Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kuwait 2-1 Indonesia .. 14/11/09 ..

Mashalla We Won ..


Is it that A Kuwaiti win in International Games So Rare That We Would Actually Enjoy a Win Against Such a Poor Team With Such Vigorousness And Happiness?
Whats This?
We Won Against 'Indonesia'; A Team That Just Discovered the Word Football in Their Dictionary; And We're Happy?

So Fushin WHAT????

Was That a Team Playing??

Not a Player from the Far East Team was Taller than 1.5M; And Sub7an Allah; THEY SCORE FROM a FUSHIN CORNER????

We Actually Could've Managed to lose against that POOR POOR FOOTBALL TEAM .. ??

And Kuwaiit; I Still Believe that Kuwait should play with their second Kit; cuz they dont deserve to wear the blue one ..

For Heaven's Sake ppl are having Maseerat and fushin Parades for winning that game after Parades on Winning the Asian Cup or reaching the World cup??

Its Almost an Embarrassment For me to see ppl behaving like this on such minor stuff ..

O Chan Zaiin Kuwait Were Playing Good; THEY WERE FUSHIN BISHIN BAD ..

Allah Kareem ..
O 9edag Men Gal ..

' Ya Sheen el Sarj ( el Fanneeelaa el Zargaa ); 3al Bugar ( T3arfoon Menuu .. ) .. ' ..

But I will Still Go To the Matches ..
I'll Still Love that Blue Shirt ..
I'll Still Shout a Clap with my Heart ..

I Will Still Be An Azrag ..


  1. Ana mo fahma bethab6 salfat indonesia..

    are they supposed to be a super good team wla sheno? :P

    Far7aneen zyada chna ? ...