Monday, June 15, 2009

Emptied Out

9arlee cham yom moo msawee post minee, Bess la2ana 7aiil ma kaan lee 5lg akteb O surprisingly i was quite busy hal cham yom :).
Ams I saw alot of Celebrities, Hlal il Sayer Wazeer il 9e77a o 3abdalla il Man9oooor (( Ray7een Radeen, :P. )) , O yusef il Jasem Mal il A5baar.
I saw them in the Blood Bank, It was the World Blood Donor Day, Fa wayed naas came, O dashaiit 3ar9' baiinhum.

O Ee, GO DONATE BLOOD, It wont hurt uu, It will take only 10 - 15 minutes, Dont put excuses that you cant stand the needle, It doesnt hurt alot, Believe me.
O Think about it, U can save a life, Maybe More with ur blood, And its good for ur health and ull take Ajer.

O5ooy did some thing crazy, Safar O Nesa Floosa Bel Baiit :).


  1. haha shloun nessa his money.. it's like a primary source of living;p

  2. Adreeeeeeeeeee, 9ar 7maar shway o nesa flooosa, 5an shoof il waled shbeesawee?

  3. yah yah yaaah eli metbare3 bel dam :P

    enzain nase flos ma ma3a credits?? :P

  4. I always wanted to go Donate blood.. Bss im Slightly Anemic ;'( and have This irrational Fear of needles.. My Friend Gave blood 3 Times..

  5. wdiii i dpnate ;/
    bs i cant ;/
    l2ana fini faqer dam o 7aded hehe :p
    did u donate baq9am ? ;p

    ps. okhok mashalla wayed thaki ;p

  6. Anony, Magder atbara3 ana ?!
    Pearl, Roo7ay check, If u cant they wont take from uu.
    R, 7ata intay :P.