Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Excuse Me; Can I Borrow Ur Face?

I Really Really Really; Want to get a Head; And Punch the hell out of it for 2 mins. Complete Control on a Human Being.
Cuz to be honest Im just mad!

To Fushin MAAAD !!

Busy As Hell These Days; Limited Free Time; If Any in some Days.
School at 7; Till 2;30; And After That an Afterschool Production Rehearsal Almost Daily; and in Some Days; Tuition After school in preperation for mocks, And Other stuff too. U Cant Imagine the Exhaustion !!

And YES; I Fushin Doo Complain About it; Because at the time of it; it seems fine to complain about it, I mean its truly hard work, But I Fushin Love Every moment of that hard work.

I Remember in the summer; When Days go by So Quickly and the Bore just continues to no end, and Now; Im blessed with work, Im blessed with the feeling of doing something in my life that is accountable in the future, Spending my days having good memories, Laughs, Fun!!!

BUT ..

To Work Hard, Especially in days where i dont even have 5 mins to transport from one place to another, And then Be Demoralized by Certain People is just annoying.
I Do Know that; YES; I sometimes fall back from my schedule; I Do Not Complete certain Stuff, And i understand a Telling off on that ..

BUT ..

To Work So Fushin' Hard; And Go To a Place where i feel i can enjoy my time; And Have a Work/fun time at the same time, And Get an unpleasant surprise?
It Hurts most when a something bad happens at a time where u LEAST Expect it :/.

And It Hurts ..

And So; All the hard work seems to go for So Fushin Nothing!!

Then After That u understand why people behave like this, And everything fills the fushin Blanks ..

I Want A Face To Kick .. !!

One Of those Fushin Days Where things DONT GO YOUR FUSHIN WAY ..

The Debate in my head is; Do I Deal with this Professionally; Or Do i Fush the Hell out of the fushin It?

Sorry for Blabbing!!



  1. baq9ooma zaghlelat 3yooni !!!

    change the black background !!! :@

    now khal akamel geraya :P

  2. lee nes el post o ana agol shino fushin?

    tekba o tensa baq9ooma ;p its just a bad day, bacher brand new day :D

    and welcome to the real world :D

    yes ppl suck :P

    and the fushin back blackground :@

  3. LooooL; 7a9'er .. :p ..

    Glad there are ppl like u in my life ..