Saturday, August 8, 2009

Journney to Leb 2

Journey to Leb 2.

S o we reached Jordan after the treaterous trip through KSA but what was astounding is that at the final 30 KM or so in the Saudi lands there were huge mountains that were so surprisingly beautiful.
I was amazed by the views i saw inside Saudi Arabia at the end.
Also in Saudi me and dad had our first and only bad moment, ileee 9ar inaa at night of the 1st day i was sleeping while dad drove suddenly i wake up wella baba 9afe6 in a parking o nayem bil sayara, ana 3abale binnam fe hotel so i woke him up, He was like " In6er swhway, After an hour i woke him up again .. chan y3a99eb .. He was like "

In Jordan .. It wasnt any different, We went through a few settlements throughout the way that looked old. No other word to explain it :P. The nice thing is that the Jordan - Syrian Border was called Jaber and its pleasing to know that the name of our late Amir is in Journey from Kuwait to Lebanon :P. There was also a sign saying "Al Rwayshed" .. Which was an area in Jordan :P.
The Jordanese Border was good, easy, We even prayed the dhuhur and 3a9er prayers in their mosque but the Syrian side was just fuckin dreadful, No offence :P. They had this stupid regulation that we needed to check up before we go into syria so there is this alleged doctor in a white coat that had a Temperature mesearure to see if anyone had high temps. The problem is that he used it without any sterilizing stuff, just from ear to ear, I was freaking disgusted.

They always took alot of time and indirectly asked for bribes, Dad couldnt not give them cuz if he didnt they will make a fuss. An amusing this is that Baba know them and gave them a hard time too, One of the officers was dragging so dad took a dollar and put it inside a paper and gave it to him, the officer got pissed cuz it was just a dollar so he returned and dad was like " Shfee hatha Mo 3ajbaa ", But il 9'aher it worked la2ana il a5 got so pissed that he quickly finished the passports.

O il mushkela is that the Thuba6 take money and the minor officers dont, A bit of a screwed system I'd Say :P.

When we reached syria, The greenery began to show and it was pleasing to be in a place like this after hundreds of miles with plain yellow desert :P.
I was admiring the greenery cuz its been long sisnce i saw mountains of Greens :P.

We had time to spare so we went downtown syria and had our lunch there .. in a restaurant called Kamal, Where the one thing i was in syria for was not fuckin Served. I was cracing from the beginning of the hjounrey some syrian marag bamia which i had fond memories of when i last was here :P.

I asked baba if we could stay the night here but he wouldnt allow it so we went straight to Lebanon, The ecstacy of first being in Lebanon was amazing specially in a car, It wasnt a feeling u'd feel in any place.

I took pics everywhere and sang Fairuz' famous song, " B7ebbek Ya Lebnnaan Ya wa6ane B7ebbek ... " .. Cheesy i know but it felt right and dad didnt stop me .. He let me be in the mood :P.


  1. o wweeen el suwar :@ nabe enshooooooooooooooooooof

    ga3adt etghaneee eb soot 3ali ?? :P hahah

    il7imdila radait minha !!
    oo yeah wain il 9owar?? ;p