Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Best Sleep Ever.

So School Started; Madree laiish il 5abba?; il 7ayat mashya Wala chinna fee shay 3an H1N1 3'aiir cham poster O Cham Rule; Like No kissing or hugging or handshaking; Bess 3/4 of the school is 'SKIP' O Half the teachers too:P.

Men Awal Youm Homeworks o Shighil; Bess the first day of my last yr was quite good; The emphasis by almost every teacher i meet on the importance of being smart and putting all of the effort in was unbearable; It was depressing; This yr will define me; Average q8i.

Will I go to the UK with a scholarship to study medicine Or will i andigir in KU and go for 3loom idareya?

The importance of this yr is just unreal; Im cannot imagine myself in the next 6 months and what will i do; Im still unsure of myself.

Ooops; Nesaiit 3an il Title.

Ee So; The upside of school is my nap in the afternoon; Awal ma Ared min il madresa and after working my buttocks off; I want to rest and have a good sleep; And this sleep is the best sleep ever.

Its not like the vacation sleep where u only sleep because u stayed up for a sum of hours; No; its a sleep because ur tired and u wake up thanking ur body for getting to sleep. I love this sleep.

And also in school u appreciate the weekend; A Weekend is different when ur working the whole week; U Fell its a weekend; a time of rest and leisure and what a feeling it is; A magnificent feeling; The weekend ur waiting for all week came and u try to enjoy it to the fullest and no matter what u do u always enjoy it.

Soo; Bess :p.


  1. Wait- your a senior?:o

  2. bas on ur twitter, it says 15 yr old:o

  3. u aint going no where with that english
    did u finish any ig's?
    english as a second language?

  4. Fettucinii; Ra7 At5araj 3umree 16 Inshalla O Madree itha bakammel Derasa Wela I go to Uni:).

    Anonymouse; Im finishing my ig's this summer O Im getting 1st and 2nd language english:).

  5. ahaha !! ;p
    me too i love that sleeep !!
    bs akrah lma ag3ad mit3asra :)

  6. why r u taking both igz english at the same time ;S a9lan i9er?
    anywayz all i3enik