Friday, March 5, 2010

My Own Space

One of the few things i am looking forward to after my so-called graduation is getting my own place. I really dont care about where, when and how .. But i just want my own appartment/place of living.

Despite the fact that 90% of my chances of studying will be in my 'beloved' Kuwait; but 7atta lo I stay in Kuwait; I Will Demand my own place, Fight For my own territory!; Its not that im an isolated character in this life, Far from it .. But due to the fact that i was very social in my almost 16 years of my life .. I am longing for the opposite! ..

I Would TAKE the chance of being alone and independant; having my own style of things; getting stuff from my own sweat and money!; Having my friends over; Acting in a VERY free way in my haven!

I Would love to go to my appartment; and think 'Yes, Im going to rest now in my place' ..

I Dont think its the typical Kuwaiti Guy dream Bess why not .. Madree I Really Dont know ..

I just want my own Haven.


  1. maybe you should consider applying for a scholarship outside kuwait? sounds ideal for you