Saturday, September 26, 2009

Morning Coffee

Tomorrow is the First of School Without Ramadan Timings; And normally I Cant Go to School Without drinking a morning Nescafe Saturated With Sugar Before School.
For Me its the Perfect Coffee in the Perfect Time.

My Morning Routine.
1. Wake Up.
2. Staright to the Bathroom; Strip; and into the shower.
3. Get out of the Shower; Rap a Towel and Brush my Teeth.
4. Get out of the bathroom; and change into our beautiful Uniform; Pink Shirt; Grey Trousers Purple tie.
5. Pray.
6. Put my books together for the next day.
7. Do a little of HW if the time allows me.
8. Go to The 9ala; Find the Coffee on the table; And Take off the Lid and let the mysterious Steam Get out.
9. Close the Lid and Sip.
10. Wake Dad; My Sister sometimes still isnt awake.
11. Carry the Bag and Go Down to the Car.
12. Go To school:).

I bored you With my 12 Step programme of preparing for school in the morning; Bess Its nice i guess;p.

On the Same note; Tomorrow i have this Cruel Homework From our Cruel Maths Teacher and i didnt Start It :(; Maleee 5lg; And if i dont do it 100% I Get an Afterschool Detention :(.
Maleeeeeeee 5lg.


  1. BSK?
    Ashkara mn il Uniform:p
    I like after school detentions.
    I've never been in one bs I wanna try for some reason.