Sunday, November 22, 2009

2 Weeks Off

Out of Service For 2 Weeks; Due to Intense Studying for the Mocks ..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Excuse Me; Can I Borrow Ur Face?

I Really Really Really; Want to get a Head; And Punch the hell out of it for 2 mins. Complete Control on a Human Being.
Cuz to be honest Im just mad!

To Fushin MAAAD !!

Busy As Hell These Days; Limited Free Time; If Any in some Days.
School at 7; Till 2;30; And After That an Afterschool Production Rehearsal Almost Daily; and in Some Days; Tuition After school in preperation for mocks, And Other stuff too. U Cant Imagine the Exhaustion !!

And YES; I Fushin Doo Complain About it; Because at the time of it; it seems fine to complain about it, I mean its truly hard work, But I Fushin Love Every moment of that hard work.

I Remember in the summer; When Days go by So Quickly and the Bore just continues to no end, and Now; Im blessed with work, Im blessed with the feeling of doing something in my life that is accountable in the future, Spending my days having good memories, Laughs, Fun!!!

BUT ..

To Work Hard, Especially in days where i dont even have 5 mins to transport from one place to another, And then Be Demoralized by Certain People is just annoying.
I Do Know that; YES; I sometimes fall back from my schedule; I Do Not Complete certain Stuff, And i understand a Telling off on that ..

BUT ..

To Work So Fushin' Hard; And Go To a Place where i feel i can enjoy my time; And Have a Work/fun time at the same time, And Get an unpleasant surprise?
It Hurts most when a something bad happens at a time where u LEAST Expect it :/.

And It Hurts ..

And So; All the hard work seems to go for So Fushin Nothing!!

Then After That u understand why people behave like this, And everything fills the fushin Blanks ..

I Want A Face To Kick .. !!

One Of those Fushin Days Where things DONT GO YOUR FUSHIN WAY ..

The Debate in my head is; Do I Deal with this Professionally; Or Do i Fush the Hell out of the fushin It?

Sorry for Blabbing!!


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kuwait 2-1 Indonesia .. 14/11/09 ..

Mashalla We Won ..


Is it that A Kuwaiti win in International Games So Rare That We Would Actually Enjoy a Win Against Such a Poor Team With Such Vigorousness And Happiness?
Whats This?
We Won Against 'Indonesia'; A Team That Just Discovered the Word Football in Their Dictionary; And We're Happy?

So Fushin WHAT????

Was That a Team Playing??

Not a Player from the Far East Team was Taller than 1.5M; And Sub7an Allah; THEY SCORE FROM a FUSHIN CORNER????

We Actually Could've Managed to lose against that POOR POOR FOOTBALL TEAM .. ??

And Kuwaiit; I Still Believe that Kuwait should play with their second Kit; cuz they dont deserve to wear the blue one ..

For Heaven's Sake ppl are having Maseerat and fushin Parades for winning that game after Parades on Winning the Asian Cup or reaching the World cup??

Its Almost an Embarrassment For me to see ppl behaving like this on such minor stuff ..

O Chan Zaiin Kuwait Were Playing Good; THEY WERE FUSHIN BISHIN BAD ..

Allah Kareem ..
O 9edag Men Gal ..

' Ya Sheen el Sarj ( el Fanneeelaa el Zargaa ); 3al Bugar ( T3arfoon Menuu .. ) .. ' ..

But I will Still Go To the Matches ..
I'll Still Love that Blue Shirt ..
I'll Still Shout a Clap with my Heart ..

I Will Still Be An Azrag ..

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Joy.

I Got One of my best friends today and went to the avenues; 6ab3an With limited amounts of cash; 10 Kd Aprox. O We Actually Had Fun; Although being knackered At the end of it wasn't in our plans but i guess it was worth it.

We Walked, Walked and Walked. We didnt Gizz; We just walked, talked and walked.

We Talked.

I Love Talking didnt i tell u that?

We Rarely did gizz in that environment of High Classed Ppl; To The Lower end of the vertical line. Lower than u can Imagine. Ppl Just couldnt stop surprising us.

Wala A7ad Selam Men Lsannaa While we talking ..

