Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Father.

Can I Pay tribute to My Father Please, He was not only an Amir, He was My Father and i remembered him, and wanted to bless my blog with his picture.
Please Read the Fat7aa on his soul:).
Allah Yer7emik Baba, O Yghamed Roo7ek il Janna.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Minba6 Chabdee :@.

ilyom im going through a rough time.
1. Obooy comes up to mee and says " who is flana?", I was silent la2ana she is a very close friend o we text each other, My thought was O inta shakuuuuuu, U go through my phoone?
Bess i was like " Wa7da ", He was like " Bel Madresaa ", gltlaa "E", Bess sawaiit nafsee pissed o mshaiit.
2. I just learned that my brother bought a BB, Obooy contributed some of the money.
illeee baa6 chabdee inaa:
A. O5ooy in the last 2 years lost 3 phones o Ana 3ala il Ka7yaan Malee :@.
B. I got reasonably good grades, Laiish LAIL7EEN No Reward, No Appreciation, I dont want a BB, Bess abe some money Agazerhaa Bess nothing .. :(.
C. Both of my cousins got less good grades than mee but got their BB's O ana 3ala 7a6atkum.
D. My brother gives a line and a new phone to my lil sister, O her phone is newer than mine :@, O i got better grades than her:@.

Frankly im pissed off, Laiish moo ana. Ymkn the only one who knows about me is mum wille i dont blame, Bess Baba Is a Total SKIPPING Me.
Y3nee he gives me money everyday o chithe, Bess he until now never overdid it to mee as a gift:@.

NOTE: Ma 5athaiit Hadeyaa 7ag 3eedmelade min ahalee laiil7een:@.

tara the Points above were raised by my driver who noted up these things, Which awared mee and made me pissed.

Bess agool il 7emdilla 3ala kel 7aal, O Allah y5alee ahalee lee, La2ana Shofat-hum takfee.
El 7amdilla :).
Thnx for reading:).

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Hal Cham yom Madree Shfeeene, Kella immazej:P.
Y3ne i'll put some examples :P.

1. Ana Nayem, Welaa tyey il 5adama Tabee Tna9'ef daree il 9ub7, y3nee their daiily routine. Madree Akoon 7alem B2akel Welaa Shay, Agoolaha Abee Baq9am o Chay o 7aleeb, O Ba3daiin Anaam. 6ab3aan ehyaa tgool hathaa akeed 7almaan, Wana ta8reeban 7almaan, Bess Faj2aa Agoom marra thanyaa Agool, Waiin il Akel :O, Baq9amooo shfeek yanaiit:P?
O Tyeebly O Akel, O anaaam Marra thanyaa:P.

2. ilyom il Fayer, Wld 5altee msawee Detox. O anaa yu3aaaan, fa Agoolaa Ya Flaan, McDo?, O we Go McDonalds il sa3a 4 il Fayer 3ala il 5aleeej. O Ohwa Maskeen Yda5en, O ana adebbaa McChicken o Vanillaa Sundae With extra chocolate sauce o Bu6a6, Mazaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaj :P.

3. Tamzeeejtee il 7aleyaa, inee ga3ed akteb hal 7azzaa bil Blog:P.

4. Sawaiit Twitter:P, www., Ba6een chabdee mo m5aleene a7e6 il Dash:@.

il 3e6laaaaaaaa Faraaaaghaaa, Makuuu Shay:P.
Bess some ppl here need praise from me, La2ana they r making it better:P.
Meshtaag lil dawree il englaiizee ya jemaa3aa:P.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Im too kind.

Not Bragging or Anything, Bess sometimes i feel that im too kind. I sacrifice things for the sake of other people who dont give a shit actually.
There is a few who appreciate what i do, like my mother who is the original me, Im a copy paste of her, and im proud of it.
I always see her leaving things that can make her happy for us, her kids. She made my father put us in a private school and endures alot of things for us and other people.
The same thing, i think is happening to me.
Little stuff that dont seem of great value, I sacrifice, and nothing from the other party. Its a sad feeling to feel.

