Friday, September 25, 2009

CSI NY; Season 6 Starts

Obviously not the Conventional show to be watched by a 15 yr old Kuwaiti; But since I Layed eyes on the Show I couldnt stop watching it.
I Bought DVD's of it fro the First 4 seasons; But after exploring new technologies I Now download every new episode from torrent; And i Literally Itch if i Miss an Episode; This summer was dreadful without the Series :(.

But Yesterday the Sixth Season Aired in America and today i watched the first episode and u cant imagine my thrill.

The Premiere Was Amazing; And Thrilling.

Just wanted to share my excitement and gratitude for CBS For airing the sixth season.

I Know a Very Few Collection of People that watch this; I Dedicate this post for them.

Long live CSI:NY.
Long Live the Best Couple in TV Shows; Lindsay Monroe and Danny Messer;


  1. CSI Miami 3endii a7la ;p

    Bas kel CSI'yat are rockin ;p

  2. CSI Miami Too Hollywoodish;p.

    Makuu 3ala CSI NY;p.