Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Addicted to Twitter

Soo; Im Addicted to twitter; At this point i cant live without refreshing the twitter page 1 time a minute.
Im bored with my addiction:p.

The pple who created twitter were smart frankly; Although its only a space for 140 characters including spaces; Its a space thats so free; Soo Broad; That it completes the thing; Madree Shagool:P.

We can write about almost anything; It can be useless information or BIG INFO; Celebrities are communicating through twitter now; Qutada MEntioned twitter; Al Watan is giving news through twitter. Its a new trend But a great trend.

Some ppl think twitter is something that is practically useless; But this 140 character space can be a place that is sooo valuable it is unbelievable; People dont find anyperson anywhere and talk to anytime?; so they go to twitter; Under anonymity; Or with their identity uncovered.

Its not like facebook; Facebook u have limits and boundaries u cant cross cuz ppl in facebook u know personally; But in twiitter; U dont know most of the ppl so u can bitch about anything; Anytime.

I cant seem to get enough of twiiter and i really really like it; addicted to it. Thank u Birdy;p.


  1. weli ma yadre 3an twitter :P

    madre laish mayazlii ana kelesh :S

  2. I LOVE IT; Anoony; Happy Birthday; 7atta ma soleftay ma3ay youm ur bday:P.

    Shlounaa .. 3asa kaan ok .. !?

  3. lol twitter :)

    who isnt ?