And Kindness is not only giving.
Kindness is something completely different.

I can go to a poor man and give him 100 Kd but treat him shit, this is not kindness.
But i can also go to that poor man and give 100 Fils but treat him with compassion and he will feel better.

Sometimes i expect the same kindness that i give from other people, but i get the exact opposite.
I dont want money, I dont want anything but a smile, a sign of apprecitation, a pat on the back.


I just came from the Kaifan, from Kuwait Club stadium.
il 3arabe lost unfortunately and the Emir's deservedely went to Kuwait Club.
Our defence was ma95ara, Our Hjoom wasn't in full form.
And to top it all, it was the last match of Feras Al 5a6eeb :(.

Bess inshalla this is a wakeup call, and we get rid of our shitty board.
Some people will sacrifice anything for the chaiir.
ur not giving anything to the club, most of the fans hate uu. SHTABEE BA3AD.


Sorry for the bad mood, Bess T7amellooone:).

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No Comment No.2

3ala Kethr il Sneen ilee 3eraftek .. Ma 3eraftek Zaiin.
Temanaiit Inee Ma Sheftek Wala La79'aa Wala Shwaya.
7asabt Inta Wana Nebga 7abayeb .. Nebga A7la Ithnaiin.
7esbtek Tebgaa Lee 6ool il 3omer Mu5le9 Wefee Leya.
Wa Atharee 7ubenaa Kethbaa .. Nsaiit il 3eshraa Fe Yomaiin.
Zera3t il Shouk Ana bnafsee .. 3'erast il Ham Bedaya.

Ana Ma Kent a9'en ilee Y7eb .. Y7eb Lah Sha59aiin?
3ala Balee Ana L7alee .. 7beebee Ymoot bess Feya?
3ala il Neya Meshaiit .. O Ma 3eraft Amshee Ma3ah Lwaiin?
Elaiin il Wakt Bayyan Lee .. Newayaa 3'adr Ma5feyaa.
Ta3al O Shoof Wesh Kethr il Dmoo3 .. Ilee T5oon il 3aiin.
Kether Maa 5anenee 7a9'ee O 3araftek Int Mo Leyaa.

Ana Shelle Y9abernee 3ala Hamee Ma3aak Lail7een?
5ala9 Eb3ed Wana Bab3ed .. Wala Tes2al Abad Feya.
Wetha ga9dek Tbee3 o Teshteree Galbee Ana B7arFaiin.
Abam7ee il 7ub Men Galbee Wa3eeshek Thekra Manseya.
Ananee Mithle Ma Ent .. Wala Yafreg Ma3ak il Baiin.
Waanaa Ma 3aad Ta3nee Lee .. 5asaraa Feek Ma9'eya.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Emptied Out

9arlee cham yom moo msawee post minee, Bess la2ana 7aiil ma kaan lee 5lg akteb O surprisingly i was quite busy hal cham yom :).
Ams I saw alot of Celebrities, Hlal il Sayer Wazeer il 9e77a o 3abdalla il Man9oooor (( Ray7een Radeen, :P. )) , O yusef il Jasem Mal il A5baar.
I saw them in the Blood Bank, It was the World Blood Donor Day, Fa wayed naas came, O dashaiit 3ar9' baiinhum.

O Ee, GO DONATE BLOOD, It wont hurt uu, It will take only 10 - 15 minutes, Dont put excuses that you cant stand the needle, It doesnt hurt alot, Believe me.
O Think about it, U can save a life, Maybe More with ur blood, And its good for ur health and ull take Ajer.

O5ooy did some thing crazy, Safar O Nesa Floosa Bel Baiit :).

Friday, June 12, 2009

Makuu Shaay.

