Sunday, August 30, 2009


My new word; Cuz its rme9'aan and out of respect to this holy month and turned the widely known swear word to this cute unthreatening word ' fush '.
Hope people follow my trend.

So School Bacher; Half Excited .. Half Wanting to kill my self.

I Like Classic cars; My life are classic cars; I LOVE THEM
y3ne not the 30' and 40' model cars, No. I mean the 50's and up cars till the 70's; I adore them.

Irtidad Baiitna Mshallah WAYED; Fa we have a huge garden .. Bess hal ayam mahmoola Fa i feel sorry for it.

I like cooking .. weddee A6ba5; Bess kella not having time.

In one of my posts in the summer holiday i said i will priorities my excercises:P, Well throw that statement in the bin:p.

Im in love with mushrooms these days.

Mixed Berries juice from al mara3e; 3ajeeeeeeeeeeeeb.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Manchester United 2-1 Arsenal

Moo 7aram?

0-1, goal 3alamee min Arshavin that silenced some 70,000 Man U fans.
Arsenal were dominating, hajma wara hajma 7ata after the half time.

1-1, a dubious penalty, Rooney right corner opposite to Almunia, Goal.

2-1, Diaby, Ah ya diaby.

2-2 ... Nope, gallas offside in the 95th minute.

Ended 2-1 Man U.

go Arsene, A display that kept our heads high.


Swine Flu Or Ig's ?

The rumour says that we're going to go to school with masks all day and Shaking hands is banned; No Contact what so ever; Classes numbers limited.
sounds like Mustashfa il Amra9' il Sareya Mo School.

After tomorrow is the start of the most important chapter of my life yet; The forkway of my life.

Wish me luck 7abaybee.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sheesha In Lebanon

Before i went to lebanon i had an imaginary picture of the typical Lebanese sitting; and What was this picture?:

Sitting in Solidere with friends or cousins, have a Sheesha and watch the people come and go.

This came true and i went with a couple of my cousins to solidere sat in petit cafe; chatted alot then the sheesha for my older cousin came and he started smoking but after a mere 15 minutes he gave it up.
I asked him could i smoke it a little and he surprisingly agreed; maybe acknowledging my desire in having it here Only here.

So i smoked for the first 5 minutes and i Got extremely dizzy so i gave it up but my cousin didnt take it; he left it. So after my dizziness disipated I took the sheesha again but this time i seemed like a proffesional and this was one of the best times in my life. Great feeling; Absolutly great feeling.

I was worrying if my parents would come and surprise the hell out of me and make me a fool in the middle of solidere but they were far away in Lebanon So i was comfortable.

Having a sheesha in lebanon is the best thing to do in lebanon especially in solidere. So i vowed myself to not have a sheesha but in lebanon.

Bess; Wanted to express it.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sorry ?

* first im sorry 3ala il ge6a3a; Madree Shfeene, Madree.
* The pics of the journey shakelhaa are coming in a later time; Malee 5lg a7e6hum 9ara7a; Sorry.
* Wedde Afa9'fe9' Wayed Ashyaa2 Bess Makuu; Y3neee il blog Madree shloun.
*Anony u know; 9a7?

*Arsenal Ibdaa3; Ya36eekum il 3afya yal gunners

* a7ebhaa

* Waiin raye7; Bhal Suhoola Hanat il 3eshraa 3alaiik?
Waiin raye7; Injara7 9otee Wana Anadee 3alaiik.

O madam i7naa fe shahar rme9'aan; Ee BTW Mbarak 3alaiikum il Shahar O Kel 3am o into B5aiir.
E so; il A5laa8 min Aham il Ashyaa2 ilee Yemtelekhaa il insaan.
Ygooloon Bema3na il 7adeeth inaa Se2low il Rasool Laiish Allah 9ebar 3ala Fer3oun 400 Sinaa Fa Gal la2ana 3ala 6u3'yana o mollookeeta o id3a2a il olooheya Bess kan 3ala 5ulu8 7asan 3ashan chithee allah 9ebar 3alaiih

