Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Lust to Talk

I am a confident speaker. I know that im a confident speaker because i went through experiences that tested this skill and I excelled in them. I thrive under pressure when talken to. Im not bragging, Bess that is what i am:).
Last year, I was in a sort of a conference, and to be frank it was boring as hell. They bought a VIP o he talked and talked and talked and talked and talked not stop. He had good views o he gave nice and effective points but he couldnt make it interesting.
And after that, some people explained what they did, and some of them were eew. Ooola they were soo boring. Y3ne imagine the atmosphere where u sat and listened to people for 2-3 hours non stop.
I was told that i needed to speak about my experience, before my speech by maybe 10 minutes o I didnt have anything to read from. I was litterally empty. Some people prepared for this before the event in weeks and had power points and stuff, But i, I needed to come out with something in a matter of minutes. So as i always do, I gave up, O said if im going to say something its going to be improvised.
So i went to the stage, we were a group of 5, I was supposed to be last, But the 7elo spoke a little and to my surprise gave me the mike straight away.
Here i am infront maybe 200 people, with the mike with nothing in my head.

I loved every single moment in it.

I spoke with confidence, and funnyness. I know that i made every single person in the audience laugh their heads off. I spoke with my natural Kuwaiti accent english, which is funny.
I went through some important points that came out spontaniesly.
I thrived under this pressure. 
My speech was not more than 3 minutes but it was fantastic. 
I had regular claps between the speech. It was a feeling of victory and proudness.

I was congragulated by alot of people after the end of the conference, O the most important thing that my mom was proud of me.

So from that moment, i noticed my talent and had a lust to talk frequently. I entered the school play with a good role, I did few speeches o couldnt feel more comfortable on stage.

So talking is a talent that i like, I can bullshit alot, but it frequently turns out to be good talk. 

But in these days i dont have a good opportunity to talk, I like talking to important people. I discuss alot of things with my uncles and always like to talk to the person sitting next to me in flight.
I like meeting new people, Or just talking to them. To have debate with a rational stranger is my wish, Even if he had the most extreme ideas, bess if he can talk to me i dont mind.

I also can accept alot of views, and can be influenced alot. Politics is something that i can be interested in and last but not least, i can talk about football nonstop for days and days to come.

but agaiin, these days i dont have the opportunity to talk, I wish i could talk to people like Marzoog il 3'anem, Or aseel il 3awa9'i.
I'd frankly dont mind talking to anybody.

just wanted to share this talk:P.


  1. Ur addiction is perfect for this ;p

    How about we make a deal? She like bets thats her trigger! Sooo we make a bet ,, u have a discussion with her on any topic u guys agree on ( football and politics are her thing ;p , u should know that by now), you win she don't quit ( at least for a certain amount of time), she wins she get to do whatever she want ;p


    Its nice to see a good speaker a talents one, you should be proud ;D not a lot of people can Improvise :)

  2. y not :P?
    I dont mind :P.

    Agool Anony, I noticed u liked Forrest gump, One of my favourite characters stars in it, Gary Sinise.
    3ajeeb fe CSI NY :P.

  3. Al7eeen khaleet el movie o yeet el actor :@

  4. So u in?? U better be ready kid she's gona eat u alive I'm telling ya ;p

    The wireless is down 3endena give me till tomorrow o enro7 na3reth 3aleha our proposal ;p

  5. Wala tadre shloon! Let's make it big! Tomorrow etha eshtaghal el wireless we'll tell her .. 3ashan teste3ed o I'll bring judges o we makes her announce the day of the debate 3ashan everyone is ready o ensaweeha live :O

    I'm getting way offer excited about this lool men zeman I didn't have fun in the blogsphere ;p

  6. LOOOOOOOOL, ur making it exciting for mee tooo:P.
    Gooleelaha, :P, Lets do it , Im all for it too.

  7. Looool enzain enzaaain! Bs u better be really mo etfashelnyy :@ I'll use my powers 3ashan 7ata lo galat mali khelg akhaleeha etwafeq ;p

    Khalik sabooooor! Bacher agolaha o enshof meta meta we set the date! Lazem enshof el judge meta yegdar .. O ba3deen she'll announce the date!

    Be patient!

  8. LoooooL, Im patient:P, Intay ilee Shway overdoing it with ur exciteness :p.

    Bess 9ij, I want her to stay, Shnoo she will close the blog bedooon i7m wala destoor ?

    Better make it about football, La2ana sa3aat a5oora bil politics :P.

  9. Hmmm, shof she don't like to talk about politics, and I don't think she will about football ..

    Hmmm et7adedon el mawtho3 ba3deen

    Bacher 10pm kuwait time meet me in her blog o engolaha el fekra .. O ba3deen we'll go from there