Monday, June 8, 2009

Last Day.

Bacher is the last in school, o Im excited. The exam is going to be a realtively easy one i hope, O After that freedom at last:P.
Im always spectical o that last day, all of my friends feel free and happy, whilst i know that in about 2 weeks i will be bored to hell.
So this summer, Im going to take all use of it. 
Im going to do stuff from day 1 and never stop. Every day i must do something exciting, and u gotta help give me ideas. I mean i cant come up with stuff alone.

This summer is going to be my best summer inshalla, O ill show uu. Im not going to stay home and gaiin weigth as every summer, I reached the danger zone in terms of my weight. 70 damned Killos i weigh. 
I dont know how tall i am, but i have a karsha o i hate every part of it.
Fa a gym is one of my priorities ofcourse.

I will miss school though, I will go through the ga7a6 zone.I have this hunger for ladies:P, not in a bad way bess when u are used to girls everyday the stop is sometimes devastating:P, and with no regular school days, min waiin a7achee
 banaat kel yom. Even as collegues, go to be honest. 

Bess i really go to fuel up for the next school year, la2ana it will be the most important school year in my life. If not the most important year in my life. I think that i cant handle the pressure, bess it suffacates min al7een, the prospect that in 2 months im going back to the cruelest year of all time.

 Allaah il mwafeg inshalla, O At last i can officially say, HAPPY SUMMER HOLIDAYS people:P.


  1. la7tha bacher 3endek exam??

    enshallah tadres 3adel :@ .. the judge is secured :P tonight 10pm :D

    and for teh idea's khalni afaker o aredlik khabar:D

    bs ur aim what? fun? wala shino

  2. are you goos with technology?

  3. imti7aan Deen, Sahaalaaat:P.

    Madree, i dont mind anything. Im not a freak in tecknology, but i know some stuff.

    what do u mean by my aim ?

  4. ya3ni idea's 7ag wanasa? wala tabe testefeed? wala shino?

    shof el sara7a e7na khasraneen khasraneen :P fa khal nakhser eb jadara 3araft :P fa abi mawthoo3 U'RE REALLY GOOD AT!

  5. baq9am :P basher shsar fe ur exam?

  6. Shway zaffatt:P.

    Bess Finish, Im Freee :P.

    Ta3alay, shno baqsam!?
    Im officially baqsam?

  7. madre :P lil7een ma6aal3t esem :P if u see this ta3al my playground:P