Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lebanon By Car

So, I believe that my father will take us to Lebanon this year. He says that as soon as our passports finish from renewing we will go. He normally goes to Leb by car and we, the family go after him in two days by a plane. But this year i wanted to go with him by car.

I always like the excitement of something new to do in my life. Like I went to Cornwall with the school when i was in yr 5, Which was a very premature experience and age. I also went 2 times to Dubai with the school in a football competition, doing stuff that is fairly unorthodox is something that i like to do:P, I also went to a couple of expeditions with the as well as part of the international award.

So going on a car trip to Lebanon is something that i always anticipated and having a long car journey with my dad may increase our bond (( not trying to sound cheesy:P. )), But because me and my dad have a relatively distant relaitionship, a long car trip can always help.

Also the fact that my father is not the man he was some 10 years ago makes me obliged to go with him to care for him, he is in an age that is a bit old.

Our car trip will start from Kuwait, Through the Saudi Borders where we normally sleep, through Jordan which we dont stop at all, then through syria, Sleep a night, Then straight to Lebanon 3alaiih :P.

I know its going to be an interesting journey with alot of incidents as i had the last time i came back from lebanon to Kuwait:).
I dont know exactly when i will go, But if i go, Wish me luck:P.


  1. FIRST!!
    and whoa good luck;p
    and troo7 ou tred bel salama;p
    bs ya3ny all in all cham youm 7ag elrou7a?
    ana 6ereej elshalaih ou yaaalah;p

  2. 2nd:P

    3ami gaali t3aley m3anna bel car i said no way :P!

    bas enshala u have fun with ur baba :P w good luck ;p

  3. cool love car trips but will never be on one because it is torture :(

    hope u have fun and bond with ur father :)

    good luck and hope u dont face any problems on the way :)


  4. Dreamer, Thank uuu :P, Bess its WANAASA ..:P.
    MAdry Shakw, Inshalla:P, Thank uu :D.
    Cute and Cuddly, thank uu O inshalla la2, No Problems will happen :P.