Monday, September 28, 2009

Mortal !

I Was raised not to talk about Death or Ill Health; In the future or about the past. I got used to that although i always had questions unanswered; But i knew that it was forbidden to ask them; Like ' How did Flan Die' Or ' Does this disease Kill ' O Chithee.

This build up of Not Knowing about death and its details; Created a fascination of it by me. And 1 Distinguished clue of that is that I want Death to Be My Profession.

el mohem; My post is about a convo me and dad Were Having.

He Was Explaining to Me How I Must stand for myself; And Fight for my rights o Chithe.

But during the conversation he said something alarming; That may not seem much to him; But it struck me so hard that i Got that suffocating feeling that hits ur throat and almost made me to tears.

Everybody thinks of his father as his superhero; the immortal Man; The Most powerful man alive; That can do any and everything; The one u'd go to for safety and comfort.

And Even though im grown up o chithe i still feel that hes the superhero and the one who if i hide behind him nobody will ever touch me.

But this all Disappeared; When he said the phrase.

I didnt Pay attention to most of what he said afterwards la2ana; This phrase just got the sense our of me.

Its the Reality We're In.

Its the Right we all deserve.

Its the Fate we will end up with.

These words may mean nothing to uu; But they meant hugely to me.

He Said ' Baba; Im not always going to be here to stand for you; One Day I Will Be Gone !! '

Knives Piercing My Heart.

Allah Y5aleeh Lee Inshalla;

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