Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Girl In Me.

I am now in a position to believe that every person has a small version of the opposite sex in them. Some have it in a big measure and some have it in a small, almost unnoticeable measure.
To make this more clear, I mean that for example, A girl has some male characteristics that makes her do things only males do, and this is her boy inside her.

Me, I have a girl inside me and im proud of it. Again ya jema3a im not gay walla :P bess i like to say these things.
I like gossip:P.
B3d shasaweee, I like gossip O A7eb suwalef il 7reem. Madree, B3d  A7eb hal ashyaa2 :P.

Raykum, Am i being gay? ( Tara no hard feelings for homosexuals .)

Plus, 7e6ow alwatan. Salwa il M6aiireeee, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. 5aled 3abdel jeleeel ga3ed yesta3be6 3alaiiha:P. 
Tgooool 7almana ib 5aled ibn il Walleeeed.
O ib sayedena Yousef O Jibreeel.
Ya jema3a, Ma95araa.


  1. Trust me guys like to gossip waaaaaaay more than girls ;p nothing is gay about that ;p

  2. ee wallaaah! ana ashekk enkoum you gossip with yourselves secretly. amaa a7na publicly, bs ma n7esh ketherkoum!;p
    ou laaaaaaaaa2,hathy Salwa elM6airey film hindy! ana fe9alt 3alai'ha ams:P

  3. I wont say ina we gossip more than uu, Bess We do gossip. Baiin Kel Fatra o Fatraa, Y3nee. Specially 3an il 7elwaaat:P.

    O salwaa il M6aiiree, 3alam thanee. il Sharhaa 3ala 5aled 3abdel jelleeel ilee m8abelhaa.

  4. how old r u?

    r u single?

  5. ^ LooL.
    Im Single, Bess in Love:P.

    O manee Gayel 3umree :P.

  6. It happens.. I'm not a lesbo or a boya.. Bss I looooooveee
    Swalif ba7aar.. And cars.. I hope to get a mustang shelby ;(

  7. EE , Thats what im saying. Ina every person has a small opposite sex person inside him. Which is normal:P.