Monday, February 22, 2010

Doubt ..

I Hate This;
I Hate the fact that I am so ignorant in a huge amount of stuff going around my life!
I Hate the fact that the life I'm living in is not clear to me.
I Hate the fact; that I don't know! ..
I Hate the fact that I need to read and make a choice!
I Hate the fact that I reached the point of realising that I don't know.
I Hate the fact that I'm doubting One of the most revered things in Life!
I Hate the fact that I decided and promised myself to Go into an experience I cant know the outcome of!
I Hate Being Afraid; Scared; disillusioned!
I Hate Being shaky!
I Hate ignorance; I hate not knowing!
I Hate my education; I Hate my intelligence!
I Hate my personality that made me think like that!
I Hate being afraid!
I Hate being contradictive!
I Hate the fact that I may turn out to be not me!
I Hate the odds in the outcome of the experience I'm going to go through.
I Hate This!


  1. despite all the things you hate

    i love you;*

  2. I <3 that movie :*

    10 things I hate about you !

  3. i hate that you hate so many things!

    so tell us what do you love ;p