Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dear Average ..

Dear Average-q8i,
I hope you understand that I am writing you from the deepest feelings of good will that I possess. I currently feel that I do own the right to advise you and persuade you into going to the right path. You should also know that I love you a lot, and my good faith determine that I should write this letter to hopefully guide you to do good in your life.
Baq9am, you are currently in a very critical stage of your life. These times, can actually be nominated as one of your hardest times in your entire life. These times do require a huge amount of effort and determination as well as commitment. Your IGCSE's are one of the most important exams you will ever get. The may as well be, a very big test of will and organisation plus of course your knowledge.
I demand you, and I repeat, I demand you, that you should work extremely hard. I demand you to forget everything. I demand you that in the next couple of months, numerous weeks and less than a hundred days, that you would work and work and work. Study, Study and Study. Revise, Revise And Revise.
You may be in a situation that doesn't allow you to understand the amount of responsibility and effort this period of your life requires. But I'm telling you, dear Baq9am, Please Work hard. As these days aren't in any way repeatable and your future is way more important than your present.
Football matches, Dewania and Twitter/Blogger/MSN/Blackberry/Internet won't shape your future. These things could be reused again and again after the 11th of June. But your exams will finish, will disappear, will vanish after the 11th of June.
I would also would like you to think of the amount of pride and honour you'd serve to your parents. Your family when you work hard and get the results you've been anticipating. I would like you to think about the amount of faces you will prove wrong when you do good. I would like you to think about the joy you'll see in your mother's face. I would like you to think of the expressions of pride you'd find in your father's face; the assurance that he invested in the right place.
Please, Please, Please; A Request from the heart, the soul. please, work hard, Revise, Study, and Work .. PLEASE!
Not only for your own good, But for my own good too. I know you can, You know you can. Please CAN!

Baq9am (You) ..

Friday, March 26, 2010

Ya Wa3d ..

يــــا وعــد مغـفرةً إن فاتنــي خــبرُ
فـي لـــيل عيـنيك ها قد جئـــتُ أعتذرُ
عمـــرى فـــداء مـدى اللـيـل مكتحلا
وللعيــون التي فـــي طـــرفها حَــوَرُ

عينــــاكِ يــا وعـد قيـثاري و مـدفاتي و متّكاي .. مـلاذي فيه أسـتــترُ

و للعــيون حـديثٌ ليـس يـدركه الا الــذي شـفـّهُ العنقـود و الوتـــرُ
مهاجرٌ في العيون السود مقتحمٌ ديـــــاجـر الكُــحل إن الكُــحل لي قـدرُ

تــمـزّقت في مدى الإعصــــــــار أشرعتـــي
اعصــــارُ عيــنـــيك لا يـُـبــقي ولا يـــذرُ
نــــوارسُ العــشقُ شــالت بــــي مُــجـنحتاً
حيثُ السديـــم فــلا علــمٌ ولا خــــبـــــرُ

يـــــا ربّــة الشعر هل غـادرت من طلـلٍ؟
يــا رحلة العمر هل مادت بـك الصُـــــوَرُ؟
ماذا تــبــقى لــدينا غبّ عودتنــــــا؟
ديـــــوان شــعـــرٍ و دمعٌ ليـس ينهمر

يــــا وعــــد مغفرة إن فاتـــنـــي خـبر

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Allah Y5aleeha Lee ..

Whatever I Do; Just A Drop in Your Sea ..
Allah Y5alleech Lee Ya Mammaa

Friday, March 19, 2010

Almost French Memories

Memories that suddenly raced through my mind today. Memories that I Would never wish they would be forgotten. Memories that engulf three friends. Three guys that are related in a very complicated fashion but once had a simple bond. A Simple bond that was Proven not so strong by time.

In that big garden that is viewed by that famous french embassy; where we used to play football; the three of us with our maids casting a nervy look at us. Them chatting with their beautiful 'Tagalog' language; and we trying to perfect our touches of that football.

We certainly didnt have a perfect relationship; the three of us; No. We had that traditional cousin tied bond. But with time, this bond strengthened; we became best friends; true best friends. We couldnt imagine a weekend without each other. Without that sleepover that combined the three of us.

Our fights were cute too. We had big fights sometimes. But somehow all so subtly, we get back together; in what 5 minutes.

The love of football glued us more together. And oh so conveniently our love for Arsenal glued us more together. Our late night matches together, Our Cereal-eating races (Which mostly i always won) .. Our unisons against each other; our football matches Bel 7oush.


When we broke one of the house's windows. Funny Days?

But Then Somehow; The same as our bond strengthened; it weakened .. We grew out of each other i guess.
I cant get over how all so suddenly we were not friends.
Location differences contributed somehow; But we could've kept it strong ..

Our tastes changed i guess; We never needed each other anymore; We had other people to give us a hand; other than us.

Unfortunately ..

But the positive thing is that; We Have our memories!
something by this post; I Would never want to forget .. I Would like to relive again and again ..

Dedicated to my Childhood Memories' Stars .. J and 3 ..

Monday, March 8, 2010


I Think I reached This Point .. Im Not Ashamed By itt ..
I Dont Believe in anything right now ..
When I finish my Ig's I'll read my head off till I Get the Right Answer ..

The reason For this; Is the fact that I cant judge what do i want to be if im Influenced By Islam So much and I Am; that Takes my Better Judgement ..
I Hope after this experience I go back to Islam; But its Hard .. O i may turn to be something else ..

Bess I Still Pray; Bess Unfortunately with very little Faith ..

Friday, March 5, 2010

My Own Space

One of the few things i am looking forward to after my so-called graduation is getting my own place. I really dont care about where, when and how .. But i just want my own appartment/place of living.

Despite the fact that 90% of my chances of studying will be in my 'beloved' Kuwait; but 7atta lo I stay in Kuwait; I Will Demand my own place, Fight For my own territory!; Its not that im an isolated character in this life, Far from it .. But due to the fact that i was very social in my almost 16 years of my life .. I am longing for the opposite! ..

I Would TAKE the chance of being alone and independant; having my own style of things; getting stuff from my own sweat and money!; Having my friends over; Acting in a VERY free way in my haven!

I Would love to go to my appartment; and think 'Yes, Im going to rest now in my place' ..

I Dont think its the typical Kuwaiti Guy dream Bess why not .. Madree I Really Dont know ..

I just want my own Haven.