Friday, August 28, 2009

Sheesha In Lebanon

Before i went to lebanon i had an imaginary picture of the typical Lebanese sitting; and What was this picture?:

Sitting in Solidere with friends or cousins, have a Sheesha and watch the people come and go.

This came true and i went with a couple of my cousins to solidere sat in petit cafe; chatted alot then the sheesha for my older cousin came and he started smoking but after a mere 15 minutes he gave it up.
I asked him could i smoke it a little and he surprisingly agreed; maybe acknowledging my desire in having it here Only here.

So i smoked for the first 5 minutes and i Got extremely dizzy so i gave it up but my cousin didnt take it; he left it. So after my dizziness disipated I took the sheesha again but this time i seemed like a proffesional and this was one of the best times in my life. Great feeling; Absolutly great feeling.

I was worrying if my parents would come and surprise the hell out of me and make me a fool in the middle of solidere but they were far away in Lebanon So i was comfortable.

Having a sheesha in lebanon is the best thing to do in lebanon especially in solidere. So i vowed myself to not have a sheesha but in lebanon.

Bess; Wanted to express it.


  1. :(

    I dont like Sheeshas.

    but i am glad you got your dream come true of having a sheesha.

    I dont want to be rude but i dont know how people smoke them :(

    they are disgusting !!!!!!!

  2. looooooool eee khalha eb lebnan bs :P

  3. Anonymous; Im not a regular sheesha smoker bess cuz i went to leb i didnt want to miss the chance of having one; It makes u dizzy:P.

    Anony; Ma te7laa ila Blebnan.