Monday, February 8, 2010

She Doesn't ..

He has this stupid attitude towards life. He says what's in his mind without any filtering. He doesn't understand that in this life and this era, honesty and the bare truth is not fully accepted. It's not accepted at all sometimes.

Hormones are shooting up and down his arteries and veins, seeking a moment of tenderness and affection from a liked one. He stupidly relates to everything he sees, hears and feels!
His analysis to specific details, he interpretation to any word or phrase. A blind way of life.

The thing is that he finds in her eyes the subtleness he longs for. He tries to explore the adventures of life in her writings, her talks and the details of her beautiful face. He wants to discover with her the torture of Love. He wants to replicate the romance inked in numerous brown papers and typed arially behind the screens of his laptop.

The problem is that he acknowledges the fact that he is just a teenager. He knows that these are just nuisance hormones that are going to be laughed at in future times, regretted sometimes too.
He understands that this 'is' the phase adults are talking about. The weird and hard times in his life. The awkward times of his life.

But ..

He wants to enjoy these times. He wants to know how to love as a teenager. He wants to document this phase of his life with stories of stupidity, laughter and the complete opposite of perfectness. He expects to have a memory full of events he will tell his sons and daughters about. And by now he is acknowledging that he is going too far with his thinking.


'The way she enters a place with her paced walk and hurrying motion, wanting to reach her destination without grabbing the attention of people but by that she catches huge amounts of corners of eyes. Heads tilting; bodies turning. A perfect example of an illuminative piece of cuteness has just entered .. '

He Likes her!
He Likes her A lot ..

But ..

She says she Doesn't ..

He Doesn't Believe Her .. !!


  1. OMG ;\ are u sure ure a guy ana mo gadra a9adg ina the person who's writing these posts are a guy ! DONT GET ME WRONG! bil3aks its the total opposite i cant believe that there are men or perhaps males in this case (sorry dude) :P that exist !! wallaaaaa 7adi i loved this post & I couldnt have said it any better o btw tara im a silent reader & this is my first time commenting as i couldn't resist thats how much 7abait il post ! O mino hathy sa3eedat il 7a'9 ily la3ba b7isbtk ?;p

  2. Thank uu For the Extra Flattering Comment!; Glaad U enjoyed My writings although i dont know if they are that enjoyable ..

    Im also A Bit Suspicious as to whome u are; La2ana I Think u know mee; Bess Yalla .. ;p ..

    O Matwa8a3 I can Disclose the identity of the crush that doesn't like me back .. ;/ ..
    O Im not sure if she's That 'Sa3eedat el 7a'9' .. ;p ..

    Thank uu Agaiin ..