Hal Cham Yom, Shnoo I7baaa6.
Makuuu Shay.
Kel yom aroo7 il Dewaniya O Ag3ad.
Awal Shay Kout, Ba3dain 3'ada, Ba3dain Nel3ab Fifa 09 On Playstation, Ba3dain Kout, Ba3daiin 3ashaa, Ba3daiin kel wa7ed 3ala laptopa O nel3ab Manager, O Ba3daiin Kel Wa7ed Baiitaa.
Bellaiil, Ana Achayek Cham Blog. Ba3'9 il maraat agreg weye anony o R, O FourMe.
Asolef MSN Ma3a cham Wa7ed, Ag3ad laii il Fayer. O Anaam.

Thats my life.

Suggestions Please, I want to change something in this life.
Im still not that bored, Bess i think i will be bored from the faces of my friends. Abee Wyooh ydeeeda.

O Salfa Ydeeda Ba3ad, Swine flu declared a panademic :@.
Hal Swine Flu ma lega ila il 9aiif to spread like hell :@.
O My parents are freaking out, O 3adee jidan in we dont travel :@.

Tajreee il Reyaa7 Bemaa Laa Tashtehee il sufun .. :@.

I now have the nickname Baq9am,
ilyom mitrayeg baq9am o chay 7aleeb 3aad .. :P.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Bad Idea I Guess:P.

So, yesterday 5ala9na imti7atnaaa, o we had the whole day out, min awal ma 6ela3na min il madresa:P.
A bad idea i guess:P.

We are a group of 3 :P.
So First re7na bait wa7ed min il rabe3 o Badalna, Chan 3ala 6ool nroo7 mal3ab 9ena3eee for playing football at 10:30 in the morning:P
A bad idea I guess:P.

The sun was Hot, O the other players came after 1/2 an hour of time, Playing with those losers was,
A bad idea I guess:P.

We Went after that to McDonalds, and ate our heads off which was also.
A bad idea I guess:P.

Ba3ad-haa, We had a reservation For May 9aabooon, The best part of the day:D. We played and played and played and played, Bess there was something i forgot. The excruciating falls u get playing the game which not so,
A bad idea I guess:P.

The May 9abooon football game was good, but after that we went to the dewaniya, We played cham game Kout, but by that we were wasted, We were half asleep. Till wa7ed min il rabe3 suggests we eat:P. This was at 9 or 10 PM. So we order Pizza Hut, and my order because i had lots of money at that time was, " 1 medium Pizza Margareta:P, 1 Chicken Wings, 1 Lazagna:P."
A bad idea I guess:P.

The aftermath, As soon as i return home, i get that un-ending paiin in my head from the may 9abooon falls:P.
I get a bad, gassy, hurting stomach paiin in the next morning, which is now, from the damned pizza hut.
A body that is mitkaser from the work done playing football and may 9aboon at one time, without good excercise :@.

Bess All in All:P.
Having a bash after the end of the school year is,
A bad idea I guess:P.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Last Day.

Bacher is the last in school, o Im excited. The exam is going to be a realtively easy one i hope, O After that freedom at last:P.
Im always spectical o that last day, all of my friends feel free and happy, whilst i know that in about 2 weeks i will be bored to hell.
So this summer, Im going to take all use of it. 
Im going to do stuff from day 1 and never stop. Every day i must do something exciting, and u gotta help give me ideas. I mean i cant come up with stuff alone.

This summer is going to be my best summer inshalla, O ill show uu. Im not going to stay home and gaiin weigth as every summer, I reached the danger zone in terms of my weight. 70 damned Killos i weigh. 
I dont know how tall i am, but i have a karsha o i hate every part of it.
Fa a gym is one of my priorities ofcourse.

I will miss school though, I will go through the ga7a6 zone.I have this hunger for ladies:P, not in a bad way bess when u are used to girls everyday the stop is sometimes devastating:P, and with no regular school days, min waiin a7achee
 banaat kel yom. Even as collegues, go to be honest. 

Bess i really go to fuel up for the next school year, la2ana it will be the most important school year in my life. If not the most important year in my life. I think that i cant handle the pressure, bess it suffacates min al7een, the prospect that in 2 months im going back to the cruelest year of all time.

