Tuesday, February 2, 2010

She Vanished ..

She Vanished ..
In this Dim Street ..
Nobody's Left but me ..
Lonely Me ..

Listening to the Tree's coversations ..
And Wiping from my eyes the sleep ..
A Tear of Tiredness ..
A Tear of Damn ..
With a drop of Left over Rain ..
She Vanished ..

I Stood ..
In the middle of Blankness ..
And Remembered a Past night ..
A Night that past and ended in her Life ..
But In my Life didnt End ..
I Stayed Alone Here ..
Listening to the tree's Conversations ..
And Wiping the sleep out of my eyes ..
A Tear of Tiredness ..
A Tear of Damn ..
With a Drop of leftover rain ..
She Vanished ..

And How would i forget my date ..
Between this Old Path ..
At the same time Years ago ..
We Were both in Lust and Love ..
And how did the way separate us ..?

A Translated Song ..
Picture Credit To Khaled Al Masoud ..

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  1. @@

    walla i thought u wrote it !!

    hmmm i wonder what song :P

    thumbs up for Khaled nice shot :D