O Ham marra 3 Kufar Kanow Yekrehoon il Rasool O Mara shafow Broo7a Fa Ra7ow yaboon yethbe7oona Bess il Rasoool theba7 il Awal .. Ba3daiin il Thanee O Kann Yabee Yethba7 il Thaleth Bess chan yanzel 3alaiih Jebreel O Galla La Tethba7a La2ana hal Rajul Kan 5aloo8.
Fa Lamma Hadda il Rasool .. Se2al il Rayal il Rasool Laiish Hadaiitnee Fa Gallaa il Rasool; Jebreel Nezallee o Galee kait o kait o kait Fa Lamma Sema3 chithee il Rayal Aslam il Rayyaal

Fa il A5laa8 min aham il 9efat Fa 3alaiikum Bmakaram il A5laa8; Ma3a Ahalkum o Ma3a il Nas o Mara Nafskum o Ma3a Rabkum.

O Allah Yahdeena o Yahdeekum .. O Yet8abal Minkum 9yamnaa o 9yamkum

3asa ykoon hal post zaiin o 5afeef 3alaikum .. !!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Question is When?

The latest Reports say that 44 women died.

See how fate intervenes in a moment of happiness that turns it to a big tragedy. This fire that happened in Al 3yoon is a big reminder on how death can take us anywhere we can be.

Who would've expected?!

Allah Yer7amhum, O Yghamed Roo7hum il Janna Inshalla.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Journney to Leb 2

Journey to Leb 2.

S o we reached Jordan after the treaterous trip through KSA but what was astounding is that at the final 30 KM or so in the Saudi lands there were huge mountains that were so surprisingly beautiful.
I was amazed by the views i saw inside Saudi Arabia at the end.
Also in Saudi me and dad had our first and only bad moment, ileee 9ar inaa at night of the 1st day i was sleeping while dad drove suddenly i wake up wella baba 9afe6 in a parking o nayem bil sayara, ana 3abale binnam fe hotel so i woke him up, He was like " In6er swhway, After an hour i woke him up again .. chan y3a99eb .. He was like "

In Jordan .. It wasnt any different, We went through a few settlements throughout the way that looked old. No other word to explain it :P. The nice thing is that the Jordan - Syrian Border was called Jaber and its pleasing to know that the name of our late Amir is in Journey from Kuwait to Lebanon :P. There was also a sign saying "Al Rwayshed" .. Which was an area in Jordan :P.
The Jordanese Border was good, easy, We even prayed the dhuhur and 3a9er prayers in their mosque but the Syrian side was just fuckin dreadful, No offence :P. They had this stupid regulation that we needed to check up before we go into syria so there is this alleged doctor in a white coat that had a Temperature mesearure to see if anyone had high temps. The problem is that he used it without any sterilizing stuff, just from ear to ear, I was freaking disgusted.

They always took alot of time and indirectly asked for bribes, Dad couldnt not give them cuz if he didnt they will make a fuss. An amusing this is that Baba know them and gave them a hard time too, One of the officers was dragging so dad took a dollar and put it inside a paper and gave it to him, the officer got pissed cuz it was just a dollar so he returned and dad was like " Shfee hatha Mo 3ajbaa ", But il 9'aher it worked la2ana il a5 got so pissed that he quickly finished the passports.

O il mushkela is that the Thuba6 take money and the minor officers dont, A bit of a screwed system I'd Say :P.

When we reached syria, The greenery began to show and it was pleasing to be in a place like this after hundreds of miles with plain yellow desert :P.
I was admiring the greenery cuz its been long sisnce i saw mountains of Greens :P.

We had time to spare so we went downtown syria and had our lunch there .. in a restaurant called Kamal, Where the one thing i was in syria for was not fuckin Served. I was cracing from the beginning of the hjounrey some syrian marag bamia which i had fond memories of when i last was here :P.

I asked baba if we could stay the night here but he wouldnt allow it so we went straight to Lebanon, The ecstacy of first being in Lebanon was amazing specially in a car, It wasnt a feeling u'd feel in any place.

I took pics everywhere and sang Fairuz' famous song, " B7ebbek Ya Lebnnaan Ya wa6ane B7ebbek ... " .. Cheesy i know but it felt right and dad didnt stop me .. He let me be in the mood :P.