Monday, September 28, 2009

Mortal !

I Was raised not to talk about Death or Ill Health; In the future or about the past. I got used to that although i always had questions unanswered; But i knew that it was forbidden to ask them; Like ' How did Flan Die' Or ' Does this disease Kill ' O Chithee.

This build up of Not Knowing about death and its details; Created a fascination of it by me. And 1 Distinguished clue of that is that I want Death to Be My Profession.

el mohem; My post is about a convo me and dad Were Having.

He Was Explaining to Me How I Must stand for myself; And Fight for my rights o Chithe.

But during the conversation he said something alarming; That may not seem much to him; But it struck me so hard that i Got that suffocating feeling that hits ur throat and almost made me to tears.

Everybody thinks of his father as his superhero; the immortal Man; The Most powerful man alive; That can do any and everything; The one u'd go to for safety and comfort.

And Even though im grown up o chithe i still feel that hes the superhero and the one who if i hide behind him nobody will ever touch me.

But this all Disappeared; When he said the phrase.

I didnt Pay attention to most of what he said afterwards la2ana; This phrase just got the sense our of me.

Its the Reality We're In.

Its the Right we all deserve.

Its the Fate we will end up with.

These words may mean nothing to uu; But they meant hugely to me.

He Said ' Baba; Im not always going to be here to stand for you; One Day I Will Be Gone !! '

Knives Piercing My Heart.

Allah Y5aleeh Lee Inshalla;

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Morning Coffee

Tomorrow is the First of School Without Ramadan Timings; And normally I Cant Go to School Without drinking a morning Nescafe Saturated With Sugar Before School.
For Me its the Perfect Coffee in the Perfect Time.

My Morning Routine.
1. Wake Up.
2. Staright to the Bathroom; Strip; and into the shower.
3. Get out of the Shower; Rap a Towel and Brush my Teeth.
4. Get out of the bathroom; and change into our beautiful Uniform; Pink Shirt; Grey Trousers Purple tie.
5. Pray.
6. Put my books together for the next day.
7. Do a little of HW if the time allows me.
8. Go to The 9ala; Find the Coffee on the table; And Take off the Lid and let the mysterious Steam Get out.
9. Close the Lid and Sip.
10. Wake Dad; My Sister sometimes still isnt awake.
11. Carry the Bag and Go Down to the Car.
12. Go To school:).

I bored you With my 12 Step programme of preparing for school in the morning; Bess Its nice i guess;p.

On the Same note; Tomorrow i have this Cruel Homework From our Cruel Maths Teacher and i didnt Start It :(; Maleee 5lg; And if i dont do it 100% I Get an Afterschool Detention :(.
Maleeeeeeee 5lg.

Friday, September 25, 2009

CSI NY; Season 6 Starts

Obviously not the Conventional show to be watched by a 15 yr old Kuwaiti; But since I Layed eyes on the Show I couldnt stop watching it.
I Bought DVD's of it fro the First 4 seasons; But after exploring new technologies I Now download every new episode from torrent; And i Literally Itch if i Miss an Episode; This summer was dreadful without the Series :(.

But Yesterday the Sixth Season Aired in America and today i watched the first episode and u cant imagine my thrill.

The Premiere Was Amazing; And Thrilling.

Just wanted to share my excitement and gratitude for CBS For airing the sixth season.

I Know a Very Few Collection of People that watch this; I Dedicate this post for them.

Long live CSI:NY.
Long Live the Best Couple in TV Shows; Lindsay Monroe and Danny Messer;

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hideous !!

So; Mee, Dad O Lil sister in a One of the Restaurants in the 'Round Mall' today Minding our own Business; Enjoying our freedom of looking at Good looking ppl and things.
Next thing i know 3 Girls Allegedly from Kuwait (Although I can be 90% sure that they're not from this planet); Come inside the restaurant With Bleached Yellow Hair And Bright Red Lipstick.
For Me They Were extra Hideous; Maybee People can disagree; Bess The problem is ' I cant think of anything but that they are b******.
I Mean Sorry; Bess Shnoo Hatha; Waiin Ga3deen; Sh-haal 5amma illee Marra Wa7daa 6la3aw min il Ar9'??

O Chan Zaiin They were 7elweeen; A Nice thing to look At ??
They Were Hideous; The first word that came up to my mind.

90% Of the Eyes of the Restaurant looked at them when they entered; I Cant deny that they were centree of Attention; Bess If i wantto be the in the centre of attention i want it to be for a good reason; Not To be thought as *******??
Y3nee 3aiib;

Ppl Are sitting with their families and these just enter and Take away their freedom.
U may think im over exaggerating when i say they took their freedom; Bess thats the truth la2ana some ppl dont want their children; husbends; look at these hideous creatures.

Waiin Ahalhum??

Saturday, September 19, 2009

3eedkum Mbarak

3eedkum Mbarak Mu8addaman O 3asakum T3oodonah Kel Senna B9e7aa o Salama .. Inshalla Ya Rab il 3alameen.

I just Hope that this 3eed wouldn't be as tasteless as this Rme9'aan Ilee Mar Bedoon 9a3am Bser3at il Barg; Ma 7assaiina Feeh; Chak boom Wella 3eed.

My preperations;
1. Book; (( wallet )); 7ag il Floos; Abee Wayed;p.
2. Ghetraa Bai9'aa Bess Feeha Muraba3at Mithl el Chma3' ; Y3nee Ja5 ;p.
3. Deshdashaa; Offwhite Min 5aya6 il 3alam il Eslaamee; Fee Sharg; 5oush 5aya6.
4. Mesba7; el Waled Yayeblee Mesba7 Kahrab 93'ayer 3ala gadee;p.
5. Ba3ad Shnoo??; Ee ga7fiyaa; Mohemaa;p.
6. Mmm; Ee Ryoog Mohem; A7laa Ryoog mal il 3eed; T7es inna 9ij Weddek Takel Ryoog;p probably Ra7 Ykoon 7ummu9 o Fool O Falafel Min Kanaare.

