Friday, June 26, 2009

Minba6 Chabdee :@.

ilyom im going through a rough time.
1. Obooy comes up to mee and says " who is flana?", I was silent la2ana she is a very close friend o we text each other, My thought was O inta shakuuuuuu, U go through my phoone?
Bess i was like " Wa7da ", He was like " Bel Madresaa ", gltlaa "E", Bess sawaiit nafsee pissed o mshaiit.
2. I just learned that my brother bought a BB, Obooy contributed some of the money.
illeee baa6 chabdee inaa:
A. O5ooy in the last 2 years lost 3 phones o Ana 3ala il Ka7yaan Malee :@.
B. I got reasonably good grades, Laiish LAIL7EEN No Reward, No Appreciation, I dont want a BB, Bess abe some money Agazerhaa Bess nothing .. :(.
C. Both of my cousins got less good grades than mee but got their BB's O ana 3ala 7a6atkum.
D. My brother gives a line and a new phone to my lil sister, O her phone is newer than mine :@, O i got better grades than her:@.

Frankly im pissed off, Laiish moo ana. Ymkn the only one who knows about me is mum wille i dont blame, Bess Baba Is a Total SKIPPING Me.
Y3nee he gives me money everyday o chithe, Bess he until now never overdid it to mee as a gift:@.

NOTE: Ma 5athaiit Hadeyaa 7ag 3eedmelade min ahalee laiil7een:@.

tara the Points above were raised by my driver who noted up these things, Which awared mee and made me pissed.

Bess agool il 7emdilla 3ala kel 7aal, O Allah y5alee ahalee lee, La2ana Shofat-hum takfee.
El 7amdilla :).
Thnx for reading:).


  1. are you the middle child by any chance :)

    then this is normal :)

    Well you should talk to your father trust me you will feel better.

    Maybe he didnt notice since you didnt ask for anything. Since i am guessing your brother and sister asked your father to get them the phone right.

  2. LOOL:P maskeeen wala kisart 5a6ry

    bs salfaaat your birthdaay present hathy shlooun ? ahaam shay il hadiya min il parents ib the birthday !! law ana minik chan ri7tlihom ib kil jor2a w sa2alt'hom : waaain hadiytyy ?:D
    yala allah ysa3dik inshalah :P

  3. Cute and Cuddly:P, Well im not that desperate, Y3nee at the moment when i saw everything piling up with all of the new things I was abit jealous o yes i am the 4th between 5:).
    Bess now, I think that everything is good:), O Ba3daiin Im used to this kind of thing:P. And when i wrote it all up i was a bit relieved, I even played with my brother some playstation:P.

    Anonymous, LoooL 3adee.
    The Bday present, Madre laiish i dint ask for anything. Actually i did, Bess i was skipped i guess:P.
    Bess il 7amdilla 3ala kil 7aal:P.
    Im happy right now:P.
    O Adree ina everything will be Good, Things are good right now:P.

  4. Maa le7agtay 3alaii :P.

    Its the 9th of one of the first four months :P.

  5. ummmm :p
    shrayiik i get u a bb? :p

  6. I dont want a BB:P.
    I think its a useless tool that everybody is buying to show off to their friends, Its a Habba:P.

    What i want is a shopping trip with me friend:P.