I mean anybody that Shakla to the least point was 3'ala6; We Made fun of him; 3ala 6ool.

We Laughed; We Got Angry; We Got Disgusted; We Got amazed ..

And We Saw a Candidate to the Most beautiful person that ever entered The Avenues.
No Make-up; No False Walks; No Acts.
Just Beauty ..

We Were Litterally Speechless Watching her Pass By; Regretful that we didnt go back and followed her.

And We Also Saw the Ultimate Opposite to the Meaning of Beauty.
Ppl That can only Be Described as 'Waii3' ..
And its not their Real Appearance; its the appearance that they think that will make them look to the least bit nice; BUT NO.

We Saw 3agad; Ppl Having the liberation tower on their heads.
Ppl as tall as my finger Smoking disrespectively .

All of the samples of ppl under 1 roof.

By My Joy was from talking to my friend; with no limit; Walking and looking at people.
Having Freedom.

I discovered from this particular outing that this thing gives me comfort and Happiness.
I mean; Whats not funny in analyzing hundreds of characters; Trying to find out single bits of their personal lives from just a look or a voice.

The Diversity is incomparable.

Its like a scientist entering a rainforest and finding new species.

I Believe its a healthy thing to do that from time to time. Up to speed with the latest trends; Latest species of Human Beings.

I Love this .. Thanks AlShaye3 For handing us a rainforest filled with diverse creatures.

I Am Someone Who Walked in the Avenues and I Believe as i talked about ppl and thought about them wrongly; Ppl Talked and thought about me wrongly too. I Do Judge these ppl but i dont mean anybody in particular. Everybody is Respected in this Blog.

I Wont Bother proof reading this; its too long so sorry for the mistakes.

a Post from the Heart I Guess .. Enjoy ..

Sunday, November 8, 2009

FM 2010

For Every Sane Football Fanatic; BUY THIS.

I bought it for 3 in el Re7aab; And Its Fushin Worth Every Fils .. ;p ..

*Higher Class Ppl; U may want to buy the Original For like 25; Bess 3adee We wont Judge u ;p.

Is Addicting ..
Its The Best Of The Best.

If something will make me fail my Ig's; This will Be a Big Factor in it ..

Bess its My Love ..

Buy it.

Just Fushin Get Up and Fushin Buy it ..

Friday, November 6, 2009

In The Middle O NoWhere ..

Tamzeeej ..

In a 5aiimaa ..
Cold; Mo Labes Jakaiit ..
Unlit Cigarette Between my lips ..
Listening to el Fajr el B3eed ..
Its 12;40 AM Btw ..

'3ed el njooom Weshkethraha; Yallee Begalbee Kethrahaa .. '

Mu5ayyam Simple But Fulfilling ..
With a Bunch of ppl i dont mind being with ..
Funni ..

Almost Full Moon ..
Stars everywhere ..

'Ya Sa7er el Basmaa; Asaherak Najmaa?; Abasma3ak Kelma; 7ata Wa Low Kelma .. '

Btw; Personel Note; Yesterday U Got Amazing News; Ur Sister is pregnant .. :D:D ..

Please Ed3oolaha .. O Inshalla Tyeeeb A Good Healthy Baby ..

I Love U Sis; O Allah Ywafgech .. U and Ur Hubbyy ..

'5al el Gumar Laiila; Yes-har M3ee Laiila' ..

I Love U and Good Night ..
I Wrote this post to remember today; A Good Day ..

'Es-har Ma3eee Laiilaa' ..

Thursday, November 5, 2009




Sunday, November 1, 2009


Her Eyes; Magical
Her Cheeks; Illuminating ..
Her Look; Innocent ..
The most innocent look i ever Saw ..
Dazzling ..

Does She know About my crush .. ?

My Heart Races When i look at her ..
I Giggle unintentionally ..
I blush ..

Does she know about her beauty?

Mashalla ..

I mean She's Amazing ..
I Rarely talked to her .. Bess ..
Her Look discusses stuff with me ..

Her Pose .. Torture ..

I Adore innocence ..

If your looking at this; I'm your secret admirer ..