Sunday, September 12, 2010


In a couple months time I'll be tweeting from Uncle Sam's pad.
I got accepted in Civil Engineering at the United States of America by the Ministry of Higher Interior.
Now the thing is, what university should I go to?
I've been impresses a lot by Penn State University, but I do have a lot of other options.

I really regret the fact that I'm not going to be stationed in England.
Also for the fact that I won't be studying Political Science, but then again, this is life. I'll try to nurture whatever I got that needs to be preserved and hopefully pursue a related career.

3eedkum Mbarak By the way.

Anony still awaits her long forgotten 9ou3'a .. Which I'll try to bring in for her anytime soon.

Saher el Lail!, That's me :( ..


  1. i recommend schools in boston
    such as boston university, notheastern univeristy, wentworth institute of technology, etc

  2. eeee baq9ooma roo7 boston :P a3aref wyaed nas menak it's easier to visit you there lool

    wala 7ata ana thayeg khelge :(

    o ba3deeen yalla ta3al zurne o yeeb 9ooghte

  3. Congratulations :)

    I believe there's no better school than University of Washington!

    Though I might be late by saying this, but enter what you love.. not what others want..

    what you love will make u rise.. and u be great at it just because u love it..

    allah ywaf2ak :)

  4. AT LAAAST (Excuse my adrenaline rush but this is pretty much relatable)

    I'm an Arab who's going to be tweeting from the US in a couple of months too.
    My intended major is Engineering though the book shelves in my room are filled with Marxist-Leninist classics rather than magazines on the latest engineering breakthroughs so I have no idea what I'm putting myself into.

    Now back to your blog, your posts are really enjoyable, keep it up!

    1. I wish you the best of luck. The light of your passion shouldn't be put down by your choice to study Engineering. Passion can co-exist with academia, and with the right mentality, you can pursue Engineering as well as your passions happily.

      Please do enjoy your time as a student in the US, and gain the most out of it.