Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ra7altay ..

Just like that.
Leaving me alone, lost in my thoughts.
Overwhelmed, bewildered, astonished.

2 Days later

Hints of a tear began to form as I drove back home.
3araft el nas wel denya, Nader el wefa feeha, Rwaished's meaningful lyrics piercing the depths of my heart.
Two sleepless nights and a sickening diet's toll are already in action. No energy whatsoever.
The VW's churning engine's sound effects failing to match Bu5aled's beautiful performance in this classical oldie.
I seemed to be for once in control, the road completely my own. No back-stabber. No unfaithful.
No love.
Atharee kel ma geltay kalamen fe kalam
A quick thought of her managed to infiltrate me.
A blast.

3ala Eddenya el Salam
The last thing my mind processed.

She was back.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


In a couple months time I'll be tweeting from Uncle Sam's pad.
I got accepted in Civil Engineering at the United States of America by the Ministry of Higher Interior.
Now the thing is, what university should I go to?
I've been impresses a lot by Penn State University, but I do have a lot of other options.

I really regret the fact that I'm not going to be stationed in England.
Also for the fact that I won't be studying Political Science, but then again, this is life. I'll try to nurture whatever I got that needs to be preserved and hopefully pursue a related career.

3eedkum Mbarak By the way.

Anony still awaits her long forgotten 9ou3'a .. Which I'll try to bring in for her anytime soon.

Saher el Lail!, That's me :( ..