Saturday, June 6, 2009

Failing Physics.

 I Hate Him.
Bacher 3endee imti7aan Physics O I gave up studying it, Bacher my final.
Shasaweee, I gave cuz i know i wont understand anything.
Shno Gravitational Potential Energy?
Wela the equation for working out what the efficency?
Wela work done?
Wela Kenetic Energy?

Somebody explain to me, Whats the defintion of Electromotive force madree energy?

Y3ne im really eating tibin right now. 9ij 9ij.
Im expecting a complete Fail grade. 

Bye Bye Black Berry :(.
I kno its habbaa, Bess ee i want it :P.
Il 3mooom has it o I want it:P.

Bess really no BB with a fail grade.
Im panicing.
Im writing here whilst im supposed to be studying my head off.



  1. ee 7ata ana ga3da agool why is he writing this and not studying !!!

    7ata lo mo fahem shay study .. sadegny its gona come back to u .. 7ata lo mo fahem bs tadre ena it has somethng to do with this o etrage3ha o yamshe el 7al :P


    aw tadre shlon .. al7een have fun .. goma 2 hours gabel salat el fayer .. fathe mokhek .. rakez o study .. y'athen sali .. ed3e allah ysahel 3alik el omoor .. kamil derasa .. namlik sa3a aw nes sa3a agbel el exam . o u'll do great!! .. madre 3anik bs awal kanat tamshe ma3ay lool

    elmohem enik etrakez .. etha ga3ed tadres men ghair tarkeez mako fayda .. and if u'll keep saying its hard and pointless then ham mako faida ..

    STUDYYYY HARD !! tara agleb 3alik o akhali ur addiction etsaker :P (A)


    firstly, Pearl, Thank uu, Much Appreciated.

    Basaweee ilee gelteelee 3alaiih:P.
    Im going to sleep and then wake up. Ymkn tamshee ma3ay:P.
    Inshallaaa anja7 :P.

  3. ana agool don't study at all.. ou 3ala salfaat elBB gool 7ag your friends ena eb your birthday taby:P

  4. Dreamer - i think that trick workd on girls only lool

    as for you Mr.Av .. enshallah etrakez o you do well :D .. emwafag enshallah o allah ysahel 3alik :) o 6amena bacher sheseer

  5. So, following anony's instructions i set my alarm on 3 Oclock to wake up and study.
    But to be surprised by my maiid waking mee in the morning:P.
    I closed my alarm bedooon ma Adre :@.

    So i went into the exam practically without studying.
    Da3aiit rabee wayed gabel il imti7aan o Twakelt 3alaii.
    I dont know what i did, bess the exam was realtively easy, Bess i dont want to predict anything so that i dont jinx it.

    When my report comes out ill tell uu my grades:P.

  6. @@


    Ya7asraat galbee !!! Walla ana kheft yseer chethy! ;/

    Yalla maykhalef 7ata ana da3aitlik eb salat el fayer (A)

    Enshallah you did good o allah ya3me 3yon eli ysal7on el exam o y6awfonlik ;p

    Next time etsawe hal 7araka make sure a7ad ygawmek :@

  7. LoooooL :P.
    Mashkooora, I really appreciate it:P.

    Bess inshalla 5aiir :).