Monday, September 14, 2009

Im Not Me

This Blogosphere o These posts o the ways we are communicating are very great blessings we have.
We obviously have a great pleasure in looking at the moods of some people; Their stories; Their Ideas and enjoy their humour.
Well I know that i do enjoy my virtual life here.

The problem that is picking on me is that; When u talk to me or look at my posts; Its Not Mee.
I read back at my last 3 months here; And I noticed that i was indulging a different personality; than who i really am.

I dont know what im trying to achieve from this complicated ( I dont even understand it.); Bess Something to blabber about:P.


  1. I get the motion..

    I felt like im a different person too..

    but then i realized, here is where i dump everything negative..

    I keep the fake smiles, laughters and happiness to the outside world..

    thats why i took a break from the blogshere..

    tho i love it..

    I need to be one person..

    with one personalty..

    =) u should try that too..

  2. U mean I take A break From the Blogsphere ?

  3. i think u're more mature here :P

    and no breaks :@ u barely post :O