Thursday, October 22, 2009


Maku Shay Happening in my life right now that is so interesting to post on. No inspiration whatsoever.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

39 Degrees!

Sneezes in a Row.
Hard; Painful Coughs.
Nose Tightly Shut.
Breathe = Hot.
Churning Stomach.

39.2 Degrees my Temp.

Going through a Rough Patch.

Next week is filled with Tests; And My current state is stopping from studying!

Life is Unfair.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Ma Daam il 3moom is hyped about it; Why not me.

Tomorrow Any One Who is in GUST and Sees this Post; mandatorily will vote for 8a2emat il Musta8ellaa In GUST.

O Heyya Heyya Musta8ellaa ..

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Waiit For it.

My Aim for Next February ..

1. A Flat Stomach ..
2. Gar3aaa ..
3. Tanned Body ..
4. 10 Cm's Taller ..
5. Unshaved Le7yaa ;p.

I Want To Beee hoottt ..

O I dont Care if any one i know Is Seeing thisss ..

Abeee; I Do itt ;p.

Inshalllaaaa ..

Friday, October 9, 2009

A Descriptive Writing For School

The atmosphere was exhilarating, moving and very tense. When three thousand loyal people group together in the same place on one heart pumping with love, you can feel lots of different things at the same time. You can feel a delicate tingling on your spine from the pride you’re experiencing and you can feel such subtle numbness that is multiplies ten times at the moment.

Hatred can also pour viscously on the sight of it. You would say and do things that can be dangerously automatic. Evilness turns into goodness, there is no such thing as bad doing. Moralities and ethicalities are erased completely with no return when you enter this ’Hulk’.

Such conflicting of feeling gets scary. When you know that you think that there is no consequences at the time but as a matter of fact there is, can make you go crazy, but then you think aren’t we all?

Goosebumps are a almost a formality every time you enter this fortress, but every time its different. You would miss and lust this minute sensation because it has an impact nothing and nobody can have. It defines love to you.

It defines true Love.

The presence of such uniform in this huge number of people has a strange effect on your backbone. You can feel almost feel a welcomed change of colour in your blood. It feels like a new life has entered you.

As you soon as you settle, you start your voluntary work, almost an obligation that you cant dismiss. A Pact that you can’t abandon. A Contract unlike any contract, a contract between hearts, foots, and an emblem.

A Matter of Life and Death. A Marriage.

You start to look at your right, evilness, frustration, hatred, anger, disgust, annoyance, disturbance.

They are pollution in your eyes. You cant stand the sight of them, the smell of them, the noise of them. Sheer hatred. Sheer anger. They are not supposed to be on this planet. They are alienated outsiders, they are invaders, they are evilness in its highest points.

Then, you express the almost compressed, congested feelings with a weapon of mass destruction. A weapon that blew down countries and killed high-end people. A weapon that every type of person belonging to this hardworking colony would excel in. The weapon of Voice.

An almost perfectly rhythmic tone. If you listen closely, everything would be clearer. You can hear everything, everything. MJ singing Billy Jean or Mr. Rowaished doing a high pitched solo. Or just the simple chanting and clapping of three thousand people.

Everything is multiplied by ten.

You would never wish for anything else in life. You believe that this is a way of life. A Basic. Equal to air or water if not more.

There is no time for discussions, there is no time for rationality. it’s a moment of Faith and Belief. Something nobody in the world is feeling but you. There is no brothers and sisters, Father and Mothers, Sons and Daughters. There is just one thing and one thing only.


Its always worth it. Never not worth it. If u Win, No person is more happier than you on the earth Joy in its exact meaning. It feels like you’re looking at people from the moon BUT When you lose, you cant feel more sadder, more angry. It’s the ultimate feeling of neglect and and betrayal. Again; Its always worth it.

Through Sickness and Health.

Regret can be the closest term to the feeling of leaving the green fortress but you certainly feel more than regret. The scale of it is just not right. As soon as you get into your car, Starting the engine, steering the wheel, heading away from it you feel the lust building up again. You feel the pure ambition to get back to your place of birth. To your ultimate source of life.

Al - Arabi football Club; A Way of Life.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Going Pink

No; Im not officially a girl; But wrote that this month is Breast cancer month in her Blog; Soo; Im going pink this month;p.

I'v Lost someone very close to me due to this disease; And everytime i see something about it; I remember the person.

Allah Yer7am Kel Men Mat From This Disease o Yshafee Whoever has it.