Sunday, November 8, 2009

FM 2010

For Every Sane Football Fanatic; BUY THIS.

I bought it for 3 in el Re7aab; And Its Fushin Worth Every Fils .. ;p ..

*Higher Class Ppl; U may want to buy the Original For like 25; Bess 3adee We wont Judge u ;p.

Is Addicting ..
Its The Best Of The Best.

If something will make me fail my Ig's; This will Be a Big Factor in it ..

Bess its My Love ..

Buy it.

Just Fushin Get Up and Fushin Buy it ..


  1. aal fail aaalf :@ fail o eb tetkasar el le3ba 3ala rasek :@

  2. I Wont Fail Inshalla;
    5aled; True; U Bought '10?
    Abe Mama?; For u it boring; For me its life!!