Monday, March 8, 2010


I Think I reached This Point .. Im Not Ashamed By itt ..
I Dont Believe in anything right now ..
When I finish my Ig's I'll read my head off till I Get the Right Answer ..

The reason For this; Is the fact that I cant judge what do i want to be if im Influenced By Islam So much and I Am; that Takes my Better Judgement ..
I Hope after this experience I go back to Islam; But its Hard .. O i may turn to be something else ..

Bess I Still Pray; Bess Unfortunately with very little Faith ..


  1. I know a friend of mine who have been through this and eventually became an atheist. I 9ara7a don't know or even have any clue about this matter but I wish I could help.
    Bas I really recommend you reading lots of books but yet don't believe anything you read!
    know what suites you best and could serve you best and all. Look at things from different angles and expand your mind to Belief and Faith.
    bas be sure, be a 100 million times sure, Islam is key. Don't and never be embarrassed about it. Never. It's the right thinking way, and if you got back to Islam you'll be a true muslim, which I really hope you would.
    Adre 6awalt-ha bilkalam bas I was touched. I think if you sorted this out in the right way, you'll get a strong base for your life. :)
    bas why you think it's hard?

  2. Its Hard La2ana I Dont Know .. I Dont Know What will i Become after this experience .. What will I bee .. ??

    Its Hard to Realise that everything my Parents Did To Make Me Who i Am May Go And vanish .. Its Hard realising that i may break their hearts ..

    Its Hard to Not Know ..

    Ignorance is something that i Dearly Hatee ..I Want To Know; I want to Explore ..

    Its Hard Because in the next 3 months I Cant Do anything; But believe with my small belief . ;/ ..

    Its just Hard .. ;/..

  3. Even though I don't get the experience or the span of time you mentioned, I can totally relate to you. My struggle is far way from yours but it is in the exact same manner. Anyways, it's totally Human to feel this Hardness and this fear of the unknown. I dread the unknown and I know the feeling. But it's only human to question What and How things are going to be. It's in our nature.

    And yeah it is hard, but once you through with this, once you figure this out, you're done with it for good. You know what I mean?
    Explore and Know what you want and need to know. It is hard bas inshallah you can do it. I know you will. With your way of thinking. I know you will. Inshallah.

    Enzain dam 3indik 3 months, why don't you give Islam a last shot. ghayir your sources of Islam. You see, I think that Islam is very flexible and it depends 3ala the mentality of who reads it. ya3ni mathalan some explain the guidelines wil tashre3at on their own minds, like terrorist and also extremist.. and so on! There are people who are considered relatively religious contradict each other! Yabela fihm 9a7ee7 o 3aqil metfa7t. If you feel you've got the wrong Ideas and all about Islam, give it at least one more look. I don't mean anything personal by that don't get me wrong cas sometimes ma3arf ashra7 ;p

    Simplify and it will all be simple.

  4. N I Love Islam; I love Everything About Islam ..
    I Think its the Best Religeon any1 can have and Get .. Its Right In Every Way It Could bee ..

    My Only Concern is not Islam; Its The Fact That Because I Am Influenced just from one Religeon in my Lifeeee .. I Think That My Brain Has No Right to Judge Whats Correct If its just influenced by one Party ..

    I Have an inner belief; That I must get a lot of point of views before i know What Correct; And the Only concern is the fact that my brain cant get around the idea that i only got 1 point of view ..

  5. Aaa I c now. Sorry I got it all or part of it wrong ;p
    I think now fahamt 3adil bas excuse me to say that you contradict yourself, and again etha fahamt ghala6 please correct me, you say Islam is the best religion anyone can have and get and it's right in every aspect. Why then you want to explore to know what is correct when you already know what it is. Is your inner belief to just explore and learn about other religions or explore with the intention of changing your beliefs and religion when you find what you think its correct ? Hatha ili wdi a3arfa you know. Lana if you think Islam is correct then there's no need to feel that you don't have no right to judge. Lana ra7 tkon meqtin3 ib 9e7eta..

    I'm sorry itha makan wdik you discuss such a matter with an anonymous person, I know you don't even have to explain what you're feeling. Beliefs and religion is mawtho3 relatively 7asas and I appreciate your replies. Feel free to stop this If you don't want to ;D

  6. Its true' I contradict myself; who doesn't!? ;))!!
    My problem with islam is the fact that I was influenced so heavily by itt; that my inner belief or concienceness can't live with it!; I need to know and broaden my knowledge before I choose anything; that's the logic in my head!
    The other thing; is that I don't know islam; I never knew it!!; if u ask me about the superficial stuff about it; it'll be an easy answer but the deep stuff a lot of us don't know .. When I read islam in june inshalla I will be like a baby or a 4 year old and ask a lot of questions and hope ill find an answer!; what I seek in my life is to be confident of my religeon my belief .. I want to answer every question I receive; I don't want to live with any shred of doubt!!

    Its ok; I like discussing .. ;) .. Hope u underdtand ..

  7. Hahaha that's so true ;p
    Well, I couldn't agree with you more! You're on the right path and you inspired me to dig deep into it by myself instead of just asking about it randomly. I'm sure you'll have what you're seeking for.
    Way to go (y) !

  8. Mercii .. :) ..

    Glad To Discuss ..

  9. It is good to question things. It shows the depth of your intelligence. Even the prophet questioned what was considered the faith at the time.

    Believe in yourself, believe in your heart :) Don't ever allow yourself to blindly follow.

    If you like, read a little about metaphysics and philosophy. It will help you understand the essence of the universe and may solve a lot of questions you have! Saturate yourself with knowledge, read, read, read. The more you learn the more you will be at peace with yourself and the world!

    Good luck, I hope this helps :D I was once where you are :)

  10. 9a7; And that what im trying to do; To Find .. To Establish My Self ..

    Ee Inshalla I Will Read alot of stuff; But My Priority is el 8ur2aan ..

    Thanks o It Did help ..

  11. it great to see that kuwaitis transcend their culture & the pressure exerted on them by their peers to make, in my opinion, the correct decision about religion :)

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