Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hideous !!

So; Mee, Dad O Lil sister in a One of the Restaurants in the 'Round Mall' today Minding our own Business; Enjoying our freedom of looking at Good looking ppl and things.
Next thing i know 3 Girls Allegedly from Kuwait (Although I can be 90% sure that they're not from this planet); Come inside the restaurant With Bleached Yellow Hair And Bright Red Lipstick.
For Me They Were extra Hideous; Maybee People can disagree; Bess The problem is ' I cant think of anything but that they are b******.
I Mean Sorry; Bess Shnoo Hatha; Waiin Ga3deen; Sh-haal 5amma illee Marra Wa7daa 6la3aw min il Ar9'??

O Chan Zaiin They were 7elweeen; A Nice thing to look At ??
They Were Hideous; The first word that came up to my mind.

90% Of the Eyes of the Restaurant looked at them when they entered; I Cant deny that they were centree of Attention; Bess If i wantto be the in the centre of attention i want it to be for a good reason; Not To be thought as *******??
Y3nee 3aiib;

Ppl Are sitting with their families and these just enter and Take away their freedom.
U may think im over exaggerating when i say they took their freedom; Bess thats the truth la2ana some ppl dont want their children; husbends; look at these hideous creatures.

Waiin Ahalhum??


  1. u noe.. ma3ak kel 7a2..

    these girls are just lost! i feel sorry for them cuz they think that my selling their bodies they matter more to everyone.

    trust me, their parents are far worse than them for sure. cuz if they let their girls dye their hairs, go out with tight cloths, stacked with make up, they're not parents n they dont deserve to be..

    ur not overreacting! ur just the one guy who thinks with his brain n beliefs..

    if only others did too..

    kbret be 3ainy kteer ali!

    =) thanks for sharing

  2. :D:D; :$.
    No Words after these ;p.

  3. Ana I SO agreeeeeeee
    Wai3, lama ashoofhum ana aftishil ou I don't even know them,
    Wilmishkila ina they're so cheap ina 3ady y6l3oon ib TIGHT clothes FULL makeup and heels and that stuff ib 9b7iyat irmithan, ya3ni lawadim 9ayma, matkhafeen il nas ou ham matkhafeen rabich..
    Seriously they need help!!

  4. Alah ysalmek.. Gurlz are three Types 7elw?

    Type One; teksha5 bas 7ag nafs'ha :)
    Type 2; ma teksha5 w she never cares
    type 3: teksha5 3shan tabe elnas y6al3onha !

    El type no. 3 mostly 9aidat ! 3balhum laih l7ag'hum wa7ed l7ag'hum 3shan ohma WOW ! bs fe amer el7aqeqa wel waqe3 ;p l7ag'hum 3shan ohma B**** :):)!!

    w hathi leQ8 9al 3la elnbi:D

  5. fee nass ma 3ndihum la 7aya wala mista7a

    moo kel el nass e3yal awadem oo metrabeen