Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No More Imaginary Readers:).

Awal shay, I got to say thank u to the ppl that commented o  followed my blog laiil7een, u really made my day. Mashkooooreeen :P. 

Thanee shay im really stuck, Madree shno Akteb, :p. 

So ilyom, I did my 2nd part of my exams. Il 3arabee 6ab3an zaffat bil Na7uu. Shno Ism Fa3el Wila 9'arf zaman madree makaan. Bess Bel Ta3beer bada3t, ;p
O the 2nd exam, was english O analyse question. Ta3aal ya 'average' Ekteb " how the writer interests and entertains the reader " o il story is soo boring, Madree shlon he interests us???
Soo I bullshited it out, o wrote anything. 3adeee i get a D in this exam. Bess inshaalaa allah ysahelhaa.:P.

Ee, O today i got a bedecure (( The one 4 the feet :P, Madree shesmaa )).
My maid turned out to be good at it, So i tried it Y3ne y not?
Im not gay or anything, Bess y3ne a guy must care 4 his looks. O bil 9aiif kelaa Albes n3aal, Fa goood naiils are a must. ( Sorry if i lawa3t chabdkum:P.)
Plus the fact that the tips from FourMe inspired meee.

Eeeh, I dont have anything else to say:) .

Ymkn a moment of silence 7g the 228 in Air France, they say they found debris, O by now A7es makuu amal, Faa Msakeeen.
They say there was an 11 year old kid from britain :(. 
O wa7da na6ra zoj-haa who was supposed to be in the previous flight, Bess he got delayed fa he went on this one. Sh-hal 7a9' :(.

Il 7amdella 3ala kel 7aal.

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