Friday, November 6, 2009

In The Middle O NoWhere ..

Tamzeeej ..

In a 5aiimaa ..
Cold; Mo Labes Jakaiit ..
Unlit Cigarette Between my lips ..
Listening to el Fajr el B3eed ..
Its 12;40 AM Btw ..

'3ed el njooom Weshkethraha; Yallee Begalbee Kethrahaa .. '

Mu5ayyam Simple But Fulfilling ..
With a Bunch of ppl i dont mind being with ..
Funni ..

Almost Full Moon ..
Stars everywhere ..

'Ya Sa7er el Basmaa; Asaherak Najmaa?; Abasma3ak Kelma; 7ata Wa Low Kelma .. '

Btw; Personel Note; Yesterday U Got Amazing News; Ur Sister is pregnant .. :D:D ..

Please Ed3oolaha .. O Inshalla Tyeeeb A Good Healthy Baby ..

I Love U Sis; O Allah Ywafgech .. U and Ur Hubbyy ..

'5al el Gumar Laiila; Yes-har M3ee Laiila' ..

I Love U and Good Night ..
I Wrote this post to remember today; A Good Day ..

'Es-har Ma3eee Laiilaa' ..


  1. WHY IN HELL WERE U SMOKING !!!!!!!! :@

    mabrook for ur sis yetraba eb 3ezkom :D

  2. sure that it was unlite? ;p
    btw it is my first visit o nice blog :)

  3. 7ayyak Allah; O Yes It Was Unlit .. ;p ..

    Thanks; Appreciate it ..