Saturday, September 5, 2009

Um il Banaat.

I dont know about you but this tamtheeleeyaa reminds of the old days; Not necessarily that i lived through these old days; but it just seems to be as original as it can be.
Su33aad 3abdalla, I notice chooses the best scripts to be in, and she excels in them. She is a great actor but in a time in the last decade she failed to shine. But at the last few years she regained the shine she is now having.
She formed a great duo with 3'anem il 9ale7; who also is giving a magnificent performance this ramadan.

The plot of um il banat is amazing and very new; Some go as far as saying its a real story, but nevertheless its a great story.

The new actors in it are doing a great job; The Banaat; 9ager mashalla 3alaiih o Allah yer7ema;p. Every single actor is proving his worth and his skills except a few exceptions.

And ofcourse for me the Highlight of the whole series; Haya 3abdel Salam.

il musalsala il wa7eeda ilee laiil7een ga3ed atabe3h; Its Great o An9a7kum itha ma ittab3oonhaa laiil7een; The 7al8aat are on youtube or just continue watching it.

Sorry this post is shway raye7 feeha; Tawnee Ga3ed min il noum .. !!


  1. 9aaaaaaaager maaaaaaat!! :"[[
    allah yer7uma.

    ana sheft maybe 3 7alqaat mnaa;p bs a7la shaay bl mousalsal uhma maraam ou shejoun :P

    ou ma7ad ga3d y7ess ena su3aad 3abdulla ga3d tmathel chn'ha "fethaa galb'ha abyaath"? ya3ny she's still attached to that charcter wayed, ou she's still peforming like fetha.

    madry etha ana elwa7eeda ely 7aasa chethy .. bs kl elnaas ely geltle'houm gaalaw ena ee 9a7;p


  3. w btw dreamer.. ballah su3ad lail7enha 3balha ehya eb fe'6a :P

  4. Dreamer; Shwayya A7es chithee Bess she is doing a great job :P.

    Madry-Shakw; Hardluck; For me it just means less competition :P.

  5. 3ajiba um ilbanat !!
    m3ana so3ad 3abdalla marat it7ur !!! ina shda3wa chthii 7asha 9adam !! ;p