 Allaah il mwafeg inshalla, O At last i can officially say, HAPPY SUMMER HOLIDAYS people:P.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Lust to Talk

I am a confident speaker. I know that im a confident speaker because i went through experiences that tested this skill and I excelled in them. I thrive under pressure when talken to. Im not bragging, Bess that is what i am:).
Last year, I was in a sort of a conference, and to be frank it was boring as hell. They bought a VIP o he talked and talked and talked and talked and talked not stop. He had good views o he gave nice and effective points but he couldnt make it interesting.
And after that, some people explained what they did, and some of them were eew. Ooola they were soo boring. Y3ne imagine the atmosphere where u sat and listened to people for 2-3 hours non stop.
I was told that i needed to speak about my experience, before my speech by maybe 10 minutes o I didnt have anything to read from. I was litterally empty. Some people prepared for this before the event in weeks and had power points and stuff, But i, I needed to come out with something in a matter of minutes. So as i always do, I gave up, O said if im going to say something its going to be improvised.
So i went to the stage, we were a group of 5, I was supposed to be last, But the 7elo spoke a little and to my surprise gave me the mike straight away.
Here i am infront maybe 200 people, with the mike with nothing in my head.

I loved every single moment in it.

I spoke with confidence, and funnyness. I know that i made every single person in the audience laugh their heads off. I spoke with my natural Kuwaiti accent english, which is funny.
I went through some important points that came out spontaniesly.
I thrived under this pressure. 
My speech was not more than 3 minutes but it was fantastic. 
I had regular claps between the speech. It was a feeling of victory and proudness.

I was congragulated by alot of people after the end of the conference, O the most important thing that my mom was proud of me.

So from that moment, i noticed my talent and had a lust to talk frequently. I entered the school play with a good role, I did few speeches o couldnt feel more comfortable on stage.

So talking is a talent that i like, I can bullshit alot, but it frequently turns out to be good talk. 

But in these days i dont have a good opportunity to talk, I like talking to important people. I discuss alot of things with my uncles and always like to talk to the person sitting next to me in flight.
I like meeting new people, Or just talking to them. To have debate with a rational stranger is my wish, Even if he had the most extreme ideas, bess if he can talk to me i dont mind.

I also can accept alot of views, and can be influenced alot. Politics is something that i can be interested in and last but not least, i can talk about football nonstop for days and days to come.

but agaiin, these days i dont have the opportunity to talk, I wish i could talk to people like Marzoog il 3'anem, Or aseel il 3awa9'i.
I'd frankly dont mind talking to anybody.

just wanted to share this talk:P.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Failing Physics.

 I Hate Him.
Bacher 3endee imti7aan Physics O I gave up studying it, Bacher my final.
Shasaweee, I gave cuz i know i wont understand anything.
Shno Gravitational Potential Energy?
Wela the equation for working out what the efficency?
Wela work done?
Wela Kenetic Energy?

Somebody explain to me, Whats the defintion of Electromotive force madree energy?

Y3ne im really eating tibin right now. 9ij 9ij.
Im expecting a complete Fail grade. 

Bye Bye Black Berry :(.
I kno its habbaa, Bess ee i want it :P.
Il 3mooom has it o I want it:P.

Bess really no BB with a fail grade.
Im panicing.
Im writing here whilst im supposed to be studying my head off.


Friday, June 5, 2009

No Comment No.1

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Girl In Me.

I am now in a position to believe that every person has a small version of the opposite sex in them. Some have it in a big measure and some have it in a small, almost unnoticeable measure.
To make this more clear, I mean that for example, A girl has some male characteristics that makes her do things only males do, and this is her boy inside her.

Me, I have a girl inside me and im proud of it. Again ya jema3a im not gay walla :P bess i like to say these things.
I like gossip:P.
B3d shasaweee, I like gossip O A7eb suwalef il 7reem. Madree, B3d  A7eb hal ashyaa2 :P.

Raykum, Am i being gay? ( Tara no hard feelings for homosexuals .)

