Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from DC.
It's snowing on Christmas morning.
It's like a dream come true.
Yes, I just arrived here, and I'm loving it.
Life can't get any better.
I'm happy.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Starbucks 2

Yousef wasn't an abnormal person. He had quite a lot of friends with 5aled and 7amad being his closest out of the bunch. The scale in which the proximity of his friendships isn't calculated by literal closeness, they're his best friend due to the basic fact that whenever he's free, he's with them. No deep, personal discussions are ever discussed with his companions.
The inability to discuss stuff with his friends frustrates Yousef massively. Venting out, in Yousef's world, is summarized in a ciggy. It's hard to find Yousef without a fag between his fingers.

5aled, an established 20 years-old medical student at Kuwait University, met yousef in a football match 4 years ago. As always, Yousef was chain smoking his Dunhills anticipating a goal by Al-Arabi football club, alone, and 5aled was right next to him at the packed end of the stadium absolutely disgusted and annoyed by the endless smoke.
5aled interrupted Yousef's absorption in the match, "Yal 3'alee, Chinna wayed tda5en?"
Yousef, surprised by the interruption, replied in a mannerly way, with the infamous phrase, "Hammee, Lo shekaita 6efl, Terak 7aleeb umma o Wala3 zegara."
A chuckle by 5aled broke the ice instantly. "Wel faree8 mu msa3dekk ba3ad."
"Ee Wallah, hal kalb el mudarreb, 9arat el degeega 70 o lail7een mu mbaddel wala la3eb, Madree shno Na6er."
The exchange of words continued till the end of the game and resulted in a further exchange of numbers. Since, a seat was always reserved for the other in any game and the friendship grew more.

7amad's friendship with Yousef started at school, and they were 'best friends' since. Although 7amad took a U-turn in his education and joined the army due to his constant failing grades, but the meetings with Yousef and then Yousef/5aled never stopped. The trio bonded in their own means of interest and enjoyed the company of each other.


Yousef was at el Derwaza alone, watching a live UEFA cup match, and complimenting it with more drags and puffs of his cigarettes. He was awaiting the arrival of 5aled and 7amad as they always meet up here at the weekends. 7amad would come back from his training base and 5aled finishes his studies and comes here for some relaxation time.
Yousef tried to concentrate at the match, but the thought of that angelic stranger that sat at his seat would always come back gently to his mind. He couldn't get her out of there. He was actually contemplating the idea of maybe going to starbucks and maybe finding her there.
Yousef was then interrupted by the arrival of 5aled. 5aled noticed something different about Yousef. He was astray, not his usual self, especially when watching an entertaining match.
"Bu Ya3gouub, Tara el mbara 3-3, shfeeek sar7aaan??"
"Haaa?" Confused, Yousef was surprised by the result. "Shfeenee Ana?" He thought to himself.
The day continued normally after that, but he still couldn't shake her out of him.
And he lit another cigarette.