Bess ;p.
I Hope i get alot of money;p O This 3eeed Would be a memorable One.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Addicted to Twitter

Soo; Im Addicted to twitter; At this point i cant live without refreshing the twitter page 1 time a minute.
Im bored with my addiction:p.

The pple who created twitter were smart frankly; Although its only a space for 140 characters including spaces; Its a space thats so free; Soo Broad; That it completes the thing; Madree Shagool:P.

We can write about almost anything; It can be useless information or BIG INFO; Celebrities are communicating through twitter now; Qutada MEntioned twitter; Al Watan is giving news through twitter. Its a new trend But a great trend.

Some ppl think twitter is something that is practically useless; But this 140 character space can be a place that is sooo valuable it is unbelievable; People dont find anyperson anywhere and talk to anytime?; so they go to twitter; Under anonymity; Or with their identity uncovered.

Its not like facebook; Facebook u have limits and boundaries u cant cross cuz ppl in facebook u know personally; But in twiitter; U dont know most of the ppl so u can bitch about anything; Anytime.

I cant seem to get enough of twiiter and i really really like it; addicted to it. Thank u Birdy;p.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Im Not Me

This Blogosphere o These posts o the ways we are communicating are very great blessings we have.
We obviously have a great pleasure in looking at the moods of some people; Their stories; Their Ideas and enjoy their humour.
Well I know that i do enjoy my virtual life here.

The problem that is picking on me is that; When u talk to me or look at my posts; Its Not Mee.
I read back at my last 3 months here; And I noticed that i was indulging a different personality; than who i really am.

I dont know what im trying to achieve from this complicated ( I dont even understand it.); Bess Something to blabber about:P.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

No Comment No.5

' Ya Jar7 Fe 9oorat Fara7; Ya Chethbaa Maghzaha We9'a77 '
Hatha Enta .. 3abdalla Rwaiished.

Friday, September 11, 2009

We Crashed into a Maybach!!!

Soo; We were Fe E7da il Mana6e8 il 'High' O Kaan Za7maa;
El mohem; It was me and My Brother; He was driving:P.
Soo; Kaan Shway Za7maa;

Sheft el Maybach; Chan agool 7ag o5ooy;' En De3amt-haa; Baiin il E3daam wel Mu2abbad':P.
il mohem; Dashaiina freej 93'ayyer Wella 3 Sayyarat jedamnaa yaboon Ye6le3oon; Y3nee lazem nerja3.
Reja3 o5ooy o chithee; O Za7maa o Hernaat; O ZA7MAA;

Marra wa7da Wella a Screeching Voice; Galbeee Na6; Gelt Bgalbee Moo 7elwaa il Maybach; O Youm sheft Waraa Welaa Nafs Loun il Maybach; Gelt Bye Bye o5ooy.:p.

El7amdella 6la3at Ford Ellee De3amnahaa Moo el Maybach; It was a Scare i needed to share:P.

Today is Sept 11; allah Yer7am ilee Tuwaffa minhum :P.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Um il Banaat.

I dont know about you but this tamtheeleeyaa reminds of the old days; Not necessarily that i lived through these old days; but it just seems to be as original as it can be.
Su33aad 3abdalla, I notice chooses the best scripts to be in, and she excels in them. She is a great actor but in a time in the last decade she failed to shine. But at the last few years she regained the shine she is now having.
She formed a great duo with 3'anem il 9ale7; who also is giving a magnificent performance this ramadan.

The plot of um il banat is amazing and very new; Some go as far as saying its a real story, but nevertheless its a great story.

The new actors in it are doing a great job; The Banaat; 9ager mashalla 3alaiih o Allah yer7ema;p. Every single actor is proving his worth and his skills except a few exceptions.

And ofcourse for me the Highlight of the whole series; Haya 3abdel Salam.

il musalsala il wa7eeda ilee laiil7een ga3ed atabe3h; Its Great o An9a7kum itha ma ittab3oonhaa laiil7een; The 7al8aat are on youtube or just continue watching it.

Sorry this post is shway raye7 feeha; Tawnee Ga3ed min il noum .. !!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Best Sleep Ever.

So School Started; Madree laiish il 5abba?; il 7ayat mashya Wala chinna fee shay 3an H1N1 3'aiir cham poster O Cham Rule; Like No kissing or hugging or handshaking; Bess 3/4 of the school is 'SKIP' O Half the teachers too:P.

Men Awal Youm Homeworks o Shighil; Bess the first day of my last yr was quite good; The emphasis by almost every teacher i meet on the importance of being smart and putting all of the effort in was unbearable; It was depressing; This yr will define me; Average q8i.

Will I go to the UK with a scholarship to study medicine Or will i andigir in KU and go for 3loom idareya?

The importance of this yr is just unreal; Im cannot imagine myself in the next 6 months and what will i do; Im still unsure of myself.

Ooops; Nesaiit 3an il Title.

Ee So; The upside of school is my nap in the afternoon; Awal ma Ared min il madresa and after working my buttocks off; I want to rest and have a good sleep; And this sleep is the best sleep ever.

Its not like the vacation sleep where u only sleep because u stayed up for a sum of hours; No; its a sleep because ur tired and u wake up thanking ur body for getting to sleep. I love this sleep.

And also in school u appreciate the weekend; A Weekend is different when ur working the whole week; U Fell its a weekend; a time of rest and leisure and what a feeling it is; A magnificent feeling; The weekend ur waiting for all week came and u try to enjoy it to the fullest and no matter what u do u always enjoy it.

Soo; Bess :p.