Plus, 7e6ow alwatan. Salwa il M6aiireeee, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. 5aled 3abdel jeleeel ga3ed yesta3be6 3alaiiha:P. 
Tgooool 7almana ib 5aled ibn il Walleeeed.
O ib sayedena Yousef O Jibreeel.
Ya jema3a, Ma95araa.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Toilet.

A7la Mukaan Fe il Denya il 7amaaam, Really.
Whats a Castle without a bathroom, Its not worth anything. Walla, God bless the one who invented the bathroom, u made life much easier.
Walla, Y3nee its the best place to think, judge, have ur privacy, enjoy life. Its the only place where u can let everything go, you can talk to urself in it. Sing in it with no one to judge u or think that u r crazy. 
Its the only thing litterally that is for uu and to uu, It wont annoy u and will listen to all of ur thought.
Its also never boring, Who getsbored from his bathroom?
Its efficent, U can live ur whole life in a bathroom. What do u need except food, 5o water is available.
I dont want to disgust u wella ay shay, Bess i wanted to pay tribute to this magnificent room that is overlooked and not even considered.
People pay hundreds on spas and sauna rooms and they are not necessarily private or to your satisfaction, but the bathroom is the only place where it is mostly free, and always satisfying.
The bathroom bears with u everyday, and listens to ur bad voice everyday and never complains on the contrary, it recieves it with pleasure and joy, and u despise it and make fun of it without relising that without it ur life will be virtually hell. The whole house would breakdown.
Dont think of me as a crazy person but just sit in the bathroom and think of it. U will understand:).

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No More Imaginary Readers:).

Awal shay, I got to say thank u to the ppl that commented o  followed my blog laiil7een, u really made my day. Mashkooooreeen :P. 

Thanee shay im really stuck, Madree shno Akteb, :p. 

So ilyom, I did my 2nd part of my exams. Il 3arabee 6ab3an zaffat bil Na7uu. Shno Ism Fa3el Wila 9'arf zaman madree makaan. Bess Bel Ta3beer bada3t, ;p
O the 2nd exam, was english O analyse question. Ta3aal ya 'average' Ekteb " how the writer interests and entertains the reader " o il story is soo boring, Madree shlon he interests us???
Soo I bullshited it out, o wrote anything. 3adeee i get a D in this exam. Bess inshaalaa allah ysahelhaa.:P.

Ee, O today i got a bedecure (( The one 4 the feet :P, Madree shesmaa )).
My maid turned out to be good at it, So i tried it Y3ne y not?
Im not gay or anything, Bess y3ne a guy must care 4 his looks. O bil 9aiif kelaa Albes n3aal, Fa goood naiils are a must. ( Sorry if i lawa3t chabdkum:P.)
Plus the fact that the tips from FourMe inspired meee.

Eeeh, I dont have anything else to say:) .

Ymkn a moment of silence 7g the 228 in Air France, they say they found debris, O by now A7es makuu amal, Faa Msakeeen.
They say there was an 11 year old kid from britain :(. 
O wa7da na6ra zoj-haa who was supposed to be in the previous flight, Bess he got delayed fa he went on this one. Sh-hal 7a9' :(.

Il 7amdella 3ala kel 7aal.

Sorana Cristea.

Il7ub il jdeeed Ya jema3a. Sorana Cirstea from Romania. She is born in 1990 O she won yesterday against the 5th in the world, Jelena Yankovic. 
I have a bad taste in women, Bess a7es ina hathee Wayed 7elwaa.

Raykum, :P.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Contact Lost With Air France, On the Atlantic.

Shno hatha, Allah Yaster. 
Air France jet flying from Brazil to France have lost contact. The plane was carrying 228 passengers. Allah ykafeena shar hal 6ayaraat, 3aad il 9aiif garab, Allah yaster.

On a worst note, 8adseeya won the crown prince cup against Kuwait. 
As a fan for al3arabee, its always sad to see 8adseeyaa truimphant, But they deserved it.
Congragulation yal imaginary 8adsaweeya reading my blog:P.