Thursday, January 20, 2011

Starbucks 3

Yousef grew up in an unusual household. His parents separated when he was 10, but that didn't actually hurt him. He never thought much about it. He liked his parents together, but their continuous fights made them seem much better separated. The complications after a few years of the divorce did affect Yousef.

Yousef didn't have to move out of his house, he stayed in it with his mother. His father got another house with another wife 6 months later.
A few years after that, when Yousef was a month from celebrating his fourteenth birthday, he received life-alternating news.

Whilst in class at school, the Co-ordinator came into the class and asked for Yousef to step out and talk to him. Whilst getting up, Yousef kept recapping the day in his head to remember if he did anything stupid that required that unexpected intervention by Mr. Harry. Getting out of class, Yousef noticed a very nervous facial impression. Mr. Harry lead him to his office and offered Yousef a seat that he accepted. "Your father is going to pick you up in a few minutes Yousef," Mr. Harry began.
"Why?" Was the response by Yousef.
"Um, it seems there is some kind of emergency at home, but I know no details." The untruthful impression was responding.
Moments later, a startled maid came by and said that Yousef's father was in the reception. Yousef walked confidently, but a pinch in his heart was aching everything in his body. Curiosity was, too, eating up on him.
As soon as Yousef's father laid eyes on his son, very rare tears began pouring down his dad's eyes. Yousef was just standing there, trying to absorb what was causing all of this. Nausea is the primary feeling in his body right now. Tears were also seen on the receptionist's cheeks and the maid too.
"Baba, Sh9ayer?, Shfeek ga3ed tabchee?"
Yousef's father hugged Yousef, a very strong hug.
"BABA, SHFEEEK??" Yousef exclaimed.
Between his tears, his father said, "Ta3al el Sayara, awal shay."
Without any defiance, Yousef went to the car.
"Yousef, 3a9'am Allah Ajrekk"
More calmly, with panic building up, "Meno Tewaffa?"


Yousef was entering Kuwait International Airport, with just a small carry on bag following him on wheels. He planned on spending the winter break at Dubai. Finishing the check-in process at Fly Emirates, he was glad to see the long-haired, topless, green mermaid's logo. Yousef, noticed his heart's skip of beat, as he remembered the incident 3 months ago at Mishref.
Ordering his usual white mocha, that lacked any whip, he thought back to that particular incident. Yousef learned that, even the attempt of trying to recall that day, bought joy to his heart.

That white dress,
The brown hermes bag,
That perfectly tanned skin.
That white, angelic, knee-lengthed dress,
The depth of her brown eyes, almost matching the bag's antiquity.
The courage,

A boarding call to his plane, interrupted his thoughts, and alerted him to go through to the gate. As he cleared his Starbucks' table, he sighted a familiar figure. A very recent sighting of that person was probably what made them so familiar. Yousef tried so hard to remember the name of that person.
Adjusting his sight more towards them, furry Ugs were captivating the lower part of her skinny dark-blue jeans. On top, she was hugged by a thick, heavy, grey Georgetown University hoodie.
Fixating his pupils on her long brown hair, and then on those brown eyes. Everything suddenly got much more clearer. The person that captivated his thoughts, was once again infront of him. Alone. Seconds later, a guy approached her and offered her a grande Starbucks beverage.
Not caring about the frequent 'No Smoking' announcements, he took out a dunhill, lit it up, and complained to his everlasting best-friend.