Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Being A Jock ?

Nothing in my mind really ..

Congratulate me; im going to a gym nearly daily for the last week; Although i cant control my appetite; So I dont think am losing weight ..

Life is good for me this month .. el 7amdella .. Im not unhappy for anything .. Am just Content for what i have ..
A Healthy body ..
An Existing Family ..
A BlackBerry ..
And Great Friends ..

Next week My School Starts; and the Defining 6 months Of My life will Start .. A Countdown till my exams .. Till The Difference of Bad Life To Good Life ..
Pray For Me; Ya Rab Adress O Aa5eth ellee Allah Katba Lee ..
Inshalla Adesh el 6eb Fe Ay Mukan; El mohem 6eb ..
Inshalla Not Less Than 95% ..

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