Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Toilet.

A7la Mukaan Fe il Denya il 7amaaam, Really.
Whats a Castle without a bathroom, Its not worth anything. Walla, God bless the one who invented the bathroom, u made life much easier.
Walla, Y3nee its the best place to think, judge, have ur privacy, enjoy life. Its the only place where u can let everything go, you can talk to urself in it. Sing in it with no one to judge u or think that u r crazy. 
Its the only thing litterally that is for uu and to uu, It wont annoy u and will listen to all of ur thought.
Its also never boring, Who getsbored from his bathroom?
Its efficent, U can live ur whole life in a bathroom. What do u need except food, 5o water is available.
I dont want to disgust u wella ay shay, Bess i wanted to pay tribute to this magnificent room that is overlooked and not even considered.
People pay hundreds on spas and sauna rooms and they are not necessarily private or to your satisfaction, but the bathroom is the only place where it is mostly free, and always satisfying.
The bathroom bears with u everyday, and listens to ur bad voice everyday and never complains on the contrary, it recieves it with pleasure and joy, and u despise it and make fun of it without relising that without it ur life will be virtually hell. The whole house would breakdown.
Dont think of me as a crazy person but just sit in the bathroom and think of it. U will understand:).


  1. oooh boy do i understand :P
    yakhee esma bait ilra77a !!! what more proof do u need :P

  2. Ufff i So Second This Post!
    Sometimes When i think.. i wonder into the bathroom and just think..
    Walla It helps SO MUCH! makes me Come up with Ideas!