tag, Brilliant signing, but where will he play?

Man U, well they lost there greatest player but have a hefty sum that can bring tons of small ronaldo's :P. The Tevez saga is still on and going, I believe that he will go to Man City in a few days time. He is so demanding and a move to Man City can turn out to be a step down.
The arrival of L.Valencia was a great one in my opinion for Man U, I mean a player who is used to play in the premier league, influenced alot by his previous manager who is Steve Bruce who was a player under Fergie so you can understand the connection. This player runs like hell down the flanks and magical shots that induce adrenaline into a person's body whilst watching him.
M.Owen, the incredibly surprising signing. See how life turns, a player who enjoyed torturing the devil's defence for years wearing the badge of Liverpool is now the striker of Manchester United. Who could've expected?, The price tag was fantastic, landing an English striker who is experienced and capable although injury prone is something great. Also the quick actions of Fergie should also be appreciated.

Man City are on their spree too, R. Santa Cruz who i must say is good signing, and Gareth Barry is also is a heavyweight signing. It is obvious that Hughes is targeting capable players which indicates that he wants action, straight up action, he wants the Premier League this season. The thing that is confusing is that the attacking force in City is very established, why go through, and buy other strikers, why are they targeting Tevez and other strikers?

Chelsea were surprisingly quiet this summer, no signings till now except for the youngster sturridge, What is Ancelotti thinking about?, Is Abramovic going through rough times or are they dealing with things secretely?, The only obvious interest is Aguero who is also a big target for alot of teams. Talks about selling Bosingwa which i think a ridiculous thing to do.

Arsenal, who signed Vermaelen recently and are targeting Felipe Melo from Fiorentina to fill in the defensive midfielder position. Vermaelen's signing is facing alot of critcism but getting a defender was a target of Arsenal's from a while specially after the devastating Silvestre move from Man U. If Wenger keeps his players intact and gets Melo or any other defenive Mid, I think he will succeed next season.

Im not an extensive italian football fan so im not in a place where i can analyse their signing, plus im tired of this very Big post.
I sincerely say thank u for the one who will read the useless crap i wrote:P.
This is just an analysis by me, Big mistakes i know, but just gave it a try:P.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

No Comment No.3

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lebanon By Car

So, I believe that my father will take us to Lebanon this year. He says that as soon as our passports finish from renewing we will go. He normally goes to Leb by car and we, the family go after him in two days by a plane. But this year i wanted to go with him by car.

I always like the excitement of something new to do in my life. Like I went to Cornwall with the school when i was in yr 5, Which was a very premature experience and age. I also went 2 times to Dubai with the school in a football competition, doing stuff that is fairly unorthodox is something that i like to do:P, I also went to a couple of expeditions with the as well as part of the international award.

So going on a car trip to Lebanon is something that i always anticipated and having a long car journey with my dad may increase our bond (( not trying to sound cheesy:P. )), But because me and my dad have a relatively distant relaitionship, a long car trip can always help.

Also the fact that my father is not the man he was some 10 years ago makes me obliged to go with him to care for him, he is in an age that is a bit old.

Our car trip will start from Kuwait, Through the Saudi Borders where we normally sleep, through Jordan which we dont stop at all, then through syria, Sleep a night, Then straight to Lebanon 3alaiih :P.

I know its going to be an interesting journey with alot of incidents as i had the last time i came back from lebanon to Kuwait:).
I dont know exactly when i will go, But if i go, Wish me luck:P.