Tuesday, July 26, 2011


*Warning - Unethical content in this post.

Trickles of sweat were tickling his temple as he sat on a bench alone, on a humid night, in the dim university campus, simply pondering on the sleeping trees.
He almost envied these trees for their ability to just sleep, uncaring of the outside elements of this world.
The trees' nakedness wasn't hindering them from the pleasure of exiting life for a few hours and returning on the mornings to resume their works.

A grin then escaped his lips. "I need to see a psychiatrist," he thought.

"Chub wala kelma!!"
"Ya S3oud, mu ana elly yengally chub, mu ana."
"Btasketeen wella shlon?, Menu entay A9lan?, Who the fuck are you?. Ga7ba, ga9ait 3alaiha bkelmetain, Necht-haa, O Al7een Lo ta7lem ma ra7 tetzawaj men 7atta zabbal bangaly!! Tgouleen 'mno ana?' Entay wala shay, WALA SHAY."
Tears were beginning to form in her eyes, as she gathered her bra and panties, without even caring to put them on. She quickly zipped up her dress and slammed the door as she left.
S3oud simply continued sipping his scotch.

"Just released, a police report just affirmed the death of a 19-year old female Kuwaiti student at the deceased's apartment in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The report said, 'Sarah Al-Thamy committed suicide by over-dosing on Vicodin, a pain killer.' The investigation is going as to why Sarah killed herself. Police never found a suicide note." ABC News.

S3oud's insomnia kicked in.

Not in anyway is this a true story. Names are fake.

7 Months.

It has been around 7 months with me being in boring old Kansas. Studies aren't that great, well I have never been the study type, add to the fact that comprehending both calculus and chemistry is a difficulty I'm facing.

Life is good, yet I still didn't meet the right person for me to spend the next 3 years with in America. I'm referring to an American girlfriend of course ;). Nobody is noticing my beauty :(, bess wait for it.

Ma Wa7asht El Dar?

I miss Kuwait very dearly. Life here is not bad, but the comfort of home is longed for. Being asked about, knowing whats going on and sharing the grieves and happinesses with the family is something my heart aches about for not having.

And I miss writing. The inspiration is almost non-existent.

And believe it or not, my english is getting worst in America. Nobody is stimulating any intellect in my system, and everybody cares about drinking, smoking and possessing the best ass in Manhattan as a companion. That's the vice of being in a university town.

I went to Adele's concert dudes and dudettes. Something I'm bragging about although I know just a few of the lyrics in one song she sings.

Twitter has been gone in the last 2 months, as I was planning to 'concentrate' on my summer course, yet I believe it came to no positive avail, grades have barely gotten better, but they're better which is a good sign.

Its my exams period right now, and I wish I would do well and get the fuck out of here for a change.

Oh how much I miss blabbing around here, so Anony would comment and Zifny ;).

O Wait, let me dedicate a song to someone that may be reading this.

كنت أعرفك لما كان الحب يعرفك .. كنت أعرفك لما كان الطيب وصفك ..
كنت أشوف الدنيا فيك .. كنت أحب خوفي عليك ..
لكن إنت اليوم ثاني .. جاحد و قلبك أناني .. و السؤال عني يكلفك ؟ يبا كنت أعرفك ..

Well I'm not dedicating it literally because it doesn't really explain what I feel, bess inna its playing on my itunes now .. Lets continue ;p ..

عد و احسب كم عذرتك و كم عذر خليت عده ..
و عد جروحي من عرفتك .. و لا جرحي صعب عده ؟ ..
و أبعدك عن كل شكي .. و أنجرح و أسكت ما أحجي ..

Why is it that I'm feeling sad right now. I feel that, a select few that really care about me, which is sad La2ana y3ny, you'd think that you'd be cared about, bess inna la2, I don't feel it.
O I'm sad la2ana there is nobody that I really care about right now, nobody to share my emotions with. Just this blog and the occasional, although starting to be the rather frequent ciggy.

Such a liberating feeling to be able to write all of the random none sense that predecessed this sentence on a laptop's keyboard. And it doesn't require any energy at all, but a few minutes of worthless, misused minutes.

Till another, date-unknown, post, Tata.