Friday, March 19, 2010

Almost French Memories

Memories that suddenly raced through my mind today. Memories that I Would never wish they would be forgotten. Memories that engulf three friends. Three guys that are related in a very complicated fashion but once had a simple bond. A Simple bond that was Proven not so strong by time.

In that big garden that is viewed by that famous french embassy; where we used to play football; the three of us with our maids casting a nervy look at us. Them chatting with their beautiful 'Tagalog' language; and we trying to perfect our touches of that football.

We certainly didnt have a perfect relationship; the three of us; No. We had that traditional cousin tied bond. But with time, this bond strengthened; we became best friends; true best friends. We couldnt imagine a weekend without each other. Without that sleepover that combined the three of us.

Our fights were cute too. We had big fights sometimes. But somehow all so subtly, we get back together; in what 5 minutes.

The love of football glued us more together. And oh so conveniently our love for Arsenal glued us more together. Our late night matches together, Our Cereal-eating races (Which mostly i always won) .. Our unisons against each other; our football matches Bel 7oush.


When we broke one of the house's windows. Funny Days?

But Then Somehow; The same as our bond strengthened; it weakened .. We grew out of each other i guess.
I cant get over how all so suddenly we were not friends.
Location differences contributed somehow; But we could've kept it strong ..

Our tastes changed i guess; We never needed each other anymore; We had other people to give us a hand; other than us.

Unfortunately ..

But the positive thing is that; We Have our memories!
something by this post; I Would never want to forget .. I Would like to relive again and again ..

Dedicated to my Childhood Memories' Stars .. J and 3 ..

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  1. loooooooool men ometa 7a6 baq9amaat ?? hahahahaha

    anyways hatha 7al el denya people drift apart, bs matadre maybe oen day u'l get all together again :)

    at least u have nice momeries